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message 1: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (last edited Feb 16, 2014 11:18AM) (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
Suggestions are open until 18th February or until each genre has 8 books, whichever comes first. Please only one nomination per person (EITHER sci-fi OR fantasy). No books nominated last month may be renominated for March, instead you must wait until April to nominate them again.

1. The Last Stormlord (nominated by Roger)
2. The Wise Man's Fear (nominated by Freya)
3. The Red Knight (nominated by Sinead)
4. Thieftaker (nominated by Brittany)
5. Red Axe, Black Sun EBOOK ONLY (nominated by Angelfox)
6. The Half-Made World (nominated by Antonis)
7. Dragon Wing (nominated by Tjalle)
8. Best Served Cold (nominated by Helen)

1. Earth Girl (nominated by Rinn)
2. Snow Crash (nominated by Noel)
3. The Lost Fleet: Dauntless (nominated by Christopher)
4. Dark Eden: A Novel (nominated by Paul)
5. Ilium (nominated by Kirsty)
6. Annihilation (nominated by Andreea)
7. Leviathan Wakes (nominated by Douglas)
8. The Rediscovery of Man (nominated by Nic)

message 2: by Noel (new)

Noel (classicanoel) | 10 comments For science fiction, I'd like to nominate Snow Crash

message 3: by Sinead (new)

Sinead | 49 comments For Fantasy I'd like to suggest The Crystal Shard by RA Salvatore.

message 4: by Roger, Knight Radiant (new)

Roger | 1986 comments Mod
I'd like to nominate The Last Stormlord for fantasay

message 5: by Christopher (new)

Christopher | 74 comments For Science Fiction I'd like to nominate The Lost Fleet: Dauntless

message 6: by Freya, Dragon Rider (new)

Freya (flamecat) | 1757 comments Mod
Sorry Sinead - the Crystal Shard was nominated last month (Rinn, can you refresh?)

I nominate The Wise Man's Fear for Fantasy :)

message 7: by Sinead (new)

Sinead | 49 comments Oops sorry. In that case I'll go for The Red Knight by Miles Cameron - fantasy again. I'll double check next time.

message 8: by Freya, Dragon Rider (new)

Freya (flamecat) | 1757 comments Mod
No worries :)

message 9: by Paul (new)

Paul (halfmanhalfbook) | 438 comments Can I nominate Dark Eden: A Novel by Chris Beckett for SF.

message 10: by Kirsty, Jedi Master (new)

Kirsty Cabot (kirstycabot) | 1840 comments Mod
Can I nominate Ilium by Dan Simmons(again).

It'll win eventually! Ancient Greece meets Sci-Fi - you know you want to.

message 11: by Andreea (new)

Andreea Pausan | 26 comments For SF, I would like to nominate the latest Jeff VanderMeer Annihilation.

message 12: by Douglas (new)

Douglas (douglascfisher) | 34 comments Unwilling to nominate a fantasy book over Freya's pick, I'll throw out there Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey for Sci-Fi.

message 13: by Nic, Wormhole Technician (last edited Feb 12, 2014 09:53PM) (new)

Nic Margett (enn_eye_cee) | 353 comments Mod
I'll nominate The Rediscovery of Man by Cordwainer Smith for SF

message 14: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (brittanysmack) I nominate Thieftaker by D.B. Jackson for Fantasy!

message 15: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (last edited Feb 13, 2014 11:41PM) (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
Sorry about that Sinead, despite checking the list I still managed to fail to spot it was nominated last month!

Sci-fi nominations are now closed, four spots left for fantasy nominations. Some great picks so far =)

message 16: by Angelfox (new)

Angelfox I nominate "red axe, black sun" by Michael Karner. I cannot give the link cause I post by phone now but you can easily find it on goodreads and amazon.
It is fantasy of the finest - read 30 pages so far and love it.

message 17: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
Hmm the only problem I see there is that it only seems to be in ebook format? Not everyone owns an e-reader.

message 18: by Angelfox (new)

Angelfox Rinn wrote: "Hmm the only problem I see there is that it only seems to be in ebook format? Not everyone owns an e-reader."
I do not have one neither, but read it on my computer with my kindle app (Windows 8). Well maybe we could start a new BoM with eBooks only so people can choose if they want it? I do not know. Sorry. But on the other hand - it IS an amazing read. mabe you could list it with a comment in () stating "eBook only"? Anyway thank you soo much for organizing all this!
Oh and I found the link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1...

message 19: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (last edited Feb 14, 2014 11:06AM) (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
The only problem is not everyone is happy to read off of a screen =/ So I think if something is purely an ebook, that may make it difficult. I may have to add that to the rules, I guess we've never really encountered that problem before.

I'm a bit reluctant to start a new ebook only BotM, sorry! I think two is enough - some people even though two was too many, plus if we're going to do series read-a-longs it just adds more, and although you don't HAVE to read the books some people do feel pressured to!

message 20: by Roger, Knight Radiant (new)

Roger | 1986 comments Mod
I would say just put in on there and let the votes decide. Just state in the poll it's ebook only.

message 21: by Antonis (new)

Antonis (antonakis) | 62 comments Lately it seems as if the Jetpacks burn brighter and faster then the Dragons in this group! :p Come on fantasy fans, nominate some more!!

To do my part and help a bit, I will just nominate one from my immediate to-read list from my ereader. Let's see... Here's one: The Half-Made World by Felix Gilman. Why? Well, fantasy mixed with western and steampunk and a sprinkling of SF... it should be good, right? Right? :p

message 22: by Tjalle (new)

Tjalle | 2 comments I'll nominate an oldy: Dragon Wing by Margeret Weiss and Tracy Hickman.

message 23: by Helen (new)

Helen French (helenfrench) | 37 comments For Fantasy, can I nominate Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie. It's a standalone novel set in the world of the First Law Trilogy. Also I have had it on my bookshelf for ages and need to read it :) I highly recommend the First Law Trilogy!

message 24: by Rinn, Captain of the SSV Normandy (new)

Rinn (rinnsohma) | 3456 comments Mod
All full up! I'll lock this one now, and the poll will be open for a week =)

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