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Lacy knocked on the door. "Ms. Noir?" She said slowly opening the door. "You said you wanted to see me?" She said, half questioning. She walked into the office.

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Lacy came in and say down in the seat in front of Roxanne. She tapped her fingers nervously against her knee. "Did you need to tell me something?" She asked, her tone a bit more confident.

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((Ember left.. When I got here they has just been talking ^^))

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((We were gonna have a private talk lol))

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((It's just stuff))

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((Wall-e.... Could you stop bugging me about it?))

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"Um... Loyal? Well, I'd say pretty loyal, but I'm not going to shot or kurrder anyone.." Lacy said catiously.

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"Well, yeah I guess, Ms. Noir.... And I don't really want to get pregnant either, so yeah." Lacy shrugged. She had been looking down at her shoes the entire time.

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Lacy looked up at her. Of course Ms. Noir was attractive. "You are, ma'am." She said, politely, looking over her body.

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"I'm either, so bi. Why? Is there something wrong about it that I need to change?" Lacy asked, relaxing into the chair, as Roxanne rubbed her shoulder.

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Lacy looked up at Roxanne, with her bright brown eyes and long eyelashes. "As far as you'd like me too.." She said, choosing her words a bit carefully.

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"Please you? Um... What kind of pleading are you asking for?" She asked. "Sexuality?" Lacy asked, batting her long eyelashes, as she spoke on her seductive tone.

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She held in a soft gasp, closing her eyes. "Yes.. I'm alright with it.." She whispered, then looked down at her. "But Miss Noir.... Shouldn't we go somewhere... More private?" She cooed.

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Lacy stayed in her seat. She watched Roxanne, her movements. "Soo...." She said awkwardly.

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Lacy kissed her back, wrapping her arms around her waist. She tugged a bit on Roxanne's hair, as if begging for more. She squirmed slightly under her touch, loving the sensations she was getting.

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((Lacey you can rp with Stephan if you want...))

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