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message 1: by Prashant (new)

Prashant Chopra (prashchopra) | 1 comments We have very few last remaining author's e-copies (Kindle) to give away, hopefully to melt the reader's hearts. If you are unafraid and interested, message me your email by end of the day today (Feb 12 2014); and you may be surprised on V-day with a free gift!!!

The Eyes That Drowned Uyuni by Prashant Chopra
Parag. A 30-something self made entrepreneur with a heart of velvet.
Mriga. A fiery angel that barges into his ordered life, stripping it of logic.
Riyah. Their love child, their lifeline.

What happens when he loses everything that he ever loved?
How far will he go to find it all?
Will he give in to temptations on the way?
Will he let it all go; just to keep it all alive in his memories?

Read on this surreal fantasy of love, loss, pain, and passion to find out...

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather Miller (hlm629) | 8 comments I would like to read this.

message 3: by Book'd (new)

Book'd Hitu (hituzbookworld) Would love to read and share my views.

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