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message 1: by Dana, SuperMod (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
Not sure how many of you have read/seen Battle Royale, but it caused a lot of controversy for sure! First of all, it is similar to Hunger Games, and second of all, it was way more bloody and violent! What were your thoughts on the movies? Personally, I was mad that they made the two characters that drive so much of the action into random kids that no one knew. I think having them be character people knew made it much more emotional that they were killing people.... Also, the changing of the weapons! UGH!

Jasmina So I'm guessing the movies weren't that good? Should I watch them?

I absolutely loved the book although it's been years since I've read it so the facts and so on are a bit rusty, but gosh, personally I find Battle Royale to be ever-so-slightly better than The Hunger Games.

message 3: by Dana, SuperMod (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
The second one is not based off the book, so it is kind of out there...but the first one is for sure worth watching. It is not a US film so quality and things like that are different, but not bad. I want to say more, but will wait till you see it. It is free on Netflix.

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Mawgojzeta I loved Battle Royale (the movie) and want to read the book. It will happen eventually. I wonder if that will change my view about the movie...

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Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
Yay!!! Someone else who saw the movie!! haha I think seeing the movie and then reading the book would still be worth it in this case. The subject madder is hard for sure! But in the book there is a lot more info about the students and I feel like some of the things they changed for the movie did not need to happen. One of the big things that was different was that only like 3 weapons from the book were the same in the movie... Also, the two "transfer" students are WAY different in the book. Way better! I have only read the book and watch the movie once, but I think I want to give it another go. It was really good, even though it is something that can be a little hard to read for sure!

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Mawgojzeta Definitely will be looking for the book now.

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Dana Burkey (danaburkey) | 1690 comments Mod
Awesome! Let me know once you do, I would love to see how it compares when you watch the movie first! :)

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