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Andrew Fish | 103 comments Hi,

My name is Andrew Fish and I'm a 41 year old author who has been slogging away with variable success for just over a decade.

Of all my written works, four have so far been published. Others, a political comedy, was published in 2001 and is best forgotten, although the idea - an election which returned a parliament with almost every member from a different fringe party - probably has enough legs for another life one day.

Bandwagon by Andrew Fish Bandwagon was self-published in 2003. This one is a Douglas Adams-edged musical comedy, following the trials of a band of robots with a token human. Due to developments with Erasmus (see below) the book was somewhat neglected by myself after release and thus largely ignored. A slightly refined edition was released as a free eBook through Smashwords last year.

Erasmus Hobart and the Golden Arrow by Andrew Fish Erasmus Hobart and the Golden Arrow is what I describe as my most frequently almost properly published novel. Originally written in 2003, the book is a time-travel comedy, relating the adventures of a history teacher who heads back to the Middle Ages to find the truth behind the Robin Hood legend. Quickly signed up by small press, UKA, (this leading to Bandwagon's neglect), it had a rather troubled release as the publisher went through a management buyout midstream. When released in 2006 it got rather less help with distribution and publicity than originally promised (basically none). It was therefore transferred to another small press, The Friday Project, whose original incarnation went broke about a week before the book was due to be published. Rediscovered and released by Harper Collins' Authonomy imprint in 2012, the book is now available for Kindle and currently on offer as a free book.

Siege Mentality by Andrew Fish Siege Mentality is a book I wrote during one of the lulls in Erasmus' long history. A farce set during the English Civil War, it tells of the travails of Lord Galton, the holder of a strategic castle in the Welsh Marches who longs for the quiet life but has the misfortune to have been born in interesting times and into a divided and somewhat less retiring family. The book has been self-published both for print and Kindle through Amazon's CreateSpace, filling the time whilst I wait for Authonomy to move on another Erasmus adventure. Should it prove a success I hope to put out a few more of the books I have waiting on the back burners. Naturally I retain the right to define success on an entirely impromptu basis.

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Paul (paullev) | 201 comments Hello Andrew - You might want to mention your time travel comedy in the Time Travel group here on Goodreads - a rare and always welcome genre.

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Andrew Fish | 103 comments Paul wrote: "Hello Andrew - You might want to mention your time travel comedy in the Time Travel group here on Goodreads - a rare and always welcome genre."
Thanks Paul. Amy has now started a thread on time travel comedies in the group so I've added it there.

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