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*Alaena and Ariadne's Room - They are roommates*

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Ariadne entered the room and looked around. Sighing, she left again quickly, only stopping to look in the mirror at her flawless, cursed face.

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Ariadne rushed in and waved her hand. Several objects flew onto her bad and she grabbed some clothes to change into. Pulling on her cloak, the ret of the objects flew into a bag and then she was ready.

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Ariadne opened the door smiling. She wore a plain black dress with her cloak drawn over her shoulders. Her hair was up in a tight bun, she was wearing black stilettos and had on no makeup. She didn't need it to look stunning. Though simple, she pulled it off elegantly. "Hey. You look amazing."

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She flushed. "Thanks." A bag flew into her hand. "Ready when you are."

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Ariadne smiled and touched one timidly. "You are so lucky to have such beautiful wings."

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She looked at him smiling. "Since we are going over the water, I can bend over it, if you want. I would hate for you to get to exhausted carrying a load like me."

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She looked shocked. "Really? That must have ... wow. Um, OK then." Ariadne jumped and her shoes flew off her feet into her bag. "Tell me if I hurt your wings." Gracefully, she climbed into his back. "Ready."

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((The Rome thread ... AWAY lol :P))

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Ariadne repeated the process of the previous night, the accepting being she didn't put her hair up, she instead took it out of its bun and styled it. Her clothes were different and she put her shoes in her bag. This time when she looked in the mirror, she gave herself a small smile and left.

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Alaena quickly got dressed and borrowed one of Ariadne's cloaks to go out in. She whisked around fast so she looked like a blur and shot out the door after only a few minutes.

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Louis(Andrew) | 615 comments Ria entered her room. "Another day." she sighs

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