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Danya Hi everyone! I can't remember this book and it's really frustrating. The book started off with two sisters one of the girls names was Dyl (I can't remember the other one) and they were in a foster home right after their father died and then two families showed up and split them up. the girl (I can't remember her name) gets moved to a home and discovers that her and her sister have genetic abnormalities and the other family that took her sister (Dyl) were the enemies of the family that she was with. I think there was about 5 kids that the girl lived with in this home and they all had these really cool powers. One girl's skin was green, another guy had two brains and another guy i think could draw tattoos on him? The names i remember from the book are Dyl, and Cy. I can't remember anything else. Does anyone know the title of this book? It would really help me out! Thanks!

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Mo | 10 comments Was it Control by Lydia Kang?
Control (Control, #1) by Lydia Kang

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