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Warner VS. Kent
Anna Duff Anna Feb 11, 2014 12:59PM
Ok, I have no idea if this is just me. But I want Juliette to end up with Warner!! I do love Adam, but I also think that Warner is good for her also! Its not only that I really like Warner, but also because I'm obsessed with finding a book, where the girl ends up with the bag guy. In Unravel Me, I want her to be with Warner! In Endless Knight, I am dying for Evie to choose Death! From the second she met him, I have been dying for him to choose him and not Jack. I have always wanted to find a book where the girl has a choice between the good guy and the bad guy, and she chooses the bad guy. Where can I find a book like this?! I am dying to find one!!!! I dream of Unravel Me and Endless Knight and some of my other favorite series to end with the girl falling in love with the "bad" guy!

Warner, no doubt. Adam was just getting on my nerves, he was so egoistic and childish sometimes, I just wanted to punch him.


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ohhh I am so certain warner will end up with her they've got some serious love/hate chemistry that's just undeniable

Warner at first, then Adam and back to Warner

Warner 100%

You should read the Existence series.... Existence

Sorry everyone, but I'm on Team Adam all the way. I've only read book 1 and book 2. Adam's watched Juliette for a long time and fell in love with her for her kindness towards others even though they shunned her, and the fact that she was an outcast as well. He didn't hate her like everyone else around her. I think that's so courageous. I don't think I can really give forgive Warner for what he tried to do to Juliette, despite his bad upbringing. I think it's awesome that she's somebody who can love him and who can understand him, although he turned out the way he did, but honestly, I prefer Adam.

Also, Warner's not the only one with a bad childhood. Adam had to not only hold up himself, but also an innocent younger brother and that would take an enormous toll on anyone.

L GO you do make a good point.
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Team warner!!! since I first Met him i was "oh hell I like this guy" he was so clever and kind of ironic... and now Im reading fracture me so im almost finishing the story... so in destroy in me i was more into him. and in ureavel me I just wanted to kick adam in the ass xDD Adam is a nice guy but is not the same..... I never had to much sympathy toward him. he is nice, good and kind but im still in warner team. so yeah... TEAM WARNER

Oh Btw Read Dark vision.... I had the same feeling. You wont regret it

So I know Warner is the so called "bad guy" and all but I think Warner is only bad because he was taught to be bad. Honestly I prefer Warner rather then Kent, because Warner seems to have a softer side to him and Kent seems rather whiney to me. So in my opinion Warner is the best!!!!


Definitely Aaron Warner. :)

I do too! I think it would be better for Juliette to go with him. Adam just doesn't have the se crazy love thing Juliette and Warner/ Aaron have.


It just amazes me how Adam's so called 'sweet, nice' personality did a whole 180 during this series


I want Juliette to end up with Warner also! I just want a book where the girl has to choose between the good guy and the guy who seems more on the bad side, but chooses the bad guy because it will make him a better person, not just because he's "bad" but because he needs someone to see the good in him.

Peyton Terry I totally agree with that. I was team warner, then when Adam became a jerk, i was on his side because i think that it's cute when guys get jealous. Bu ...more
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I also want her to end up with Warner I know it will break Adams heart but I love Warner also you have to read Switched Switched (Trylle, #1) by Amanda Hocking

Team Warner all the way! I love him so much. I thought the romance with Adam seemed forced. I loved the Warner with the puppy scene when Juliette was spying on him.

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Team Warner.

She DOES end up with Aaron Warner

Adam just gets on my nerves "period"

Warner captured my heart from the start! He is defiantly more romantic then Adam it seems like. He knows what he wants and he wont give up until he gets Juliette.. Warner and Juliette know that they are meant to be

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