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Tristan Fitzpatrick has never been proud of who he is, he grew up underneath his rich fathers wings and has really never gotten away from it. With a father who wishes for him to take over the hotel company he has Tristan has a lot of pressure upon himself, unfortunately he’s not exactly ready to take over. On the other hand you have Asher Riggs who is Tristan's father’s assistant. He has never had much and now that he’s gotten himself a job to one of the richest men in New York, he wants nothing more than to climb the latter to success. Tristan hates Asher more than anything- he believes the guy to be the most disgusting man on the planet but after one of his father’s parties- Tristan can’t keep the act up. He wakes up with Asher at his side and before the guy gets the chance to wake up he leaves the hotel room wanting to deny everything. Asher remembers everything from that night but has in regards of Tristan decided to not mention it, but how long can they keep the act going? After all they spend a lot of time underneath the same roof.

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criticaster | 781 comments Alrightio, this looks really good. Who did you want to be?

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Ahmmmm, I dont really mind either role ^^

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criticaster | 781 comments Drat, I was hoping you'd pick a role. :P

Um, in that case, could I possibly snatch A?

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Sorryyy - but I like the idea of being either of them, so - yeah ^^ You can have him :D

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criticaster | 781 comments It's okay, I was able to pick in the end xP Did you have a specific age for them in mind?

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Erm 19-21ish maybe?

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criticaster | 781 comments Sounds good, do you prefer descriptive or basic sheets? I've got one for both, so I'm alright with either.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
I'm chill with basic, the roleplay gets started faster :)

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criticaster | 781 comments A'ight, I shall get to work on ze character, then.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
I shall too!

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criticaster | 781 comments Template belongs to Baa, you thieves; if I catch ya stealin', I'll whoop yo' ass.

▸ ᴍᴏɴᴇʏ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ'ᴛ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ʜᴀᴘᴘɪɴᴇss, ɪᴛ ʙᴜʏs ɪᴛ ᴀʟʀᴇᴀᴅʏ ᴍᴀᴅᴇ.
T〉rístαn 〈G〉αríssσn-〈F〉ítzpαtríck
▪ 25/12/95 ▪ ♂ boy ▪ 〈one|two|three〉 ▪ charrie [A] ▪ five/ten ▪

▬▬▬▬▬ Nancy ▬▬▬▬▬▬ Trick ▬▬▬▬▬▬ Vi ▬▬▬▬▬

Disclaimer: (view spoiler)

i just b.s'ed him. sorreh.

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Oh he's beautiful, don't worry ^^
But because the template is a little unusual I have to ask the dumbest of dumb questions -- :P
I seriously can't figure out how old he is. I'm either blind or to freaking American to freaking figure it out XD

Name: Asher Shea Riggs
Nicknames: Ash
Age: 19
DOB: August 4th 1995

Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Blue

-Asher is a kindred spirit, one old enough to be on his own, but adores the gravity of the phrase family-matters.
-He has many ties (broken and unbroken alike). Relationships outside of his family are sometimes difficult to grasp. Ash is flirty and genuine, but takes sex and loyalty very seriously. Though not seriously enough to have never been in said embrace.
-Asher found out very early on that he was gay, and at the age of thirteen it took him a whole year to even tell his family. Who were nothing but accepting.
-Has a six year old sister who loves him to death, and a fifteen year old brother. Dae - despite his I want to be a crazy adult sooner than eighteen persona - loves his older brother too, and isn't ashamed to make a show of it.
-David "Dae" Riggs: (view spoiler)
Tessa "Tess" Riggs: (view spoiler)
-Ash in determined and driven. He had never really had much, especially not money, and very few toys as a child to play with. His job comes first - most of the time. He is a man unable to help himself.

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criticaster | 781 comments Oh, it's indirectly put, but he's 19 years old. Because he was born in 1995 and. . . yeah, haha. That's the only hint to his age. So I don't blame you for not getting it.

Aaannd I think Asher's beautiful as well! And we need to get this started either tonight or tomorrow after school because, well, yeah. :P Any ideas on how we should start this?

Don't worry about the picture/link thing, it's fine.

