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Tracey I'm looking for reviewers for my new YA/NA Fantasy Romance novel, Dissever. I have it in MOBI, PDF and EPUB and I'm asking for reviews to be posted within a month of receiving the file to both Goodreads and Amazon.
If you're interested, please Message me with your e-mail address and the file type you'd like. Thanks :)

Dissever by Tracey Ward
"I have ever and always been perfectly and soundly in love with Ro."

Annabel Lee is growing up in the court of a hidden kingdom, one shrouded from the wars that ravish the outside world. Her father is cruel, her mother is kind and her heart now and always belongs to her greatest friend, Roarke. But he's an Outsider, an unwanted on the island, his people's existence the product of a horrible night over a hundred years ago. A night when an age old treaty was broken. When the sky rained fire and the sea raged deadly.

When tragedy strikes and a horrible accident leaves her friend broken and scarred, Anna begins to wonder if the "safety" of this hidden island is worth the price they pay. A price she herself is now expected to pay in full.

Can she save herself and an island that doesn't want saving? To even try, she'll have to fight fate, defy the gods and seek the help of an outsider. Of the love she cannot have. The one she will not live without.

*Based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem "Annabel Lee"

Nerdy Chic (nerdy_chic) Hi Tracey. I would love to review another of your books. I love Writing on The Wall and Annabel Lee is my favorite Poe poem. Sounds like something I would really enjoy.

Tracey That'd be great! Thank you! I looked at our messaging history and I have your e-mail and format preference there so I'll send it to you now :)

Nerdy Chic (nerdy_chic) No problem. I look forward to it. Yay, can't wait.

Tayla Robichaud (trobes7x) | 1650 comments buddy reading this here:

if anyone wants to join

Tracey That's awesome, Tayla! I hope you guys enjoy it :) And definitely if anyone joins your Buddy Read and is looking for a free copy, send them my way! I'd be happy to hook them up.

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