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Leilani heal (amaroq) | 59 comments Mod

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Leilani heal (amaroq) | 59 comments Mod
this ids izzys cabin
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Leilani heal (amaroq) | 59 comments Mod
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Ewa... | 57 comments Birdie threw her bags under her bed and lied down on the top bunk in the corner with Mors perching on the backboard and Argent casing a squirrel out side.

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Hi my name is Izzy. Welcome to cabin 2. I see you made yourself comfortable.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Yes, I'm kind of new. So I'm not really sure what to do? Could you give me a run through?

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments All you need to do is listen to the loud speaker. It will tell you what to do. Right now all you need to do is get situated.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Oh then I'm taking that bunk *pointing to the bunk where Mors is preening his feathers*

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Whats your birds name? Wait don't tell me... *putting two fingers on my right temple and closing my eyes* Mors.

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Ewa... | 57 comments OMG!! Your physic!! That is awesome!!

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Yes I also have a pet dog made out of water. He's around here somewhere... CLYDE! *A sparkling water puppy runs into my arms*

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Ewa... | 57 comments Awww!! he is so adorable. I hope he can get along with Argent, he a crazy wolfdog. Thinks he is a cat. *Looks out window and see Argent still trying to climb a tree* Sigh

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Hahaha I think we will get along just fine. I will try to keep Clyde in check while we settle in.

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Ewa... | 57 comments So what else can you do?? Read minds?? See into the future?? Mind control??

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments I control all forms of water: Air, Ice, and regular Water. What can you do to end up in this place?

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Ewa... | 57 comments What do you think of weapons decorating a wall, paint (what color do you like?), and then a corner could be dedicated to Clyde, Argent and Mors.

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Well nota big fan of the weapons (but maybe some sowrds) I also like the colors: blue red white and yellow. I like the idea of dedicate a corner to the pets, but how about one corner a pet?

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Ewa... | 57 comments Or spell books, I got a couple I pick up on my way here and swords are great! And how about if we paint the walls blue that fades into white with gold steaks. And that good idea but Mors will probably sleep on my headboard. *Argent walks in with dead squirrel, that he drops by your feet* Sorry about that, he has a wierd way of making friends

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments I love the paint idea and not too many swords ok? Maybe we can take out some other bunks and make room for some bookshelves? That way we can put all the books we want in here. By the way I LOVE to read so I kind of need one any way.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Great I'll start painting tomorrow, and for the sword I only got 2. So do you want the diamond or the sapphire encrusted one?? So true, 'i go through 3 books a week! Didn't boss lady say we can only have 3 per cabin so we can leave a new kid a corner by the door.

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Well I will take the Sapphire one. I go through 4 books a week. :> And yes I wonder who will be lucky to end up with us here in cabin 2.

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Ewa... | 57 comments I have a plan! When they walk in slap'em with a huge wave while i create fire works the say WELCOME FRIEND

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments THAT'S MEAN!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! XD

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Ewa... | 57 comments :) So do you know when school is or can we just walk in a blow up the place *creates explosive green mist in hand* I'm a little rusty in turning people back to normal form...

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments I think it starts in a week but i don't know for certain. We will need to ask the boss lady. She is almost always in her office.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Thankz, *sticking hand out to Clyde so i can pet him* Where did you get this guy? Or did you make him?

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments I made him when I was little. I always wanted a dog, but my parenes nver lit me have one. They said I was too irrespolsible so I made one that doesn't need to go to the bathroom or need a drink or food. He is really easy all he wants to do is play.

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Ewa... | 57 comments That is so cool, he is so amazing. I wish I could make furniture and animals, but every thing that I make appear is stolen from somewhere else. Can you make furniture? That would look cool in a reading room! *Flicks wrist and a empty room appears in the back of cabin*

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments So, hey I was wondering. Even though I'm physic, I don't have a clue why we are here all I got was a invatation to come here and it sounded intresting, so I came. But when I arrived I noticed that the boss lady had a totaly different idea of what the invite said. I just can't quite make out what.

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments And where did you get that room?

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Ewa... | 57 comments I got an invitation from a friend that said I might like this place so I came and it isn't that bad. I never really talked to boss lady but she seem okay. And I got the room from a beach house from Louisianan, if you don't like the style i saw this cool place in South Carolina

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments No I like it, I just wish I could see the owners faces. Oh wait... I CAN. Lets just say that they eyes as big a golf balls. I wonder when the activites start it has been a good three hours.

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Ewa... | 57 comments I can picture them now! Big eyes and tiny bodies! *Projection of of boss lady's picture appears by back wall then disappears when Mors flies through it* Me too, so is boss lady going to give us a drill that we have to do??

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments I think so I just cant tell when sometime soon.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Do you think she is waiting for the 3rd person to show up?

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Maybe, remember I am only a physic in training. Everything is all fuzzy. Right now lets just focus on renovating our new attachment.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Yes priorities first! Can you make water furniture? Can we paint this room red with golden firework designs or dark purple, can you tint your water black b/c then it will match the walls

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments I could try to make some chairs but in order to tint it black you will need to put some powder or paint. They will kind of feel like a water bed only in chair form, same with the couch I will make. Howabout the room light purple with some gold and light blue sreaks?

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Ewa... | 57 comments Good idea but no gold won't match. And i can add color if needed, that will be easy. Any other rooms you need? There is this great spa bath in France...

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Noo, no more rooms I think the people from cabin one will be red in the head once they see what we have done. You are the color master though so please take over I know for certain we will be happy with what we come up with.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Deal and your right I get carried away. I'm going to take a nap, see you in the when I wake up. Yawn...

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Nice sleep? Haha, I think your cat dog was licking your hair.

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Ewa... | 57 comments Ewww, Argent! Mumbling:stupid dog. And yes, but I think i am thinking of getting a better mattress, this one is horrible. *old mattress disappears and new one shows up on bed* Awww *swims in midair towards bed and lies down again* How about you, sleep well?

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Yes, but I agree with you about the beds: they are horrible. *Creates hands out of water and move them to give a back rub*

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Ewa... | 57 comments You want a new mattress?

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments That would be amazing. Would you like a back rub? I give the best *pointing to my water made hands*

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Ewa... | 57 comments *Poof! New mattress* I'm good thankz tho, I'm going to a spa.

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Thanks, that sound nice. Mind if I invite myself?

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Ewa... | 57 comments Nope not at all. Are you okay with portal doors?

 Little "Dani" Blue | 60 comments Yeah just be careful.

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