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Announcement chyron

This is the place to nominate a Contemporary Fantasy or Science Fiction novel for our March group read and discussion (beginning March 21.) (A contemporary novel would typically have been published in the last 25 years. It's helpful if the novel is still in-print; it also shouldn't require having read previous novels in a series, so anyone can participate.)

You can review past nominees and winners in the Group's Bookshelf. (If you wish to continue a discussion of one of our past group selections, all those discussion topics are still open in our Book Discussions area.)

You need not have read the title you are nominating; after all, you'll be reading along. Feel free to say why you are making the nomination, if you care to.

Note that these are nominations for our March discussion topic. Bujold's Paladin of Souls has already been selected as our February Contemporary Novel topic.

Nominations will be open through Tuesday, February 18, when I'll collect the nominees and post a poll for one week so members can choose among them.

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Jim Black | 1 comments How about Robert Charles Wilson's "The Chronoliths"? I read it when it first came out & it is still one of my favorites. I would enjoy reading it again.

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Ben Rowe (benwickens) | 429 comments Some Kind Of Fairy Tale narrowly missed out last time I suggested it so I will suggest it again. A girl goes missing at 15 and then 20 or so later seems to reappear with a pretty weak story explaining what happened to her. And she does not seem to have aged very much at all although she knows things that only she could now. How does she and her family and loved ones process and cope with her reappearance? Its a very interesting and satisfying read.

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Reminder: Final day for nominations.

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Announcement chyron

Thank you for the nominations. (Nominations are now closed.) The Poll for selecting the Contemporary Novel you want to discuss in March is now open, so please Click Here to Vote for your choice.

This poll will be open through Tuesday, February 25.

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Final day to vote on our March Contemporary Novel discussion, so if you want to talk about one of our choices, Click Here to Vote.

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Announcement chyron

Our group selection for our March, 2014, Contemporary Novel Discussion is:

Some Kind Of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce Some Kind Of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce

The discussion is scheduled to begin March 21.

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