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Hello, if anyone doesn't quite understand the way the Refuge works, here is a detailed description:

The Refuge is a place created centuries ago for the supernatural beings from all over the world, they are offered an education (for the under 18) and jobs. The education though includes self defense, survival, and skills that make it possible for you to get out of any situation. The jobs are a bit weird too, some become assassins, some stay in the Refuge and become teachers, some leave. The ones who leave are the ones who seek a normal life, they wish to become human. The Refuge is the best place for super-natural beings, it's a community and a small patch of safety from the dangerous world, but, safety doesn't come without a price. Once a year the Anquet is held. The Anquet is what distinguishes the weak from the strong. It's when each class (everyone is in the range of 12-18 years of age ((the ones who participate))), grade 7-12 hold a game. The game is where a few people get tagged (literally, they get tagged with a mark on their skin) and the rest have to find those people. Once one if the people get found out...they disappear, it's the price of safety. Only the strongest survive and those who survive the Anquet become the leaders and future candidates for becoming the next director of the Refuge. Safety always comes at a price and sometimes the price is a sacrifice, other than the Anquet, the Refuge provides almost everything, there is no reason the worry... Not everyone gets chosen for the Anquet.

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Alright, here are some important things: Children under the age of 12 will be staying in the residential area and will be homeschooled. I will post up class lists and I will announce each Anquet. I will message the people who will be chosen as the tagged, please try to create adult characters too, including teachers, we need adults in the Refuge, not only children.

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