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Ohkay I thought so. Or rather I was trying to decide whether he was eighteen or nineteen because I'm the absolute worst with numbers >.<

Yes we need too! I'm excited to get this ball rollin'! We could start either when they meet, before shit hits the fan at the party, or after shit hits the fan at the party. Or the next day or so or something. Personally I kind of want to do either of the party scenes, because that's when things happen, and we wouldn't have to have the awkward meeting phase ... But that's just me, I don't mind :)

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criticaster | 781 comments Haha, it's alright :P

Ditto! Let's do both party scenes, then I can write out Kyler waking up and leaving, and then maybe, a little while after Asher wakes up or we can just skip after that, and. . . yeah. I'm assuming they're both going to get a little tipsy at least? Even though it's illegal in America. . . xD

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Getting drunk happens so often here that it may as well be considered legal, so he'll yeah they're getting typsy xD

Did you want to do the honors or shall I?

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criticaster | 781 comments I don't mind starting, but just to put everything in context: They're at one of Kyler's daddy's many parties, and they sort of get drunk and then they start talking? Or before? Anyway, and then they get all hormonal and one thing leads to the other they wind up in bed, right?

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
That is correct ^^ Though I don't picture Asher to incredibly tipsy, just sort of staggered - just in case you wanted to know or anything, ahaha. Sorry, totally pointless 'though'. Anyway - yes :)

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criticaster | 781 comments That's okay, Kyler's probably going to be the drunker one just because he's been to too many of the parties and finds it easier to cope if he doesn't remember half of it. xD Anyway, I'll probably have a post up tomorrow, because I'm exhausted and need sleep, aha. So good night. ~

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
Yes, that makes perfect sense~! I think I'm going to really like this pairing, I can see them now. The rich and the poor <3 Awe. Anyway goodnight to you, I should go to sleep as well anyway, I gave to get up at seven tomorrow. Sigh.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
I edited him ~! :)

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criticaster | 781 comments He looks wonderful! :) I'm probably going to edit Kyler (his name=*gag*), so I'm probably going to change his name, haha. Anyway, I just want to ask if you're alright with cussing? I kind of pictured 'Kyler' as more of a sailor when he's under the influence. . .

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
That's fine, and I didn't think his name was that bad xD Just unusual - but do whatever you'd like, haha.
And no. I'm perfectly fine with swearing as much as you want, a character is just that. A character ;P

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criticaster | 781 comments I changed his name to Tristan because I don't think I've ever had a character go by the name of Tristan, aha. Oh, by the way, I switched his last name as well, it's Garisson-Fitzpatrick (:
Aaand sweet, I'm working on my post, which might be a tad short, or not. Depends. I'm not sure. @-@

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
When I think about it I don't think I've ever had a Tristan either xD And I don't mind, I'm on my phone so extremely long posts might be the death of me :s

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
*whispers* I like your profile picture ;p

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criticaster | 781 comments *whispers* I'm in love with it. Seriously. I just ksfj;lasjd;gorgj T.T

Aaannd I hope to get my post up today -- I'm just not on the laptop where I began my post and I don't want to start it over, but let me finish this other post real quick and I'll try to get on the other laptop and get my post done. x.x

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*whispers still* He reminds me a little of Oz from Pandora Hearts. Only not blonde xD Seriously adorbs <33

Awkay, I get that. Well looking forward to getting this started, it shall be super fun!

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criticaster | 781 comments *whispers-sorta* Ah, I've never seen that anime Dx I think of him as a male version of little red riding hood, haha. I so badly want to use him in some sort retelling. <3

Aaannd, moving to my other laptop now! So I'll finish it up. It will be super fun, I can definitely agree with that.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
*no longer whispering* I haven't seen much if it :p And my friend and I just read this MM red riding good telling, you should totally try it out! The guy had black hair and everything! Ahaha xD Ps. If no one takes you up in your offer and you're still desperate after (random amount of time) I'm willing to do doubles if you want to :)


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criticaster | 781 comments What's it called! Lemme at it! xD I'll probably buy it if it's in the Kobo store thing. Aaaannd, I've already put a request up but no one accepted it, so if you're willing now, I can go make us a topic? i just really want to do this Dx

Typing ~

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criticaster | 781 comments
((Shitty post. Forgive me. I just need to sleep now. x.x I didn't proof read so there are probably petty mistakes.))

“Did I ask you if I’ve had too much to drink?”

“No, but-”

“Then give me another shot and fuck off.”

