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Sacred (Guardians, #2)
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Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (carriebookfairy) | 2889 comments Mod
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Returning Author
Title: Sacred
I have book 1 also
Author: Samantha Byrd
Genre: YA Paranormal
Length: 97 pages
Synopsis - Sophie has been attacked by demons, destroyed a nest of vampires, and lived through the death of someone close to her. Now she and her friends have been rescued by the Society and taken to a secret island base to train. While they desperately search for leads on where Akeldama may be holding Lilli prisoner, Sophie tries to keep Tristan at arms length. She doesn't need anything to distract her from finding her best friend, or so she tells herself.
Then the unthinkable happens. One of the Society's own has betrayed the Guardians, selling their secrets to the demons and attacking them where they should feel safest. In the end, Sophie's greatest enemy could be her own fears, and she faces a decision that could push Tristan and her friends away forever.

The first 10 of reviewers people to sign up below leaving their email address will receive a free copy of this e-book PDF, Mobi, ePub format for review.

1 Amber-Marie ( 1-4 2-4
2 Faye (stelle.redrose) 1-4 2-5
3 Desislava (osobena) 3
4 Kristen (Kristenchandler08) 1-4 2-5
5 Booksessed (bec260205) 1-5 2-4
6 Ashley (ashley_dene)1-3 2-3
7 Keliiyy (keliiy-kel) 3
8 Dana (dana.carter81) 1-3 2-3

*Note you have two weeks to read and review. Please post your review on Goodreads AND one of the following Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or Smashwords as well as post a link to this thread in the comments section. Make sure review is at least 5 sentences.
If you don't finish book let me know and I will take you of the list of reviewers. Must complete book in order to review.
PLEASE give me a couple days to get your book to you. I try but, sometimes life gets in the way!

If you are wondering where your book is please message or email me.

PLEASE remember to state the following I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)
The reason I am asking for this is to get some exposure for out group so please help out.

**It is ILLEGAL to share e-books. This copy is for your enjoyment and review only.
Please respect the author's hard work!

If you are going to be late and needing more time I have set up a thread under the R2R folder. Here is link, this should make things easier for everyone.

Carrie (Book Fairy)
R2R Program Mod
Lovers of Paranormal

Amber-marie (braingonebyebye) | 60 comments I would love to read this please .mobi or .epub is fine

Faye | 143 comments Would love to review book 1 and 2. epub format Thanks!

message 4: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Long | 1 comments Hi guys! Thank you so much for volunteering to read and review the books. I hope you enjoy them :)

Faye | 143 comments Sorry for the late post but here it is



Will post it on Amazon too.

Desislava Pavlova | 74 comments Oh, how I have missed that!
Any format will do!

I already have read and review book 1, so I don't need it. And Carrie, can you please give me more time? I won't make it by the end of the month( I think that's where the deadline will be) so please can it be April,5 or 6th. I am having way too much work at the moment.

Kristen Chandler | 77 comments I would like to read this!

* Booksessed * Bec (bec260205) | 35 comments Hi I'd love book 1 and 2 please. epub or pdf if available
Thank you

Ashley (theparanormalbookshelf) | 7 comments Sounds pretty interesting. I like books like this. I'd like to do book one and two.
Kindle girl

* Booksessed * Bec (bec260205) | 35 comments Thank you for the reads, really enjoyed them. I hope there will be a third??!!

Here's my reviews,
Also reviewed on Amazon

Kristen Chandler | 77 comments AND.....Sacred:

LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!! Cant wait for more!!

Keliiyy | 16 comments I'm interested :) epub would be great,

Ashley (theparanormalbookshelf) | 7 comments Thanks for the read. About to start book 2.
Here is Awakening:

message 16: by Dana (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dana | 115 comments I would like to review any format and I need both books thanks

Ashley (theparanormalbookshelf) | 7 comments Here is Book 2 (Sacred) review. Thanks for the chance to do this.

message 18: by Ashley (last edited Apr 01, 2014 10:37AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

message 19: by Dana (last edited Apr 02, 2014 03:36AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dana | 115 comments

Here is my reviews for Awakening I am starting Sacred now

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Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (carriebookfairy) | 2889 comments Mod
Dana wrote: "Carrie wrote: "Dana wrote: "Ashley wrote: "I did both reviews on time yet my name is still on the list as not completed. Should I have done something else?"

Ashley I am not the mod but it looks li..."

Lol! They sure will and they just love to give me gray hairs!

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Desislava Pavlova | 74 comments I am done, too. Finally. I am sorry I am late but I struggled to finish. It hit a trigger...

Same in my blog:

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