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Stan Morris (morriss003) Kathy, age 14 is from Surviving the Fog-Kathy's Recollections.

"I was a sandy blonde with blue eyes, and at that time I had just reached five feet in height. I didn’t have a lot on my chest, but I wasn’t flat, and secretly I thought that I had a very nice butt. Certainly that seemed to be the area of my body that boys were most interested in viewing."

?I didn’t want to be at this camp in the first place, but by sending me, my parents saved my life. Like any normal girl, I was having hormonal reactions to the presence and to the concept of boys, but I was quite shy, even around other girls. My mother was not shy about telling me the truth about the birds and the bees, but she sighed more than once over my reticence to discuss sex with her. It wasn’t that I did not know the basics, I just didn’t want to think about such things at that time, so I was not happy when I discovered that my parents were sending me to a newly organized camp that would teach me the importance of abstinence while also instructing me how to use birth control devices like condoms, pills, patches, and intrauterine devices. I had no problem with abstinence, and I was not interested in learning how to roll a condom onto a penis."

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J.T.K. Gibbs | 3 comments I guess I would wonder where this is going.

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Stan Morris (morriss003) “So let us spell out what we are about,” the gray haired lady was saying. “Above all else, we are about responsibility. We believe that young teenagers should not be having sex with each other. And we don’t base this on a moral rule, although for many of us this is a consideration. We base this on the fact that the world in which we find ourselves living is complex, with many, many choices and dangers.

“Your bodies are ready for sexual activity as a result of your evolution. Your hypothalamus gland is one of the oldest sections of your brains, and it is programmed to steer you to sexual activity as soon as you pass through puberty. But our social environment is evolving at a much faster rate than our bodies, and we believe that in today’s social environment, sex among teenagers is a non-survival trait. Those of you who engage in sex at an early age are more likely to contract disease, to make other children, and to end up living in poverty.

“To avoid these consequences we want to teach you several things. First, if you are abstinent at present, that is perfectly normal, and it is perfectly normal to remain abstinent. Second, if you are sexually active now, it is all right to discontinue sexual activity. I am not suggesting that you take a vow of purity, I am simply informing you that all of us go through periods in our lives in which we are not sexually active, and you can choose this course if you wish. It is up to you. My point is that it is perfectly natural to discontinue engaging in sexual activity. Regardless of what you may have heard, there is nothing abnormal about being abstinent for an extended period of time.

“And finally, if you are sexually active for whatever reason, and if you intend on remaining sexually active, then we are asking you, for your own benefit and for the benefit of the society in which you live, to be responsible about your sexual activity. Use some form of birth control. If you have met someone new, wait for a couple of months before engaging in sex with them. That will give you some time to see if they are responsible, too. Be faithful and be honest. That may sound old fashioned, but faithfulness and honesty are ancient survival techniques that will result in your living a safer, happier life.”

The Camp Administrator said other things too, but this is what I remember about her speech. I was surprised at her words, because I had expected her to lecture us about how we would get in trouble with God if we had sex before we got married. Looking around, I could see that more than a few kids were as impressed with her words as I was.

Author's note: But all this is a setup for what comes after.

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Stan Morris (morriss003) Mike is 13 years old when this event takes place. He was the first person in the camp of 48 teenagers to accept that something terrible had happened to the Earth.

Reluctantly, Mike spoke to the prisoner. “What’s your name?”

“Screw you, kid,” the man replied, smirking. “You better let me go if you know what’s good for you.” He struggled in his bonds.

Mike wanted to ask him many other things, such as where he was from, and what he knew about the Fog, and why he had killed Jackie and Pete, but the boy simply couldn’t stand to be near him, so Mike walked away, just as Howard returned with the rope and the barrel. Almost all of the other teens had followed. Minutes later, Mike was hoisted awkwardly by the Spears onto the upright barrel.

“All right, come close and listen,” he shouted. The kids gathered around him.

“Now, anyone who saw Pete get shot, raise your hand,” Mike commanded. A host of hands went up. Mike spied a boy holding up his hand who, Mike knew, wasn’t down in the girl’s camp when Pete was shot.

Mike asked him, “Where were you when you heard the shot?”


“Didn’t you have KP duty yesterday?”

“Well, I came out, right after I heard the shot.”

“So, you didn’t actually see Pete get shot?”

“No. But I know who did it!” he burst out angrily. There was a loud, bitter murmur of agreement from the crowd.

“Listen to me,” Mike shouted. “The next person who lies to me about what they saw is going to clean the toilets for a week.” A lot of hands were quickly lowered, and the crowd grew quiet.

“I saw what happened, Chief,” said a girl who still had her hand up. “I was standing right next to Jackie’s cabin when she came out. I saw her run over to that guy.” She pointed to the prisoner. “I saw him hit Jackie with a gun. Then Pete ran right by me. I saw that man shoot him, and I saw Pete’s head fly back. I’m never going to forget that.”

“I saw it, too, Chief,” said another girl. “I was brushing my hair in my cabin. I heard Jackie say ‘Hi, Hi,’ like she was real happy. When I came out of my cabin, Jackie was lying on the ground, and that man was picking her up. Then he put her on his motorcycle. I saw Pete running to them, and that man shot Pete. I saw the blood come flying out of Pete’s face.”

“Is that the man who shot Pete?” Mike asked, pointing to the prisoner.

“Yes, that’s him.”

“Are you really sure it’s him. Maybe, it was one of the others.”

