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message 1: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) ((This is where the parade will happen))

message 2: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments Net stood very close to her chariot, clothed in silver to represent technology (she wasn't sure how it did, but at least she wasn't dressed as badly as some of the other tributes), making sure not to let down her guard. Stefan was nearby... She knew it.

Rella stood calmly near one of her chariot's horses, stroking its mane absently.

Cedric was fidgeting, to say the least. He wasn't nervous, just... cold...

message 3: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) Adelyn sat on the District 1 chariot. Her dress was surprisingly passable...

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Logan had a calm, confident smile on his face, just like his sister taught him. Play to the crowds. tonight could help him win sponsors.

Lexi's heart was pounding, she took a breath, trying to calm down. She could do this. This would be the easiest part o everything. Still, she was nervous about going out there in front of those crowds.

message 5: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments Net felt kind of weird... She was surrounded by people, and yet she was not talking... Net approached a girl nearby who looked a few years younger than she, herself. The girl looked like she was trying to steady her pulse or something. Understandable.

message 6: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Lexi tried to give a bit of a smile when she saw a girl coming her way, although she guessed her smile was pretty weak. All these other people here....soon they'd all be trying to kill each other. "Hi..." She said, a bit nervously.

message 7: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "Hello," Net smiled, half-waving her hand, but letting her arms hang limply by her side. "Nervous? I am."

message 8: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) "Very." she said, glancing at where they'd be going out once the parade started. "so what district are you?" she asked, glancing back at the other girl again, trying to guess from the outfit but not too sure.

message 9: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "Three," Net laughed, "Not too obvious, is it? You're... Nine, right? Trying to remember the Reapings, because it seems as if our stylists have similar... Ahem. Taste."

message 10: by Elizabeth (last edited Mar 10, 2014 06:42PM) (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) She shook her head. "Eight." She replied, missing home even more in that moment. "I can't believe I'm wearing this. I can't belive what most of the people here wear. It's....extreme."

message 11: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments ((Thought she was Eight...?))

message 12: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Oh yeah. Duh. Let me change that. We've been rping in d9 thread for so long I got it mixed up. Sorry about that. ))

message 13: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments ((IKR?!?! XD))

"Ah, well," Net shrugged, "Maybe next time, right? I was only one off. And yeah... Pretty vivid."

message 14: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) "So...." Lexi wasn't sure what to talk about. Her mentor had said to make allies but she didn't know how to do that. Either one or both of them would be dead by the end of all this.

message 15: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "Eight seems like a nice enough place," Net commented, "My brother allied with the boy from there last year, and they seemed to get along fine. That kid even made him smile... I have no idea how, but he did."

message 16: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) She glanced back up at the mention of last years games. this girls brother allied with Luke? "That.....That was my brother." She said, her voice barely above a whisper, not believing this. She knew her brother had allied with the boy from three but she never would have thought...

message 17: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "Whoa..." Net's eyes widened considerably, "Seriously? Luke's your brother?"

message 18: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) She nodded, biting her lip now. "We....we're twins." She answered, missing her brother...the two of them had always been close.

message 19: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments Net pulled Lexi into a one armed embrace. "Awful, huh?" she asked, "I was two years older than Zeke."


message 20: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Awww :( bye!))

She gave Net a one armed hug back. "Seems like they really hate our families huh?" She sighed, maybe she'd found a friend here after all.

message 21: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "Yup..." Net sighed, "They've decided that the Whisks and Rivers need to be obliterated."

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

( Eliz my girls name was Rosie right? >~^)

message 23: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((Yeah Nicole ^-^))

why? Lexi wondered. Her family hadn't done anything wrong.... "I'm Lexi by the way." she said, realizing she hadn't introduced herself.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

( Thanks xD)

Rosie stepped up onto the carriage and smiled her dashing smile at Logan. " Seeing your sister agreed to us looking like we are together this will be very easy to get people on our side. Now when we go out scoot closer to me and hold my hand okay? Her hair was back to its velvet red color and was up in a curly bun.
( What does there district represent )

message 25: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments ((Whoa! You were/are on! Can you post with Stefan? Either here or their train or whatever!))