Complying because he had no other choice, the bartender poured his boss’ son a shot and slid it over to him, quickly busying himself with another, real, customer. Tristan simply took the shot, tipped his head back and let gravity do the work for him. A small grimace tensed the muscles of his face as the burn slid down his throat, pleasantly warming his stomach; the promise of a forgetful evening. Honestly, Tristan had no idea why his dad demanded he attend nearly every one of these uneventful gatherings. He was a nineteen year old boy, he ought to be doing better things at this hour, and he was well aware of this which was why he always got angry of these sorts of things. His father always reminded him that he would one day be the face of the hotel company his great-grandfather had established so many years ago, and no matter how many times Tristan told his father that business and management courses weren’t for him, any word he spoke seemed to fly into one ear and rocket out of the other.

Tristan was a musician in the closet; very few people were conscious about this particular talent. He feared that exploitation would lead to shame on his father, and the last thing he wanted to do, despite hating where the big man was forcing to go in his life, was deceive the only parental figure he’d had for the majority of his teenage years. His mother had one day suffered a heart attack which ultimately led to her death; though it was found shortly after that a malignant tumor had been growing inside of her lung and that if it wouldn’t have been the cardiac arrest, cancer would have taken its toll.

“Fuck,” He groaned, the sinister thoughts were dampening his already discontent mood. One look in the bartender’s direction, and a beer was being slid his way. Good. The new guy learned fast; nobody dared tell Tristan what to do. This entire party was ridiculous. One big fucking joke.

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Mal (malxox) | 5568 comments Mod
It's difficult to find, but totally worth the effort- it's called Scarlet and the White Wolf. It's one of my favorites ^^
And hell yes I'm willing to do it with you! Have at the topic so we can get this thing started! :D
Ps. Your post was not shitty! I liked it!

There were several levels of being 'drunk'. There was extreme level fuck no on the sober end and extreme level hell yes on the not so sober end of the spectrum. You could toss Asher smack into the middle, which granted him the right to have a hard time walking around. In his head he knew better than to her drunk over level one, but this party was amazing! He'd never seen such extravagance before in his life. Hell Asher hadn't even sat first class on a plane before.

To say the least he wasn't rich, then again when it came to Tristan he wasn't liked either. For whatever reason he was despicable to that man, someone incapable of a little heart. It not only promoted his curiosity - he may not be openly appealed to men, but it wasn't something he necessarily cared to keep secret ... if you asked. This glowering dislike for him also brought on the urge to somehow prove himself. It was an odd feeling was all Asher could possibly say. Eventually he figured he'd grow out of it, but with his eyes swiveling around the bar today was not that day.

The back of Tristan's head was unimaginably easy to pick out - even at the ripe stage of drunk. Asher stumbled his way over to the bar, rather eased on his feet for his state of mind. It was bunched and undetermined, like he was trying to figure out everything going on but it was processing to slow for him to keep up. Making it over easily enough Asher's hands steadied his body against the counter, leaning there - realizing to late that he had left whatever bottle he was holding over there where he had come from. "Are all your pops parities like this?" He asked half heartily, head cocking with weary eyes, lips turned vaguely upward on either end.

((This wasn't very good though, that I admit xD))

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criticaster | 781 comments ((It's probably on the Kobo market, so I'll be sure to give it a read! ^^ P.S There's no way your post wasn't very good, I enjoyed it!))
Staring at the clear rim of the glass as if it would make him disappear from this bore, Tristan pondered over the last few weeks at the hotel; business was busier than usual, he barely saw his dad unless he called his son forth to meet the businessman just so they could approve of the new and upcoming face of the rather large company. Granted he still had a few years of being technically unemployed, the boy already felt the exhaustion that came with it. Always had to be on his best behaviour, couldn't stay out too late (this being an exception, of course), and he was always expected to be doing the right thing at the right time. Tristan never had much of an average life, and he was well aware of this, it was one of the main reasons he loathed these parties.

His father's new goddamn assistant wasn't helping anything either. Him and his dad seemed to spend loads of time together, and Tristan could tell that the big man liked him. He liked how enthusiastic he was, how ready and willing he was to carry out tasks – the new guy was a recurring topic of discussion between father and son.

One look upward in direction of the body he'd noticed come up to the bar and he was rolling his eyes away, an irritated sigh pushing out of his lungs. Speaking of the devil. When he spoke, his temper flared higher and he scoffed, shaking his head as he took a swig from his drink. “They get old fast, you'll see,” He said over the rim of the bottle, refusing to look at the guy. Suddenly, a faint smirk smeared over his features. “If you even stick around that long.” Chances were, he was, but Tristan found no harm in making the guy sweat.

