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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper blushed, " yes. She's only ten. Her name is melody," she smiled at the thought of her sister, " why do you ask?" She set dowm on the soft bed, looking up at him

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Denver wrote: "Harper blushed, " yes. She's only ten. Her name is melody," she smiled at the thought of her sister, " why do you ask?" She set dowm on the soft bed, looking up at him"

"Melody is a pretty name, lets not witness it into this room." he said as he sat on the bed next to her.
"You may continue your dance from earlier, and this time you have the right to tack things further, I'll let you decide." he stared into her eye's hoping she would go for the gold, but he wouldn't if she didn't want to.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper took a sip of wine, her red lipstick leaving a soft print on the glass, and she once more began her hypnotic dance. She moved towards Felix, grabbing him by the belt loop on his pants and pulling her towards him, "I'm at your command" she whispered huskily, "tell me what to do"

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Denver wrote: "Harper took a sip of wine, her red lipstick leaving a soft print on the glass, and she once more began her hypnotic dance. She moved towards Felix, grabbing him by the belt loop on his pants and pu..."

((I know this is short but I can't help it...))
Felix thought about it. He was told what to do all the time and he did it. He didn't like the idea of choosing now,"Take control." he whispered.
((Do you wanna Pm or time skip?))

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An hour or so later Felix laid in the smooth bed naked with Harper by his side, they had been sitting there for several minutes not saying a word. His arm was wrapped around her and her head rested on his chest.
"That was... wow."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- HA small, wry grin spread across harper's red lips. " i told you it woukd be worth it." She loved the sound of his heart beat beneath her ear. "You were pretty great yourself" she sat up, runnung her hands through her hair.

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"Well I've had a lot of practice. So have you I bet." he chuckled and looked at her. His smile spread wide and his teeth gleaming. "I know this isn't something your supossed to talk about after sex but..." he hesitated for a moment carefully not to sound creepy." How dose your sister get to school?"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper smiled softly, "she usually takes the bus. The drivers around our apartment all know her so they make sure she gets there and back safely. Its a little nerve racking, but if i stay home all the time..." harper paused, frowning, "then I'd never be able to pay for our food or rent"

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Felix frowned he got up from the bed and went to his pants, he dug through his pockets till he found his wallet, he got out a few bills and returned to Harper's side,"Here." he handed her $2,000. "You and your sister need this more than I do."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harpers eyes widened "no, no, i...thatsincredibly kind of you...but i cant" she objected. This was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. But she didnt even accept money from Evan without a struggle. "Felix, i can't"

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"Trust me I don't need it." he threw his hands up in the air in rejection,"Listen, you obviously love your sister very much. This is my gift to you for being a devoted sister and not letting her fend for herself."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper looked up at him, tears forming in her eyes but she quickly blinked them away, "thank you" she whispered, taking his hand, "thank you so so much..you dont know what this means to me." She smiled at him, "if theres anything i can do for you...anything, please just say thr word"

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"Dites m'a demandé si elle pouvait faire quelque chose pour moi. Pour rembourser la dette à moi. Mais cette fille dose pas voir que je tout ce que je veux lui faire, c'est d'être ici même et moi aimer en retour, je n'aurais jamais forcer son amour pour cela écraser son âme." he told her knowing she couldn't understand a word of it, but it fit her perfectly.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Translation?" She asked him with a sweet smile, "You cant confess thing to me in a laynguage i cant understand." She said teasingly, pressing a quick kiss against his cheek. This guy...she thouroughly enjoyed him

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"Do you wanna hear it really?" he asked. He often did that a lot it was something he did every now and the he just felt the need to express himself with out actually doing it. It was his escape.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Yes please" she said, showing him one of her real smiles, "whatever you have to say, i want to hear all ofit" the way he spoke, she could listen to him speak for hours.

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"Don't laugh okay?" he waited for a moment then looked into her eye's.
"She asked me if she could do anything for me. To repay the debt to me. But this girl dose not see that I all I want her to do is to be here self and love me in return, I would never force her love for that would crush her very soul."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper blushed a deep shade of red, "thats...beautiful"she smiled at him. "I wwrite poetry!" She bluttered, then quickly covered her mouth. That was not something she had ever told anyone...until right now.

