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Theme song for this book?

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The only one I could think of was "Reasons to be Beautiful" by Hole, which is probably not the best fit but I decided it was close enough.

Nikita I like it. I was thinking Unconditionally by Katy Perry and You Found Me by Kelly Clarkson

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JJ Well as I was reading the book I kept thinking about Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson.

Zayna "Brave" by Sara Bareilles

Zayna Zayna wrote: ""Brave" by Sara Bareilles"

And "By Myself" by Linkin Park(mostly for Adrian)

Amanda Mitchell Hold On for the end of the book in Sydney's POV

Something I Need by One Republic for Adrian's just in general. Seriously, listen to these songs. I think they fit great.

Sharon Let It Go from Frozen mainly for Sydney

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Sharon wrote: "Let It Go from Frozen mainly for Sydney"
Ah! Yes! This!

Sharon Just makes you think about the process her transformation from slightly uptight alchemist to free and in love with SWEET DAMN SEXY Adrian.

Cecilia Vazquez THE CENTER OF MY HEART <3
Would be perfect for them every time i hear it it makes me think of how Adrian never gave up on Sydney and then Sydney finally accepts her love for him.

Nikita Sharon wrote: "Let It Go from Frozen mainly for Sydney"

I totally agree. The song fits her so well.

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