“Aren't you supposed to be kissing my dad's ass right now?” His eyes flickered in Asher's direction in the briefest of glances before taking another drink. “ Surely there aren't enough ice cubes in his drink.”

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Asher really, very highly doubted that this got old at all. Coming from what he came from this was like the garden of Eden all over again. If the garden of Eden had alcohol and the beginnings of a headache.

Shaking his head a grin appeared easily on his lips, teasing the scoffing look on the big guys sons face. He had never really been sure what he did to become so hated in Tristan’s eyes, but once someone hated you there wasn’t much you could do to change their mind. And because of that Asher never bothered to try. Asher got this job because he was likable and good at following directions. Unlike some people he didn’t have everything from the moment he was born into this world. And the fact that he had two siblings to help take care of left him anything but remorseful. Don’t get him wrong, sometimes it sucked having someone hate you, even if you couldn’t afford to give half of a shit.

However he could very plainly say that Tristan was appealing, maybe not so much as a person, but he found his disgusted banter sort of amusing. Asher laughed through that grin and dropped down into the stool beside Tristan more fully. Planting himself there long enough to steady against the counter his head cocked down against his shoulder, “There’s only one thing I plan on kissing tonight, and it is certainly not your father.” He declared teasingly.

“I guess you do sort of look like him though, so in a sense …” Asher trailed off drunkenly. He wasn’t so far gone that what he was saying wasn’t being filtered through his head. He was just far enough gone that he didn’t really care to go over his words carefully before letting them hang loose.

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criticaster | 781 comments
Was there a sign that indicated that Tristan was a friendly guy despite his not-so subtle hints at telling this guy to fuck off he wasn't aware of? Hadn't he made himself clear? He didn't want to speak to anyone, especially not the kiss-ass. God, he could barely understand why Asher would even want a job like the one he has. Maybe it was because his dad owned a rather large and succesful company, but never could Tristan imagine himself working for anyone else but himself. Even though he despised his dad, he knew that they were alike on that level.

He bit back another groan as Asher invited himself to the seat right next to him, and instead reached the three quarters mark of his beer. Though when he heard the guy's next words, an evident look of surprise curtained his face, but was soon replaced with a slight questioning look. Deciding it was worth the effort, he angled the stool so he could get an actual look at Asher – something he didn't do often. He took in the blonde hair, the blues, the attractive bone structure that --

Okay, Tristan was a little drunk.

“Are you,” He began, but paused, his hand resting on the counter as he tried to make sense of what the hell had just been said to him. “That's not even funny,” He said, throwing a glare in the boy's direction. The only thing that would be occupying his lips tonight is however many drinks he could manage to get off the bartender who happened to be one of his dad's friends, which was why he was even receiving these free beverages anyway.

“Okay, wait.” He held up his hand, a gesture meant to tell Ash to shut up. “You're tellin' me you want to kiss me because I look like my dad? Dude, that's fucked up.” Once again, he sneered, but this time gestured for to the barman for another drink because he was nearly finished this one. The more he could get, the sooner he'd forget. Now that's how he liked to think about things.

But the empowering need to set himself apart from his dad grew too strong, he couldn't help himself. “I don't look like my dad,” He stated bluntly, his brows creasing as he tried to make sense of the foggy thoughts in his mind. “I'm not my dad, okay? I don't look like him either nor will I ever be my goddamn father, understand?” Another reason he didn't want to talk to anyone when he was drinking, the damn honesty that came with it. He just hated it when people compared him to his dad, even if it was true that they might be slightly similar genetically, he just loathed it.

“I'm Tristan, the guy who doesn't look like anyone but Tristan.”

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"It's not," he laughed, looking down at eh ground through his snickers. "No it isn't supposed to be funny." There wasn't much of a reason he was laughing in the first place. Asher had always been that sort of drunk, the one that thought that everything was funny. The one that threw out everything he was thinking in a way that made him laugh. Even with three-ish drinks in his system things were beginning to make him giggle. Like what was in this stuff? Because it surely must be something he hadn't had before, he usually held a strong stomach.

The look that appeared on Tristan's handsome face was to much of a challenge for him to pass up.

