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Worst Case by James Patterson

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Katie Lewis | 6 comments For this entry I read a book called Worst Case by James Patterson. Unlike most of the book I read this book was a mystery. I never wanted to stop reading it, I was constantly in suspense of the next event. In this book we follow two main characters NYPD Detective Michel Bennett and FBI Agent Emily Parker. Although ultimately this book was about catching the bad guy, in some ways, I also believe it was about morality and the true of what mankind is becoming. In Worst Case the criminal, Mr. Mooney, is a very strong idealist and "tree- hugger" (one might say). He knows every world hunger fact there is too know and just wants clean water and equality for all. It maddens him to know that in one part of the world children are fat and plump throwing away extra food while on the other side of the world children the same age are dying from malnourishment. But this is where the morality comes into play. After knowing Mr. Mooney's stance and thoughts on our society you might say he is a very strong willed and good natured guy but...maybe not. Mr. Mooney tries to hand out flyers and warm the world and he just can't seem to grab their attention. A couple months after consistent rejection he is notified that he has stage five lung cancer and is terminal. Therefore Mr.mooney goes into action killing the children of rich families in order to give money to charities. How on earth can you even fathom that. A kind, brilliant, logical man killing innocent kids to get the attention of the word. This honestly just fascinated me and ultimately got me thinking about our younger society today.

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