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message 1: by Sandra (last edited Feb 11, 2014 12:07AM) (new)

Sandra | 6 comments Hello! So, here are some of the details about the book in question:

Main characters:
-King Arthur, old (lives alone with Merlin?)
-Young girl commoner (shepherd?), meets King Arthur (at a well?), agrees to help him (dreams of riding an elephant through town?)
-Merlin? old, rusty spells
-Knights of the Round Table, old (covered in moss? abandoned/cursed and became part of the forest?)
-Vivian, witch, villain (appears as giant monster?)
-(King Olaf?)

-Young girl helps Arthur (and Merlin?)
-They enter a creepy forest
-"Resurrection" of Knights
-(Meeting with Elves?)
-Meeting with dwarves (fall into a cave)
-Young girl becomes a knight (magical armor/sword), has to retrieve key from a giant (blind?) worm in (dwarven?) caves
-Fight against the undead (King Olaf's/Vivian's army?)
-Something about a castle (King Olaf's/Vivian's)
-Return home

That's as far as I remember. There might have been something with trolls, giant talking rocks, a swamp (there definitely was a swamp scene) and I'm pretty sure the young girl's armor glowed like a rainbow or something. It might have been in Spanish, but I'm guessing it's a translated work. Or maybe not.

message 2: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments How many years ago did you read this book? Was it geared towards adults, teens, or children?

Remember anything about the cover?

message 3: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 6 comments I read this book at least over five years ago. It probably would have been geared towards teen audiences.
I remember absolutely nothing from the cover.

message 4: by Laina (new)

Laina (lshockley) | 188 comments There are tons of Arthurian legend books out there. Sometimes it helps to browse through the Listopia lists to see if any look familiar.

Here are a few that might help:

message 5: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments Hmmm, I keep running into this book while searching The Book of Mordred The Book of Mordred by Vivian Vande Velde .
Some things fit. The author's name is Vivian (in case you were maybe mixing up author/character names)

message 6: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 6 comments @Laina - I'm not entirely sure I'd consider it a retelling of an Arthurian legend, but I'll definitely check out the links! Thanks a lot!

@Tab - Definitely not that one, the book as I remember it was strictly inside the adventure/fantasy category, no romance or any special focus on the characters. But thanks anyway!

message 7: by Mo (new)

Mo | 10 comments It's probably not this, but just in case:
Sword of the Rightful King Sword of the Rightful King by Jane Yolen by Jane Yolan?

message 8: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments Sandra, do you remember if the girl was transported to King Arthur times? Or, was the book set in the past the whole time?

message 9: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 6 comments @Myra - Nope! Thanks though. :-)

@Tab - There was definitely no time-traveling going on. :-/

message 10: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34449 comments Mod
This book seems too recent, but I'll mention it just in case - The Iron Locket by Samantha Warren?

message 11: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 6 comments @Kris - Not that one either. :-( But thanks!

message 12: by Kagama-the Literaturevixen (last edited Feb 19, 2014 06:52PM) (new)

message 13: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 6 comments @ Kagama-the Literaturevixen - Nope. :'-( Thanks!

message 14: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38242 comments Mod
Sandra, are you still looking for this?

message 15: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 38242 comments Mod
Lobstergirl wrote: "Sandra, are you still looking for this?"

No response; moved to Abandoned.

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