"I know," Asher said, shaking his head a little, a chuckle padding from his throat into the hot air of the party. He pointed at him plainly, "That's why I want to kiss you." He grinned boldly. It wasn't necessary a lie, that much was true. Sometimes he couldn't help himself, Asher had always been gay, girls just weren't his thing. Not to mention he liked a challenge, and anything to prove himself worth to Tristan was enough. He thought so anyway. Any more drinks tonight and he would be spewing crazy nonsense, none that would be remembered much less plausible in the morning. However he wasn't. He was ... Kind of in control.

Asher grabbed the front edge of the stool and dragged it closer to Tristan, leaning in without hesitation, "I don't think you're anything like your dad," despite what he had just said, the words came out as honest as possible under he circumstances. The vague smell of alcohol mixed with Ash's regular cologne, forming a strange scent between the pair of them. He cocked his head and eased back onto his elbow, head drunken against his shoulder. Though his eyes gleamed slyly, almost triumph. "I think you ... I like the way you look." He admitted with fail, looking Tristan up and down without remorse.

Tristan with the pretty eyes, and the dark hair. Tristan - the intriguing boy shorter than himself, one that he never saw smile. It may have have something to do with the fact that he hated him, but Asher thought he might like to see what he looked like smiling. Something told him that he had a nice smile, the way his jaw was molded. His begrudging sense of humor towards him also suggested ... Something. Whatever that something was Asher sort of enjoyed it.

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((Ahaha xD))

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criticaster | 781 comments
What this guy high? What the hell was so funny? Surely he'd had to have taken some sort of drug before waltzing over to him as if they'd been friends for years. They weren't. And the longer Asher stuck around, the bigger grew the urge to slam his head into the counter. Over and over. The guy, whose nametag read off Ryan, popped open the cap and slid him another beer, probably his fourth or fifth and he didn't hesitate to tilt his head back slightly and let the cold liquid tingle the path down his throat. If there was one thing about the parties, it was the booze, he could never really complain about the alcohol.

At Asher's confirmation that he did, actually, want to kiss him, Tristan, the boy's brow creased further, as if all of this was a puzzle to something bigger. Was this some sort of weird test from his dad to see if he'd hook up with an employee? No, no his dad knew he was straight. Tristan was straight. Well, that's what he told everyone, anyway. Truth be told, he knew he liked guys way better than girls, he just did a good job at hiding it. It was something he hid very well, but never from himself. He'd accepted it long ago, just like he'd accepted that he'd get married to a pretty girl and have children because that's what his father would want of him.

Being told he wasn't like his dad, despite Asher's earlier words, sort of made Tristan feel a little better. He wasn't sure if the assistant was trying to suck up to him, that maybe if he could get on Tristan's good side, then his spot as his dad's head-assistant would be assured. Or maybe he just genuinely wanted to be friends? No matter how much he wanted to believe the latter was correct, the former seemed most logical with Ash's current position. Hearing Asher say he liked his face, he couldn't help the taut grin from appearing on his face. He brought the rim of the beer to his lips and shrugged halfheartedly. “You're not so bad yourself," He paused. "I guess."

And because he was both an asshole and somewhat of a manipulative soul, he played along with the game. He bit his lip, flickered his gaze to the people chatting it up around them, seemingly unaware of the two of them. He leaned in closer to Asher, blue eyes clashing with blue as his hand reached out and rested on the other man's thigh in a subtle, suggestive, manner. “How bad do you want to kiss me?” He asked quietly, his entire demeanour shifting as his voice grew to have more of a velvety tone than anything. Hell, maybe he could even get this guy fired if he managed to get proof that he'd hooked up with him. “If you're convincing, maybe I'll consider it.” It was his turn to cock his head to the side, a taunting smirk pulling the corner of his lip. So what was it going to be?

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((Mm, Tristan is sassy. I love him c:))

Asher had somehow managed to contain his giggles and compose his stature. The few times he had gotten drunk resulted in an ass whiping from his mother and a very bad influence on the kids, and so his policy was no more than one mild beer. That had to be why it had affected him so quickly - yeah, yeah it must be because it's been way to long since he's had alcohol. Working small jobs around the neighborhood and taking the kids to school granted him no personal rights. He needed this job, with this job his privacy rights were restored and money was incoming. Not to mention the big guy loved him. His attitude was charming. As far as Ash was concerned he was playing the game right even now - the buzz in his head feeling nice as it settled into his bones.

