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So excited!

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message 1: by Will (new)

Will (wnkramer) | 2 comments Thanks for starting this group Camille! Pretty much the best idea ever.

message 2: by Lucas (new)

Lucas Nguyen | 4 comments Yay for the Citizen Radio maniacs and good books! Let's get all up in this place.

message 3: by Mary Wright (new)

Mary Wright | 2 comments Oh my gosh, Camille was the one who started it? Talk about maniac-wrangling. :)

message 4: by Adam (new)

Adam | 1 comments Is this a new group, or was I just late to the party?

message 5: by Camille (new)

Camille DeMere | 3 comments Mod
New group, hope y'all enjoy :) this was just for fun, not really work related. I'm just obsessed with maniacs!

message 6: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 7 comments Thanks for creating this group, Camille! The intersection of so many things I love (books, Citizen Radio, end of list.)

message 7: by Mary Wright (new)

Mary Wright | 2 comments This is why Camille's probably the best person to be the CR person. Like, for real.

message 8: by Emilia (new)

Emilia (birdtattoo) | 2 comments I want to like or favorite all of these comments!!! Yes, big thanks to Camille for wrangling us over here, too! <3

message 9: by Marshall (new)

Marshall Scott | 2 comments This is fantastic! Great idea. Thanks so much for starting this group.

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