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The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments So, whatcha thinking??

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments Hey :)

>I had an idea about Alice in Wonderland - In the further when Alice comes back to Wonderland aged 17/18ish. The Queen of Hearts has a son who is quite malicious to begin with, he captures Alice and maybe she could make him soften or someone could help her escape or wherever the RP goes :)
>I had another idea but it's completely gone from my head :(

You got an idea?

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments Haha okay, how about we go for the Alice one for now and we can start a double up later? :D
Who'd you prefer to be??

Btw, I'm so glad you're not boring!!

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments yeah, a romance *wiggly eyebrows* kidding! not like that haha.

Haha, I mean like; some RPers are just like totally not friendly and it's harder to RP with mean people…

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments yup. the romance is between Alice and The Prince of Hearts (whatever his name may be)

aw shucks!

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments I don't mind :D You chose who you like

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments You- you- you don't know the story of Alice in Wonderland?!!?

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments Okay sorry, never mind. lets make charries :)

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments cool :D

Name: Alice

Age: 17


Personality: Alice has always been a timid child, naive even; she doesn't trust easily but now as she's older she has become a sucker for a pretty face! She's always seeking adventure and cannot wait to return to the place she visited as a child - Wonderland!

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments okay… I'll start then?

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments Alice stumbled through the forest behind her house. That damned rabbit. Where did it go? She'd seen it shoot off behind a tree but then it all but disappeared! Standing still she blew a strand of hair off of her face and crossed her arms, frustrated. Leaning back against a tree, well there was a tree there a moment ago… "Ah!!" She screamed, falling down a deep, dark, never-ending hole.
Landing with a 'plonk' she stood up gruffly and dusted herself off. Quickly, she spotted a gate leading to a beautiful garden; filled with beautiful red heart-shaped roses. Strange She thought to herself, lightly tracing her fingertips across the petals. "Ouch," she whimpered as a throne cut her.

((It's only really long because it's the first post hehe))

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments ((Not interested???))

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The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments ((It's okay.. Sniff...))

Alice kept walking, stroking the petals of the roses. But then she saw a boy! A very cute boy at that... With dark hair and twinkly eyes he looked awfully familiar but she couldn't place him. Standing behind a tree she watched him, not sure whether to reveal herself - what if he captured her and kept her prisoner!?

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments Alice peeked out from behind the tree and smiled shyly, "um... Hi..." She almost whispered. He really was a gorgeous sight to behold, a heart shaped leaf fell from the tree and landed between them and she blushed softly, a light pink staining her cheeks.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments Alice took a few timid steps forwards, taking his large hand in hers and shaking it light. "Hi, I'm Alice, it's nice to meet you Daniel" she smiled widely, dropping his hand.

The Mad Hatter♥ (neverjudgeabook) | 19 comments Alice followed him, a bit reluctantly. She fell into step with him, walking side by side, "I must admit, I'm lost-" She blushed with embarrassment before forcing the pink off her cheeks, "I saw a white rabbit and I could have sworn he was… Talking!" She murmured, thinking she must have sounded crazy.

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