“I’m sure that it was him, Chief. I screamed when he killed Pete, and that man looked right at me. He smiled at me. That’s him, alright.”

One by one, Mike questioned the teenagers who saw the shooting. Mike found five who definitely knew that the prisoner was the man who had shot and killed Pete. Mike asked Jacob to tell the assembled teens what he had seen when he first went to the clearing, and then Mike let Yuie, Ahmad, Rasul, Eric, and John tell the others what they had seen. When Ralph returned, Mike asked Ralph to tell them what he had seen. As the witnesses spoke, the kids grew quieter and quieter. Some walked far away, so they couldn’t hear any more.

When the witnesses finished testifying, Mike asked the man, “Did you kill the guy at our camp?”

The man laughed. “Maybe so, maybe no,” he answered. “Call the police, and let me go, and I’ll wait for them. I promise.”

Mike was silent for a moment, and then he asked, “What about the fog?”

The man scowled. “So, maybe the police can’t get here for a while. You can’t keep me like this. I know my rights. You got those spears, and I got no gun. Let me go.”

Then he smiled a very strange smile, and he said in a soft voice, “Sooner or later, I’m going to get loose, and then I’m going to find you, and I’m going to have some fun with you.” There was such a vicious, evil threat in his voice, all of the kids, except for Mike, Maria, and Eric, flinched and drew back.

Mike jumped down and tipped over the barrel. “Help me,” he said to the Spears.

The boys helped Mike roll the barrel down the road to the tree. They put the can on the higher side of the tree root, so that the sharp drop was on the other side, and as they did this, the rest of the puzzled kids followed Mike to the tree. Mike grabbed the tug-of-war rope.

“Does anyone know how to make a noose?”

There were some murmurs of shock, and the man, prodded to the tree by some of the Spears, exclaimed, “Hey!”

A boy stepped forward. “I know how to make one,” he offered in a very tense voice. Mike handed him the rope, and with trembling hands, the teenager managed to make a noose.

Mike looked at the prisoner. “Bring him,” he said.

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Stan Morris (morriss003) Sam's Winnings is about a boy who, after having been placed in a very awkward situation by the aliens who control the Earth, discovers that he has a secret weapon; self control.

Sam was stunned, first, by the startling sight of Ashley naked and then by her reaction. He was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts, and he started to push them down, so he could give them to Ashley. Then he stopped when he realized that she might be just as distressed to see him naked as to be naked herself.

"Sorry, Ashley," he blurted as the girl continued to cover herself and weep.

His gaze swung frantically around the room, but he already knew that there was no cover on the bed, no other clothing, and that the only towel was a small hand towel. He stared at the bed for a moment, and then he grabbed a pillow. For some reason, the Ragoon had neglected to remove the pillow cases.

He jerked a pillow case off a pillow and studied it, while trying not to be distracted by the crying girl. He dropped to his knees and looked under the bed at the metal frame holding the mattress. There was a sharp corner on one end. Sam placed the closed end of the pillow case against the sharp metal and pulled, causing a slight tear in the seam. He brought the seam close to his face and examined it. He wiggled a finger into the tear and began to work it open. It took some time, but as Ashley’s sobs diminished behind him, he was able to tear apart the entire seam, making the pillow case opened at both ends.

“Ashley, use this,” Sam said.

He tossed the cloth to Ashley and then turned his back to her. Ashley took the cloth and looked at it. After a few seconds, she realized what Sam was thinking. Holding the pillow case as if it was a skirt, she stood up, bent over, and stepped in. She pulled the makeshift garment over her hips. It was quite loose at her waist and tight about her hips, but she was covered from her waist to just above her knees. She held onto the newly made skirt with one hand and covered her breasts with her other arm.

“Thanks,” she said through a sniff.

Sam turned around. They stared at each other for a moment, and then both kids blushed. Sam looked back at the bed. The reason for the bed having two pillows became apparent; he was destined to share the bed. The notion disturbed and thrilled him. Sam grabbed the other pillow case, and he performed a similar operation on it. Then he tore out two crude arm holes and gave it to Ashley. Ashley turned around, but as she was pulling this pillow case over her head, the one around her hips slipped and fell to the ground. She squeaked, quickly pulled on the makeshift blouse, and then she reached down and pulled up the skirt. Behind her, Sam, wide eyed and red faced, was frozen in place.

Ashley turned. Blushing she said, “I don’t think it will stay up.”

Sam thought about the problem.

“Take it off. I think I can fix it.” He turned around, again.

Ashley was not happy about removing the garment, now that she was covered, but she had no choice except to trust Sam. She let the garment slip to her feet, and then she handed it to Sam over his shoulder. Sam took the garment and tore a small section of the side seam. He tried to overlap the two sides, but there was not enough material to do so. He had to tear it again to get enough area to overlap the two sides, so the circumference of the opening was noticeably smaller. Then with the metal point on the bed frame, he made a small hole in each side of the tear.
Over his shoulder, he handed the garment back to Ashley.

“Try this,” he said.

Ashley pulled the skirt on again and overlapped the two torn sections. She realized that this would be tight enough to prevent the garment from slipping over her hips, but there was still a problem.

“How can we fasten it?” she asked.

Sam turned around and studied the garment. He frowned. “We need some kind of paperclip."

“Or a pin."

Eventually, Ashley removed her pillow case blouse and Sam tore a piece from the bottom. They used it to tie the two sides of the skirt together. The plan worked. The skirt stayed securely around her waist.

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