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message 1: by Marie b (new)

Marie b | 4 comments Mod
You might want share something about your reading, maybe a secret place to read, favourite author, a book that you will keep forever, a recommendation for your classmates, etc.

message 2: by Marie b (new)

Marie b | 4 comments Mod
I am currently reading Things a map won’t show you. It is an anthology of different forms of writing: a mix of short stories and poetry, including a photo essay and a short graphic story. The editors are Melbourne teachers, and I’ve been meaning to read it for some time. Some of my favourite authors are included: James Roy, Tara Jane Winch, Sonya Hartnett and Michael Pryor.
I generally like to read a variety of genres. An anthology like this is great value when you have limited reading time.
I love to read and can read almost anywhere, in bed at night, on the tram, at the beach.
Marie B

message 3: by Phong.n (new)

Phong.n | 2 comments Hi I'm Phong and I read books! I like to read books anywhere. I don't read that much though. I should read more. Thanks for reading!

message 4: by Ryanx (new)

Ryanx | 2 comments My favourite book is toy story :D

message 5: by Ryanx (new)

Ryanx | 2 comments It's a great comedy and drama about a toy's struggle

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