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message 1: by Daisy, The Brains (last edited Apr 06, 2018 11:26AM) (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Hey guys! Welcome to the Camilla Edmunson discussion, where you can talk about Camilla: Olivia's friend in the MSTV series.

Remember to look out for spoilers - because we DO allow them here :)

Have fun!

Our character profile for Camilla Edmunson:

Favourite colour:
Favourite food:
Favourite book: Cyborg trilogy by Coal Knightley
Favourite song:
Favourite movie/tv show: Forbidden Planet
Favourite celebrity: Stephen Speilberg
Favourite school subject: Drama
Best friend: Olivia Abbott
Worst enemy:
Hobbies: Film-making, reading, participating in online forums about her favourite books
Most likely to be found doing: Geeking out over a sci-fi story, directing a short film or hanging out with friends
Most likely to be found wearing: Braces/suspenders, hoodies with nerdy slogans on
Most likely to be carrying: Sci-fi novel
Catchphrase: Any quote about aliens from one of her sci-fi novels

message 2: by Emy (new)

Emy I think Camilla is a smart girl who is a science nerd.
Kinda like this guy in my class named Sander!

message 3: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Sometimes I think Camilla is the person in MSTV I'm most like, because she's a bookworm and stuff. But then maybe I'm sort of like Olivia, with tiny bit of Ivy and Sophia.

message 4: by Emy (new)

Emy i like olivia and ivy
i cant decide which one of them i like better tho

message 5: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Yeah, that's an impossible choice! At some point I think I prefer Ivy but at others I like Olivia better!

message 6: by Emy (new)

Emy That's so true!

message 7: by Daisy, The Brains (last edited Aug 26, 2014 09:44AM) (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments It might be just me, but did anyone find Camilla weird in the most recent book? (Secrets and Spies) I'm talking about that bit where Olivia and Camilla were in the supermarket and Camilla was too nervous to go and talk to Lillian, because she is a real movie director. I thought this was pretty un-Camilla and didn't really play into her personality.

message 8: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Camilla is so cool in Lucky Break (MSTV #7). I love her when she's in director-mode and she sounds really stylish (would love some of her trademark red braces!). She was also really creative in the way that she adapted Romeo and Juliet. Too many things! Love that girl!!! ;)

message 9: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments She is my favourite character alongside Sophia and I agree I want some of them red braces!

message 10: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Oh, no, I cannot choose between any the main characters. They're all so nice it's impossible to choose!

message 11: by Suzy (new)

Suzy | 22 comments Olivia all the way, yeah!

message 12: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Let's get a start on Camilla's character profile (if you have no idea what this is, see the Olivia thread here).

Her favourite books are the Cyborg trilogy by Coal Knightley, her best friend is Olivia and her hobbies would definitely include film-making! At one point she wears a blue hoodie saying "the past was the future" and is also described as wearing braces quite a bit, like you said above Daisy. She is most likely to be found geeking out over a sci-fi story, filming her own short film or hanging out with friends.

message 13: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Terrific! I've put the profile up there, just tweaked a few things. You confused me with the braces (it made me picture the teeth things!) so I put their other name, suspenders, up there too. If I remember right, she wears clothes with nerdy slogans on multiple times, so I generalised your description of her blue hoodie. Hope those things are OK. :)

In terms of things to add to the profile, I like to think her favourite celebrity is Steven Spielberg. She tricked Charlotte Brown in Take Two (MSTV#5) by pretending to have seen him walking around the movie set, and it comes across in that moment like he's the first celebrity she could think of. And the fact that he's a director of many movies about aliens means I can definitely imagine Camilla admiring him. Oh, and in Secrets and Spies she says she really admires Lillian, as she's a director. So she's a possibility too.

Shall we say her favourite school subject is Drama? She directed a school play in Lucky Break (MSTV#7) and was clearly very passionate about it. Other possibilities might be Media Studies (though we saw her doing this in Fangtastic {MSTV#2} and she didn't seem quite as engaged with it), Science or English.

That brings me to her hobbies, to which I think we should absolutely add reading. I can remember randomly that it mentions once that she can't hang out with Olivia and Ivy because she's moderating an online forum about science fiction or something. That could be added as a hobby: 'participating in online forums about her favourite books'. SOUND FAMILIAR ANYONE??? :D (sorry I had to)

Ooh, another hobby could be watching sci-fi movies. I've already said about Steven Spielberg - if we're assuming she likes his films, then it fits - plus she mentions in Lucky Break that she loves an old space film called Forbidden Planet. You know, actually, we could put that as her favourite movie.

She's gotta be most likely to be found carrying a science-fiction novel! Oh, and this might be too much of the same trait, but I feel like her catchphrase would be any quote about aliens from one of her sci-fi books. That's everything I can think of for now. This is so fun, listing traits of my favourite character!!

message 14: by Sophie, The Joker (last edited Apr 05, 2018 09:37AM) (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Woah that's so much stuff, I love it! Yep I was thinking about generalising it to nerdy slogans too.

Sure Steven Spielberg sounds great. And I'm not sure about her favourite subject. I'm leaning towards drama or english. Probably drama because I don't remember there being anything in the books about her particularly loving English class and that play in #7 was epic.

How could I forget reading as one of her hobbies?! And that forums one is awesome! Haha, yaaaaas I love obsessing over my fav books. <3 The rest of your ideas are great too.

message 15: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Thanks dude, I've updated the profile. It's looking mighty fine.

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