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message 1: by Clare (new)

Clare (claremay13) | 57 comments Bridei Chronicles! (quick answer for that question, I need to think about heroine)

message 2: by Tanya (new)

Tanya | 4 comments Sorcha & Liadan are definitely my favs, but esp Liadan. They are both just so strong and no-nonsense women. They get to doing what needs to be done wirh very little if any "why me?". I love that. I love that Liadan, though everyone she trusts tells her differently, still follows what she knows to be right & true. She so sure & confident. Her goals are to keep her son safe & to love Bran whether they are physically together or not; that's heroic to me. She never gives up, even when Bran is hurt, trapped inside his nightmares, she stays with him & is determined to bring him back. Oh, my gosh, I just love her!! :)

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