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Who was your favorite character?

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message 1: by Darian (new)

Darian | 6 comments My favorite character was Gabriel, because he was a lot different than the other babies.

message 2: by Frederick (new)

Frederick (Thundergun) | 5 comments How was he different please explain because I agree though

message 3: by Jake (new)

Jake (JakeRubeck) | 8 comments Asher because he is random and enjoys smacks

message 4: by Jake (new)

Jake (JakeRubeck) | 8 comments Snacks**

message 5: by Asja (new)

Asja (Roansja) | 8 comments My favorite was The Giver because he was holding in so much pain, but he stated strong.

message 6: by Asja (new)

Asja (Roansja) | 8 comments Stayed*

message 7: by Malik (new)

Malik Turned^^^ Bahati (Turnedup) | 7 comments Asher

message 8: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Pederson (Lovatic7130) | 7 comments Gabriel. Because he sounds so adorable.

message 9: by Frederick (new)

Frederick (Thundergun) | 5 comments Lots of babies need to be kept longer so....but I do agree b/c he can only sleep in one particular place

message 10: by Jen (new)

Jen (eaglesreadwrite) | 21 comments Mod
I like the Giver. His emotions are so complex and he mirrors Jonas' development.

message 11: by Frederick (new)

Frederick (Thundergun) | 5 comments Jonas because I think every teen can relate to something he does or experiences

message 12: by Jenna (new)

Jenna | 5 comments My favorite is Gabe he seems so cute. I really think if he were real he would be adorable.

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