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This it's were the emergency radio is

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Thisbe gasped as her head popped up to the surface of water. Her reddish purple hair flattened and plastered to her face as she pante.

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Justin was swimming when he noticed a girl swim into a cave and follows curiously

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Thisbe same over to the ledge and pulled herself up. She wiped the water from her eyes and laid back exhausted.

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Justin comes out of the water " hey " he says to the girl

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Thisbe glanced up and saw a boy. "Hi...@ she called out and waved

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" how'd you find this " he asks gesturing around the cave

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"Swimming... It's my hobby and I happened to come upon itx..@

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" cool you should be careful around here though " he says pulling out of the water

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"Why for?" She asked curiously.

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" there's sharks and poisonous fish " he sad surprised she didn't know

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"Oh well I knew that..." She nodded and sighe.

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He laughs " miss your home " he asks

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She shook her head. "No way!"

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" how come " he asks confused she's the first person other than him who didn't miss there home that he knew of

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"I was an orphan... I hated it so I ran away... I had saved up money for years... To go on this cruise and then.. It crashed.."

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" oh " he says feeling sorry a little

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"What about you?" she asked

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" not really my parents never really cared " he says

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She sighed. "I'm sorry..@

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" it's not your fault " he said surprised she had it worse

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"Still. That sucks.."

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" I know that's why I was on the cruise I was visiting someone in spain " he says

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"That's kind of cool.."

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" I guess " he said shrugging and sitting beside her

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"I'm Thisbe," she held out her hand

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" Justin " he says smiling and shaking her hand

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Thisbe giggled. He was kind of cute... Probably already had a girl. She blushed

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He laughs " why are you blushing " he asks

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"No reason!" She turned her face away blushing more.

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" tell me " he says laughing and making puppy dog eyes

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"I just thought you were cute... And then.. You are probably in a relationship and why am I telling you this?!"

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He laughs " because I'm cute " he says blushing himself

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She blushed brightly

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He laughs " why does this happen to me on this island " he says

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"What? What happen to you?" She aksed

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" girls keep getting like this around me it never happened to me at home " he says laughing

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Thisbe looked away vlushing

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" stop looking away " he says laughing

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She looked at him then. Her violet eyes looking into his.

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He looks at her eyes wow I love purple he thinks surprised she has purple eyes

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Thisbe blushed and bit her lip. But not looking away.

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He laughs still staring at her eyes " see you didn't look away "

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She chuckled

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" wanna know my favourite colour " he asks

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She nodded. Sure.."

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" purple " he says blushing a tiny bit

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Thisbe blushed and giggled

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He laughs a little

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"So.. You single?"

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