Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3) Mockingjay question

Who killed [redacted to prevent spoilers]?
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Ok, so as noted in the topic title, this will be all spoilery.

My question has many parts:

1) Who killed Prim? The Capitol or the rebels?

2) Was the ending open ended so that you can see it either way (even if you believe one way over the other)?

3) Are you happy with the ending of the book?

My theory: those who see the ending as open for interpretation are more happy with the way the series ended. For me, I have strong feelings about who I think dropped the bombs, but I see evidence supporting either theory. It shocks me that so many people are firmly in one camp without considering the other side, and I've noticed that tied with a dislike of the book or at least the ending. Do you think you would like it more if you were less certain of your answer to question one?

I do think it was Coin who dropped the bombs. Snow would've done it in a heartbeat, but he would have used the hovercraft to flee. The bombs were just like the ones Katniss saw Gale and Betee develop. There is also the question of why was Prim there in the first place. Was she sent there hoping she would get hurt?

I think either way, even if Snow dropped the bombs, the doubt was planted in Katniss's mind.

I think the book is open in many ways in the end, we get very little information about what happens so we can make our own assumptions.

I didn't like the end so much at first, but I reread it about a month later and liked it a lot more. I still would have loved just a little bit more on what happened after the shooting.

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1) It wasnt the rebels or the capital. It was Coin. She killed her out of hatred for Katniss.
2) I think it ended with the fact that peace was possible for Peeta and Katniss. Even though they still suffered from the trauma of what they went through. t He was her dandelion the one she needed and he was there. She gave him children. When it got bad they were there for each other.
3) Yes I was happy with the ending of this book. What some people dont seem to understand that these books were not meant to be nice and pretty. In a weird sort of way they seem like something that could happen. There is no swish and flick. It was about humans and all our humaneness. Although I haven't ever heard of someone like Peeta. Good guys die. Prim, Boggs Fred, Lupin, Obi One Kenobi. Then people also love. look at the same movies and books.

Emily Lara said "There is no swish and flick"

I'm laughing so hard at that. I watched the movie with my husband and told him it's what everyone who liked Har
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deleted user Ya I really thought that too
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Coin killed Prim in order to basically shut Katniss down- after all, if Panem became free, wouldn't the rebels want their revolutionary symbol to be the leader? But if Katniss was incapacitated (perhaps with crippling grief, fear, or even dead), then Coin, president of 13, would be the next best thing.

The ending was some-what open ended so that people could make of it what they wanted. I loved the ending, although it had a little bit of a weird tone... sad, but happy. Bitter-sweet, I guess. I thought it was great, despite that, and the open ending was definitely was preferred, because the revolutionary kind of "history" (even the fictional kind) lasts for nearly all time.

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