Net laughed, realizing the same thing. "Nice to officially meet you, Lexi. My name's Netille, but you can call me whatever you feel like. I'm not too picky."

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

( Sure first off what does there district represent again?o.o)

message 27: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments ((Rosie's district represents fishing. Stefan's represents technology.))

message 28: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((What CJ said ;)))

Logan just gave a nod. Did he trust her completely? no. Why would he? Once they got in the Arena yeah they'd both be with the Career pack for awhile but he'd watch his back. He wasn't going to let himself be backstabbed by anyone. He was making it home.

"What do most people call you then Netille?" She asked her,

((So who should have died first last games? Luke or Net's brother? Or should they both have been killed at the same time?))

message 29: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments ((Net's brother, definitely.))

Net considered this. "Well, technically, most people call me plant head," she replied, "but you could probably just call me 'Net.' What I was named for, after all."

message 30: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((So how long should they have lasted then? A few days at least I say so that Lexi and Net would have been able to see the alliance. ))

Lexi gave a small, half smile. "Well Net, I wish we could have met in better circumstances than this."

message 31: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments ((Yeah, maybe three days, and then another tribute found them and killed Zeke while he was busy letting Luke escape or something.))

"If only," Net sighed.

message 32: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) Aster sat alone on her chariot. She pulled her knees to her chest with a sigh. She wondered if Rudy and Dell would watch the parade... Would they risk going to the square?

message 33: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) (( @Meli: What would Aster do if she knew what they were doing right now....))

((And @ CJ: Sounds good! Luke dies shortly after that ;'( ))

"Think you stand a chance at winning this?" Lexi asked her. she knew that she would try for her dad. Knew her chances weren't great but she had to try...."

message 34: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Hrm... Probably get mad at them and tell them they were being stupid.))

message 35: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((yeah.....))

message 36: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) ((XD and possibly be touched... Once she stopped being mad at them...))

message 37: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) ((How long wpuld she be mad?))

message 38: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "Nope. But the odds would only be worse if I didn't try," Net shrugged.

message 39: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) ((Hm... Unsure...))

She glanced over at the two girls who were talking. If she just leaned a little to the right, she should be able to hear... With that, she leaned, rolled out of the chariot, and fell onto her face.

message 40: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) "Yeah."Lexi sighed. "Same here. I know there isn't much I'll be able to do out there unless maybe I hide out until its all over...."

message 41: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Lexi jumped when a girl nearby fell out. "Hey are you alright?!"

message 42: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments Net rushed over to help her up.

message 43: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) "What? Oh! Um, I'm fine. Yeah." She let Net help her to her feet. One day in the Capitol, and she'd already fallen out of an eavesdropping position. How was she supposed to go into the Games after a week here?

message 44: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) "Sure you're alright?"Lexi aasked her. Sure she knew this girl might be trying to kill her soon enough but...her normal nature was to just be nice.

message 45: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "What happened during your Reapings?" Net demanded suddenly, "The Capitol was never good at editing their pieces. I could tell they left something out of the recaps. You're District Nine, aren't you?"

message 46: by mels (last edited Mar 15, 2014 06:51PM) (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) "Yeah, I'm 9. Why?" She blinked, glancing at the girl.

message 47: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "What happened that they had to edit out?" Net repeated.

message 48: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Lexi bit her lip, not answering for the.moment, sje was going to let the other girl explain first.

message 49: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) "Nothing happened..." Unless Rudy... She closed her eyes in slight exasperation. Rudy wouldn't be that stupid, right?

message 50: by CJ (new)

CJ | 993 comments "Right..." Net replied sarcastically, "But something happened in District 8, too, didn't it, Lexi?"

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