It wasn't like he could really decide otherwise, he wasn't shy about things he liked, and Tristan had shot the compliment right back at him. That was a first, he must say, and with it a nice slow smile pulled up the edges of his lips. A boyish white row of teeth Ash leaned into the touch, sliding closer to the front end of the stool, feeling the light weight of the boys fingers inching up his thigh. It wasn't like this was his first time in a situation like this. Not to mention Asher had a definitely had sex before -- girls were whiny and loud and all together unappealing. Guys were strong, fun, and all together more fun than girls ever could be. Keep in mind he was somewhat drunk at the moment...

"Hm," Asher breathed, grin lopsided. He liked this game that Tristan was playing. Maybe he could finally get the guy to like him, or perhaps he had always liked him and just didn't want to admit it. For whatever reason that could be (Ash couldn't think of one) he didn't bother to care about at the moment. Meeting Tristan's eyes there lips were inches apart now. The air between them was twice as heavy as it was two moments ago. Bodies packed around them, the air already hot, but upon closing the space he had Asher found himself feeling delightfully suffocated here with the other boy. "I don't know ... You're lips are awful tempting." He answered, eyes tricky in the light. They ran from his lips up to his blue eyes.

If we were being fair Tristan really didn't look much like his dad, and definitely didn't have the same personality. Asher had always had the feeling that he would be a grubby boss. Never wanting to be what he really was, the temptation of those now somewhat smiling lips sent his spine into shivers. Hadn't he just been wondering what that looked like on him? Ah he was right, it looked nice. Even this close he felt far away wanting those lips on his. His mind felt boggled, like he was trying to recall his sanity and temperance, but gone with the wind may be the best term to use regarding that dream. "You know I could just kiss you right here?" Asher smirked. He leaned in further, eyes searching Tristan's. "If I wanted ..."

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criticaster | 781 comments
((Eheheheheheheh, he is sassy. xD I love Asher and his determination and just plain sexiness. <3))

Tristan hadn't wanted to admit then, but Asher's cologne was honestly kind of a turn on. He'd gotten a whiff of it here and there, but had never thought much of it. But now, now that his hand was dangerously close to touching the area currently off limits. Mark his words, currently. Point being, his scent was deliciously intoxicating to his senses. He glanced down at his hand and his heart spiked a few beats before looking back up at Ash, his smirk still pleasant. “Hm, so I've been told,” He murmured smugly, a faint, airy, chuckle slipping between his lips. Rather mischievously, his hand slid closer to his inner thigh, his thumb stroking the pants teasingly.

It occurred to Tristan that if his dad were to find them like this, shit would hit the fan, no doubt. He'd most likely fire Asher and ground Tristan for the rest of his life, or deny him any access to the parties anymore; all things Tristan would want on another given day, but tonight was different. Regardless of his previous thoughts, he sort of was curious to see where this would go. How long could they play this game of charades. And, because he's never been all that denying within himself, he sort of wanted to know what it was like to kiss a guy. Yeah, he'd kissed plenty of girls, but he wondered if guys were any different. Asher seemed so willing. . . it was the perfect opportunity, no? What harm could it do?

With Asher leaning in even more, Tristan couldn't help but recoil slightly, almost teasing him as his eyes showed no signs of waver – he had this one in the bag. “Mm.” His smirk grew into a self-satisfied smile as he dared bring their lips closer, their noses barely brushing. “Not if I were to kiss you first.” The plausible suggestion hung in the heavy air the two of them were creating. The hand on Asher's thigh removed itself and instead went up and rested in the crevice of his neck, his thumb brushing the boy's jawline softly. With a slightly angled head, his eyes glanced down at his lips, and back up into his eyes, a devious glint reflecting off of his own.

Tristan closed his eyes and brought Asher's lips closer to his, so close they touched, but that was all. In a moment, his eyes were open, the hand was stabling himself on the counter and he was pulling back. He slid off the stool, completely calm and collected as he told Ryan to put everything on his dad's tab. His eyes found Asher's, and it was the only look he was going to give the guy, a look that silently told him to follow because no matter how much he'd actually wanted to kiss him then, he knew they couldn't. It was way too risky.

So instead, he made his way through the crowd of people all fancily dressed and out of the hotel ballroom. He didn't bother looking back to see if Asher was following; that was for him to find out soon enough. In any case, he was making his way up to room 406, the room he knew was never occupied because it was under renovation, but there was everything there, it just smelled of fresh paint.

