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could harry-hermionie have been a good pair?ir
Kamalika Talukdar Kamalika Feb 12, 2014 03:23AM
this discussion is referring to the recent announcement by Rowling that she had paired up Hermione with Ron and that it should have been harry instead..
frankly speaking ,i was quite dissapointed when Hermione ended up with Ron,for i always wished in my heart that harry should become her boyfriend..i harry is sharp minded an hermionie is smart.both of them understands each other.so i thought it natural that they should be together.although my views have become biased ever since the harry potter movies came into being and my admiration for the Daniel- Emma pair seems to have become the same with that of harry-Hermione!but i guess ron and hermionie were xact opposites and since opposites attract,it was natural they get together in the end...
i think its too late and quite unfair for Rowling to come up with this reveletion after i and others like me have accepted the ending of the story..well lets see what happens..its always exciting to return to a world which made me love books even more!!

Exactly. Ron was just a teenager and all three of them were on the run for their lives! They were sure to make rash decisions. Besides, they weren't in the best situation to focus on romance.

I like Ron and Hermione together. They complete each other. For a relationship to work, it doesn't help if the two are exactly the same.

I was happy with the way the series ended. I wanted Harry to end up with Ginny.

I feel Ron and Hermione pair is better. It's really cute when Ron goofs up on something and Hermione corrects him :)
Well, I like Harry and Hermione as close friends. I can't imagine them being romantic together.

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Harry and Hermione's personality's don't clash well. Harry is the brave, deep kinda guy. Hermione is too smart and corrective to be with him. Hermione would have to correct him ALL the time and I don't think Harry would put up with that.

I never saw them as a couple. Harry and Hermione couldn't really sit together alone for any period of time without either of them wishing that someone else was there. They had almost nothing in common. Theirs was really a friendship of convenience that started out of pity.

Harry felt bad for her so included her in their little group and kept her because she did their work for them, and she stayed because it's always good to feel needed and because she and Ron were crushing on each other. I know she and Harry grew fond and friendly, but come on, that wasn't the best start for anything. That's why you see as they get older she starts to hang out with Ginny more, because they had more in common.

deleted user That sums it up well!!!
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I don't mean to bash your ship, but Harry would be probably among the last people that I could see with Hermione. Ron wasn't my first pick either, but as is he's okay I guess.

But no worries. When Canon disappoints that doesn't have to be the end your interpretations are every bit as important as what is on the page. Viva la Fanon.

Harry would have driven Hermione crazy. Hermione has always been a worrier. If Harry was her husband she would always be worried that something would happen to him. This would be especially difficult because Harry has never been able to resist helping someone in need. Harry would continuously put himself in dangerous situations which would drive Hermione crazy. In contrast, Ginny accept that Harry is always going to have to help others and put himself at risk to do so, but she accepts the risks better than Hermione would.

I think Harry and Hermione would have made a great pair, but Rowling did do a good job setting up the pairs that the series actually ended with. I was never really disappointed with the pairings as they stand because I think they are still good matches, even if Harry and Hermione might have been better. I always thought Ron was a bit of an idiot and that Hermione deserved better, but I'm sure he grew up. He was only a teenager after all.

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