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"Well you just heard mine so know you have to tell me yours and by the way sorry if I embarrassed you I just get random thoughts and I create them into something."he hated when he explained his poems to people it makes him feel weak.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper smiled wryly at him, "not yet, felix. I havent shown my poetry to anyone. You'll earn it, I'm sure, eventually" she ran a hand across his chest, "but i can't share All of my secrets just yet"

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"Oh so there's more?" He raised his eyebrows in a playful way with a grin on his face, he suddenly tackled her on the bed keeping her beneath him, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hair.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper squealed playfully and hugged him. "Theres Always more" she whispered into his ear before pressing a soft kiss to his earlobe, "but it all depends if you want to stick around to find out my secrets"

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"You and your secrets girl." he said playfully. she pecked kisses all over her face. She was so cute like this.
"It's not like I don't have any secrets of my own." he said mysteriously still smiling at her.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Well, id Love you hear all of your secrets someday" she grinned. There was something special about this man... she couldnt quite place her finger on it, but she'd sensed it the second she'd seen him. She had made the right decision coming down off of her pole. But...what did he truly want from her..that was what she truly wonfered

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Fliex searched around for a clock and saw one on the wall, it was pretty late.
"You might want to get home it's pretty late and I know how little kids can be." he stated letting her leave his arms.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper stood up with a smile, "you're right, she wont sleep until I'm back." She leaned in and gave him a soft kiss. "Will i see you again?" She asked quietly, "so i can find out all of your wonderful secrets?"

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"Here." he found a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote down his number and handed it to Harper.
"Call this when ever you need to. Anytime, you don't even have to hesitate to call alright?"

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Jillian entered the room first, moving to perch on the bed which she then kneeled on. Once he approached her, she made sure she was at his height while he stood and she kneeled. She pressed her breasts to his chest hard, kissing him back passionately. It had been a while since she actually went off with a guy, she usually preferred not to. But this wad good, she could do this. She felt confident in herself. Slinking her hands underneath his shirt, Jillian moaned quietly.

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It was like Jillian was awoken from a daze, and she reached back, grabbing his wrists. "Give me my money first." She whispered softly. If she was going to back out of sex, she needed her money just incase he refused to give it to her after. Waiting for him to give her the money, she released hid wrists using her hands to brush her hair over her shoulder and clip her bra.

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Jillian bit down on her lower lip. She wasn't about to lose her virginity to some sleazy man when she still had control over the situation. She would lose it eventually, just not yet. Desperately trying to come up with an excuse, Jillian shook her head. "I've got to go." She stood up, pushing him back onto the bed and storming out the door. Jillian had her money, and that was all she needed.

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Jillian raised her chin high, she wasn't going to let this guy intimate her, no matter how scared she actually was. "I said I would come in the VIP room with you, I didn't say I would have sex with you." She told him firmly, trying to pull her arm from his grasp. Maybe she would be losing her virginity after all, she thought. This was not going as she had planned.

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She couldn't believe it. Jillian was going to get raped. Of course, there had been times in her life when she had been even more frightened then she was now, but she couldn't recall those times in this moment. Glaring up at the man, who's name she still did not know, she knitted her eyebrows together in thought before letting out a high pitched scream. She supposed rape was to be expected, being a performer, if you did not listen to a man's wants.

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Under different circumstances, Jillian would have snorted and burst out laughing. She hadn't done anything to deserve this. But this was one situation she couldn't make any better. Her vision was blurred, but she could slightly make out the face of Sebastian, the head bartender. For once in her life, when she needed saving she had been saved. That was a first, even if it was a little late. She could only distantly make out the words the two men exchanged, but it was obvious that Sebastian was making it clear to the man to leave, and the man wasn't listening. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks, and she bit down on the towel he had gaged her with, letting out a muffled sob.

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Jillian flinched away from the man in disgust, chewing nervously on the towel. The only thing she could make out was the man defying Sebastian. No one defied Master Monroe, as he was known. She could feel Sebastian's eyes on her, and under different circumstances she would have preferred for him to see her naked in a bed. Definitely under different circumstances. She still couldn't move her arms, and she turned her head to the side, pleading with her eyes to Sebastian.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ℜσǥʊҿ♚ ♥Ɣªℳ℘Ɨɾҿ ℚևεεη♥ ♚ wrote: ""Here." he found a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote down his number and handed it to Harper.
"Call this when ever you need to. Anytime, you don't even have to hesitate to call alright?""