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Despite his willingness to admit it Asher's teasing attitude flattered. The breeze of Tristan's fingers - so close - caused his muscles to knot together. His stomach pulled in and he held onto as steady a breath as he could. Not daring give away his lack of control Ash let out a short chuckle. Like covering up a laugh with a cough. On the counter his fingers danced themselves across the invisible line between them that had been dangerously broken. The rational part of his mind vanished in that instant, his system rejecting any plea to pull away and take Tristan's dislike. But with his body on fire that notion was charred, his brain caving in on itself like a blazing house.

He knew well what the taste of a mans lips was like, but there was also something to look forward. To stow away in that treasure kept in his mind, he needed to know what that something was. Was it the texture of Tristan's lips, or did it have nothing to do with the kiss and was it simply the way he teased him prior to their lips meeting? The feathery feeling of lips against his caused him to shift ever so slightly. As if waiting to be properly invaded, the hand on the counter curled in on itself and a slight tilt of his lips reviled the edges of his white teeth. That teasing fox, mm, in that moment Ash decided that that was what was going to be locked away in his treasure chest. My my he had not taken Tristan as one to seduce, in fact if anyone was the seducer Asher was. It was invigorating playing the other role for once.

Intending not to get what he wanted our of this Ash's eyes slowly followed Tristan as he retreated. His stomach lurching up into his chest, the very same feeling you got when your body came down to fast. Like there was a hollow pit in your stomach were a bunch of butterflies and other insects made themselves quickly at home. Heart pumping against his ribs Asher hadn't realized just how excited he was until the climax had been so abruptly halted. Smirking after the other man Asher looked back at Ryan and then took the drink that Tristan had finished. Taking a swig he slid somewhat ungratefully out of his seat and followed after him.

Hitting more than one shoulder on his way between groups and pairs and singles Asher stuck his hands into his pockets. They were dangerous, any moment he could either grab another drink that could ultimately make him forget what he was doing. Or ... Or he could meet Tristan at room 406 and grab him before either of them have the time to do a thing about it. Actually that sounded rather alright. The idea hung heavy in his head, front and center his hands began curling, fingers in need of someone to touch. To sooth his mind and somewhat unsteady pace. Despite all of that Asher kept up with Tristan, always keeping the back of his head in his sights.

Outside of the hotel ballroom things were quiet, the lack of sound set his ears on edge. They were ringing with dislike, but soon enough would know what those lips would feel like. In the pit of his stomach Asher knew what this was leading too, he knew so well that his mind wasn't catching up and so he didn't stop it from racing forth and laying itself upon his feet. Reaching the floor with this particular room Ash breathed in the smell of drying paint and listened to their footfalls distanced between one another.

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The faint hum of electricity buzzing through the walls was all that was heard in the rather long hallway aside from the gentle sound of footsteps echoing one another. Tristan’s entire body tingled with both excitement and nervousness; though the latter would never be admitted, his heart was racing almost uncomfortably in his chest. Was he truly willing to follow through what was quickly becoming the inevitable? Was he truly willing to do this with Asher, of all people he knew would do this with him. As much as it irritated him to admit, the thought of his father’s new assistant being his first male kiss was rather . . . appealing.

Room 406 soon came into view and Tristan reached into his pocket and slid the card out; the one that had could open any and all hotel bedrooms in the entire hotel. The corner of his lips quirked into a faint smirk as he slid the card in slid it out and pushed open the door. He stepped inside and held it open, knowing the other boy wasn’t far behind. Asher’s appearance moving through the doorway had his smirk transform into a brief, secret smile as he quietly closed the door, locking it shut.

Now there came the moment to gather his wits and courage; he didn’t want to let off just how nervous he was about this, didn’t want to come off as vulnerable, no matter the cost; he was Ryan Garrison-Fitzpatrick’s son, after all; vulnerability wasn’t how the large business had come to be. But this was no time to think about his father. Tristan pushed all thoughts aside and stepped into the thick darkness, able to make out a darker shape due to the moonlight shining in through the large window, giving a rather pleasant view of the busy night in the city. His hand reached out and grasped a handful of Asher’s shirt and pulled it toward him, suddenly wishing he was a few damn inches taller. “So,” He whispered through his quiet exhale, letting go of the small grasp, smoothing over the wrinkle he’d made.

No place for vulnerability.

