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I hope the weather hasn't driven you to within an inch of your sanity. :)
I just corrected the February meeting. it is the 24th rather than the 17th. I apologize for my oversight. :) The others look ok but if you all want to change them one way or another... it's no problem. You know by now that I'm not tightly wound about these things.


We had briefly discussed moving some books around... night circus to the autumn... and replace it with something like... er... the Rosie Project (sorry, it just came up today) or something like that.

Are we still good with Outlander for summer?

Your input is paramount. Keep it or change it- your happiness is all that matters to me.

I look forward to the discussion!
Cheers and Best!

PS School is a wild ride... again. I apologize for the books I won't get to.... but I promise to use my SUPERlibrarian powers to benefit our group directly!!!

message 2: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments My husband and I go out for St. Patrick's day so I would prefer not to meet on Monday, March 17.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

That works for me. Shall we meet on the 24th?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Actually it's already set for the 24th.

message 5: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (trishria) | 134 comments Great the 24th of March works for me!

message 6: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pekemom) | 30 comments The 24h is perfect for me too. My husband and I usually celebrate on St. Patrick's day :)

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