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Full name
Home kingdom(Can be real or fiction)
Appearance(MUST have picture)

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Kensi Blye Full name: Jadelyn August West (Jade)
Age: 17
Home kingdom: Brimstone (Near Romania)
Personality: She acts spoiled but she's really not, she loves to work for what she wants, She loves to Train, She's very stubborn, She's very kind to horses,
History: Grew up in Brimstone she's lived there her entire life, Recently a Man has challenged her place to the throne and doesn't agree with her way of Ruling, Her life has been threatened.
Markings/Tattoos/Etc: She has a Rebel Star Tattoo on her inner Wrist along with Multiple Piercings, She occasionally has colored streaks in her hair
Sexuality: Bi

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 12 comments Mod
Full name: princess Alexandria Sophia Wettin
Age(13-18): 15
Home kingdom(Can be real or fiction): Germany
Appearance(MUST have picture):
Personality: fun, quiet, calm, a bit stubborn, serious and a bit shy
History: she was born on the 20th April 1998. She grew up under constant watched by people because her sight restricted everything for her so she always had problems. When Her family was attacked she was rescued and made into any teenager
Markings/Tattoos/Etc.: has to wear glasses to help her sight
Sexuality: straight
Other: her sight issue is called nystagmus

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Name: Alexandria Isabel Daddero

Age: 17

Home Kingdom: Alorra



Personality: Alexandria usually tries to be friends with as many people as possible. She is short tempered and easily angered. She is bipolar and can be perfectly calm one moment and having a meltdown the next. When she doesn't like someone she asserts that she's royalty, but she acts like a normal teenager around her friends.

History: Alexandria was a well-loved princess, but when at her rehearsal corrination she was almost shot her parents decided to put her in the program.

Sexuality: bisexual

Other: prefers to be called Alex by her friends


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