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Froi of the Exiles (Lumatere Chronicles, #2)
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Tema | 41 comments Mod
An incredibly good book and an incredibly good fantasy. I urge you to read this even if you don't like fantasy. Forget dragons! Forget magicians and elves and fey king dads. Forget Lord of the Rings even! If those images are what make you shudder. The Lumatere Chronicles are a different breed of fantasy with its real heart and focus on people, characters who are very much human. Yet, let's not oversimplify Froi of the Exiles or we'd leave out gods and cursebreakers, mystery and unexpected truths, blood and politics, and romance out of unusual circumstances. Oh dear, there's still heaps I've left out.

And even though there is a princess and her favourite dress is pink, forget Disney. Or you may experience weird feelings of discrepancy between Quintana and the Disney princesses as your schema struggles to accomodate the new girl. Quintana would most probably snarl at the Disneys.

While the story itself was great, oddly, I had a really tough reading experience and it affected my overall rating. I struggled, truly. I blame work leaving me tired, which led to symptoms including:

- Uncontrollable urges to skim several chapters ahead.
- Frustration and confusion at discontinuity within Marcheta's descriptions of places and people's movements in particular scenes. How did she get over there!? Where did that door come from!?
- Checking book spine progress and perceiving no visible change since my last check - WAT?
- Lack of sleep from stubbornly staying up till early hours of the morning.

Rereading skimmed chapters in their full, intended glory helped to bring immense soothing to the itchiness. I think reading parts twice made me enjoy it even better! But for the others there was no available cure at the time.

message 2: by Becka (new)

Becka (becka_anne) This sounds like something I might have to try reading really soon! I might see how much it is on Amazon and buy a copy.

What did you most enjoy about the book?

Tema | 41 comments Mod
wow hard question! The characters are amazingly well drawn. Marchetta has a gift for writing some of the most complex and wonderful characters I've ever read. The story is also deliciously complex, which makes it stand out from other YA, and the world building is great. haha that was a few things I really enjoyed!

This book is second in the series so make sure you start with Finnikin of the Rock! The third book is my favourite of the series!

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