Harper tookthe paper and smiled at him, "You're wonderful" she replied, " is there Anything i can do for you?" She asked. She felt the strong need to repay him

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Alexandra lead the man into a room and smiled closing the door behind them. She pushed him into the wall, kissing him hard on the neck, tracing patterns with her tongue over his skin. Alexandra slid her hands up his shirt and pulled herself closer to him grinding her abdomen against him, feeling the bulge.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 255 comments Joe looked at her, lost utterly in lust. Her grinding drove him near to ecstatic insanity, and her tongue painted blissful art on his neck, her hands cool against the heat in his chest.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) She pulled her hands back and pulled his top off, tossing it to the side and jumping up and onto him: wrapping her legs around his waist and throwing her arms around the back of his neck as she dragged her mouth across his jaw. "Don't you just love celebrations?" she purred.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 255 comments "I do when they involve you," he replied breathlessly. He was fully assured that she would be worth the ridiculous sum of money he had paid for her, and he reached around to feel her behind as she clung to him.

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Jillian fought at the restraints on her wrists, waiting impatiently for Sebastian to help her. He did though, and he even asked her if she was okay. Her face was soaked with tears, and her eyes remained wide as she stared at Sebastian. He had saved her. Saved her, someone had actually saved her. Vowing to be indebted to him for life, otherwise known as a life debt, she blinked her eyes quickly, willing away her tears. Stuff like this didn't happen to Jillian, well not at anytime recently. Until now. And the man had even threatened and implied he would get her again. Maybe Sebastian could protect her. Or not. "Thank you." She whispered hoarsely, her body convulsing slightly with sobs.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) The Phantom wrote: ""I do when they involve you," he replied breathlessly. He was fully assured that she would be worth the ridiculous sum of money he had paid for her, and he reached around to feel her behind as she ..."
"Come on handsome" she grinned and dragged him out of the room again leading him off to somewhere else. The noises from the other room where just outright annoying and she run straight into Ace. "Oh hey" she winked at Ace but was somewhat confused at what he was doing here: hadn't he left already? Her hands were holding tightly onto Joe's as they headed towards a different area of the club.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 255 comments Joe was slightly disappointed when she stopped, but her smile and words convinced him there was clearly more to come. He followed her eagerly, wanting to get to their destination as quickly as possible.

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Jillian lifted her hands, her wrists rubbed raw from fighting the restraints. She wiped at her eyes, and pulled Sebastian's shirt on over her head. For once in her life, she had been saved. Even though it had been a little later than she would normally have liked, it was still a save. She owed him a life debt now, out of her own common courtesy. "Thank you." She whispered, choking on another sob.

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After this, it didn't mean Jillian wouldn't continue to perform and do what she loved. It only meant she would be more careful, much more cautious to the dangerous people whom lurked in the shadows. Nodding, Jillian nuzzled her soaked face into Sebastian's chest, crying and whimpering softly. "Thank you." She whispered again, not sure how she would ever repay him. She would repay him somehow, that was for sure. Even if that debt took her whole life to pay, he had saved her. Her whole life she had wished to be saved, and he didn't even though what this symbolized to her.

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She nodded her head yes. She recognized the word old she thought about the words, she pointed to her self and said," two two." She didn't know what she said so she pointed to herself again. "French"

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Lostinwonderland Julian smiled wider. "French girl ehh? The country of love! I like you!" Julian hugged her tightly and kissed her. She felt sparks fly as she pulled back. "Did you like that?" She asked curiously and turned on the tv. "What would you like to watch? I'll get the drinks!" She chimed happily. Maybe she would keep this girl for awhile. She felt safe and happy around her but that was pretty seldom and she didn't want it to end.

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She spoke in french and said,"Sucre baiser de Nice" she giggled and winked,((Nice kiss sugar.)) "Je ne regarde pas la télévision." she said as she saw the girl turn on the tv. To be honest she wanted to get more to the kissing part.
((I don't watch TV.))

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Lostinwonderland "What did you say hun?" Julian held her tightly. It almost felt as she loved Elle. "Do you want to be my gf?" She smiled and closed her eyes while feeling hrs soft skin against hers. "Please don't leave me Elle. You're the most beautiful person I ever saw." She fell asleep against Elle smiling wide as she could. She hoped she would stay here forever.

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Lostinwonderland Julian woke up and saw that everyone left for the night. She shook Elle awake gently and called a cab for the both of them back to her house.

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"Who call." Elle asked. She sat up in the bed and rubbed her eyes. She wasn't the least bit worried what she was doing. On a weird level she felt as if she could trust her. She got up from under the covers and walked over to her and put her hand on her shoulder.

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