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Do you think he was possessed?
Kelseyc Kelseyc Feb 11, 2014 03:04PM
Towards the end of the book Jay performs in a seance and his spirit leaves his body. He was able to reenter it but ever since that moment he was visited by a demon named Raul, acted differently, and wasn't able to talk to anybody about the Satanism he was apart of.

Do you think Raul or some other demon had possessed his body?

A demon named Raul? That's the dumbest part of the entire novel, except maybe the vanishing wart. "I am SATAN and this is my servitor... RAUL. Raul Martinez. Lives in West Valley City. Works at Wal*Mart when he is not out STEALING SOULS FOR ME! BWAHAHAHA!"

He was not possessed; he wasn't even real. It's (really crappy) fiction "disguised" as fact to make you want to read it. That's just my humble opinion. Which also happens to be correct.

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