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Was anyone else pissed off after reading this book

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Nikiah I don't understand how this book could have been published honestly. It was like taking Hell's Knights by Bella Jewel and changing a few minor details and the ending.

Goddess Of Blah no- i haven't read that Hells whatever book so can't say. Just know that it was so poorly written and OTT that it was embarrassing. The hero was a complete bimbo and the heroine clearly needs help.

And what was with the whole "clench clench clench" - that was cringe-worthy.

Allegria yes, this book is beyond terrible. I read the reviews on amazon and apparently this auth was accused of plagiarising the Hells whatever mc. BUT I have read Hell's and have to admit, it's too similar to ignore. auth has released several editions so i don't know what's going on. If u bought the book, u have very valid and documented reasons for a refund.because regardless of plot similarities, the writing is beyond terrible.

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