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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

For all you talented poem writers, feel free to write/post your poems here!

message 2: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (vr_alyssa) It's an old one but never the less. Maybe time to share..


It’s raining
But I’m not moving
Standing still
Waiting for a change
The sun stopped shining
A long time ago
But I’m still standing
Standing in the rain
Hoping for a move
But it stays the same
So I’m still standing
Standing in the rain
Somewhere, ahead of me
There’s a light
I can see the sun shining
But I can’t move
I’m frozen
Still standing
Standing in the rain
Can somebody tell me how to move?
Show me how to get there?
Help me stretch my legs?

message 3: by Izzy, Stoker. (new)

Izzy (izzybookholics) | 3317 comments Mod
Nice! :D

message 4: by Cassie, I am Haunted by Humans (new)

Cassie (lunaluv934) | 6389 comments Mod
Oooo You should make that as a song :D

message 5: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (vr_alyssa) Ahw thanks Girls :)

message 6: by Emma (new)

Emma Iadanza (emmaiadanza) I translated these arias from an opera. I suppose they're poems.

message 7: by Ricky, Feed the right wolf. (new)

Ricky (spider-fan) | 5264 comments Mod
This is a bad poem of my own design. Why I'm publishing it, I have no idea.

message 9: by Cassie, I am Haunted by Humans (new)

Cassie (lunaluv934) | 6389 comments Mod
Oooooohhhh these are awesome!! :D

And shame the poem thread on SWYSHT got deleted :( There were so many good ones

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeaahh :(

message 11: by Emmaline (new)

Emmaline LeGrav (dancingatdusk) | 12 comments The flitter of wings
Petite and Beautiful
Colours of Dawn and Dusk
As graceful as a ballerina
Landing on a flower
Up again in the sky
Twirls and soars through the clouds
Flitters off into the horizon
Wings on the breeze

message 12: by Emmaline (new)

Emmaline LeGrav (dancingatdusk) | 12 comments This is my most favourite poem I've written. Hope you enjoy it!

She stares at the shimmering waters,
The sound of waves crashing,
The smell of salt and broken dreams,
Two eyes reflecting lost diamonds carried on the horizon,
Hair of gold glistening at dawn,
Her heart filled with sand slowly sinking
She now belongs to the sea.

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