He took a step forward, forcing Asher to move back, and he continued doing so until the wall pressed against the fellow employee. Both of Tristan’s hands pressed against Ash’s chest, leaning against him. He angled his head to the side and leaned into his neck, his lips brushing the warm skin, shocked that his mind was reacting so vividly to something as small as this. Regardless, he placed a slow kiss in the curve of the boy’s neck, not able to hide that damn smirk of his once again.

“Let’s just say you’ve got one night to impress me.”

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Asher's footfalls felt loud against the carpet; his heart wasn't racing yet. In fact his mind was buzzing more than anything else. Around and around those little bees went, stirring up a ruckus if butterflies in his stomach. Yet his heart remained natural.

Only when he felt Tristan's hands against his chest did it began to pick up the pace. Backed into a corner was one way of putting it, but his mind was in a whirl. It seemed much more like hot and heavy at the moment. The need was growing warmer - bump, bump, bump. Jesus now everything was hot -- bump bump, bump bump.

Leaning his head backward slightly Asher's shoulder sloped, delighted to find that the this sharp tongue had another use. A better use at that. Asher was having a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. It was either Tristan's lips against his neck, curving up the skin. Or it was his words breezy, swirling up into his ear. The smell of him was blissful...

Asher's head was spinning again. His lips slowly pulled back into a grin, his eyes fluttering open halfheartily. It took him a lolling second to know what he wanted to do. Ash could stand teasing, but that didn't matter. If Tristan wanted him to prove himself he would prove himself with or without those words to fuel his cloudy mind.

Asher pushed forward and speedily grabbed Tristan up, hefting his legs up to box in his lower torso. Feeling the fabric of Tristan's jeans against his waist. He slid one arm around the boys hips and soon found himself swaying towards the bed. Though he had the unmistakable urge to toss him downward, let the mattress bounce with his weight Ash found himself rather gentle. Easing them both downward. Climbing over Tristan he latched his lips onto the boys neck without hesitation.

"Done and done." He breathed heavy into the crook between Tristan's ear and neck.

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A faint, nearly inexistent gasp escaped Tristan when his feet suddenly lacked the floor’s stability. His legs were tight around Asher’s waist, one of his arms looped around his neck, the other resting on his bicep. Between where they were and the bed, Tristan knew it was possible for them to crash on the floor or slam into some sort of furniture; the joy of drinking and hooking up. Luckily, the only time he went down was when Ash settled them on the bed, confirming that maybe he wasn’t as drunk as Tristan had thought him to be.

It occurred to Tristan that the only sounds he could make out was their heavy breaths; the music from the ballroom was gone, the traffic outside in the city was tuned out, which left for only this. Goosebumps broke over his skin because of the lips and hot breathing, and Tristan forced himself to breathe out evenly, no matter how difficult it was. He chuckled quietly, his fingers resting on Asher’s hips as he leaned his head back onto the pillow. “I’ll be the judge of that.” Without wasting another moment, Tristan sat up for a moment, his fingers latching onto the hem of the other boy’s shirt and began to peel it off of him, smirking in the dark.

Once it was off, he chucked it aside and while one of his hands ran up Asher’s side, the other slid to the back of his neck and pulled the both of them back down on the bed, their lips connecting in the process. At this point, everything was physical.

Now holding proof that he was an attractive candidate for both sides of the field, his ego confidence had notched a few levels higher, it was just a question of whether or not he could play both sides (though it seemed as if he could right now).

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Despite himself Asher's breathing was uneven, he knew it and was very lucky to find that he could contain himself. Letting Tristan up with half a mind Ash's teeth gleamed comfortably into the dark. Helping to pull his shirt over his head, hair rioting side to side in the process, his own fingers tangled into the fabric of the boys shirt hem. Though he was far to occupied with how those lips of Tristan's felt on his that he hesitated, fingers loosening.

Finally it occurred to him that his chest was bare and he wanted Tristan's to match. And so he broke their lips away from one another and kissed across his jawline down to his neck. Ash's lips found the collar of Tristan's shirt and pushed his hands up across his stomach. Stripping the shirt away left them both exposed; however in the heat he barley felt different. Only that he really, really liked the sight laid out before him.

Asher had enough of a mind to actually understand what was going on, but not enough to step back and assess for Millionaire Jr's sake. Instead he invested tender lips against the hollow of his neck and dipped down to the crest between the collarbones. Despite his hunger Ash was rather easy with the process, not necessarily delicate per say, but definitely not ruff. Though he appreciated Tristan's inebriated swagger.

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