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The little plot holes...

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Matilda Rose Spoilers ahead.

Did anyone else find the conclusion riddled with small unresolved plot holes that, after re reading the first book or so, stick out like a sore thumb? Beyond the obvious, entirely implausible chucked in bits about GDs and GPs and all that rubbish. I can't remember them all but here's a couple.

Fact from Divergent: Evelyn died giving birth. Fact from Allegiant: Evelyn planned to leave Marcus, let him pretend she died and became factionless. Um? This doesn't seem to work. Obviously she didn't have a baby and take it to the factionless, and obviously she didn't leave one with Marcus. She didn't lose a child, and up and dust her living one the next day. And it was implied that she surprised Marcus with her plan to leave him and Tobias. It's not like he could go around saying "Oh yes, she tragically died in childbirth. What, you didn't notice she was pregnant these last few months? That's funny." This detail that was so casually thrown in in Divergent wasn't even touched on in Allegiant, when Evelyn comes out of the woodwork. Seems like a classic case of a careless author changing their mind after publication and not really giving a damn. Well, too late. Can anyone offer some insight here, because other than ridiculous and unlikely plot stretches to cover this hole, I can't see one.

Fact from Divergent: The only time Tris ever saw her father cry was at her Uncle's funeral. Fact from Allegiant: Tris' father was an Erudite transfer who shocked his family in moving to Abnegation, and Tris' mother a Dauntless transfer, with no relatives, from the outside. Surely if there'd been an uncle who transferred across with them he'd have been worthy of mention. Alas, no. The point served to illustrate the fact that Tris' father was a perfect, Abnegation born citizen (though we're later shocked to discover that he never in fact told his daughter this, as she intimates, but rather was a transfer). In the end, it's a fairly unreasonable idea that, if Roth had decided to make legitimate, surely warranted further explanation.

This one's pretty subjective but, regardless, I didn't like it. You could argue either way, really, but sometimes the author needs to make things a bit more clearcut, lest they look careless. (Roth looks careless).
Fact from Divergent: Tris never saw Tobias in her life, he was always inside.
Fact from Allegiant: Tobias saw Tris frequently growing up. At school, around the Abnegation streets, even at his mother's funeral. Though Tris clearly remembers his mother's death and funeral, but not Tobias.

Fact from Divergent: Once upon a time, people wouldn't eat genetically engineered produce. Now farms are far away and there's no choice.
Fact from Allegiant: They're all one great big giant genetic experiment themselves, whose city has always been as it is and without history.
Once again subjective. But you have to doubt that their little control room guys would be giving them knowledge on genetic engineering when, whaddaya know, they're the product of it. And the sneaking suspicion that if Erudite had a complex understanding of genetic engineering, they wouldn't have needed to steal information from Abnegation, they'd have figured it out a little tiny bit. It just illustrates that Roth didn't really know where she was taking the plot because surely she would've left those details out. I know with a bit of effort you can convince yourself they work, but it should be seamless. And it's not.

I'd say there's a fair few more than that. Feel free to add them if you like. And if anyone can offer a plausible explanation that doesn't stretch the plot too far, throw me one! I'd love to be wrong about it. Because up until the gaping holes of Allegiant, I quite liked this series.

message 2: by Emma (last edited Feb 11, 2014 12:50AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Emma I think you have some really good points and I agree that this series was not well-thought out. I do have a few very sloppy explanations. The first one...yeah, I don't see how that could be anything but negligence on VR's part. The uncle could have already been in Abnegation before Tris' father transferred, possibly an earlier transfer himself. That may have made their relationship closer, being the only family he had in Abnegation. Also, just because her father had been close to his uncle doesn't mean that Tris was. That could be why he didn't merit more than a passing mention.

As far as the genetically engineered food, it's a pretty far leap to make from eating genetically modified food to imagining that you, yourself, and everyone around you is the product of it. I mean if I'm eating a genetically engineered apple I'm not going to think, "woah I bet I'm the product of GE." And weren't they in the city for like 8 generations? That's a pretty long time, at least 160 years if you assume a 20 year generation gap. For a point of reference, using the same time frame the US declared independence only 12 generations ago. If you use a longer time frame, say 25 years that would put them only 1 generation behind the US. A lot can be accomplished in a relatively short time period. They may have started with organically grown food and then, as the population grew, needed more hardy and faster grower plants and thus, began genetically engineering crops. They probably even started out having the technology (or just the plants/seeds) when they started the city. The far away thing, I don't get, since the Amity farms were just outside the city.

Tina J Matilda wrote: "Spoilers ahead.

Did anyone else find the conclusion riddled with small unresolved plot holes that, after re reading the first book or so, stick out like a sore thumb? Beyond the obvious, entirely..."

Wow, you've really thought about this. Lol
You make excellent points! Ones that I've never given much thought to.

message 4: by Emily (last edited Feb 11, 2014 09:51AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emily Matilda wrote: "Spoilers ahead.

Did anyone else find the conclusion riddled with small unresolved plot holes that, after re reading the first book or so, stick out like a sore thumb? Beyond the obvious, entirely..."

Some of these I don't really have opinions on, to be honest. However, the Evelyn's other kid thing REALLY bothered me! I thought for sure the kid would turn up in Allegiant and be some sort of leader in the factionless movement...nope. The only way I can think it might possibly be tied up is that the baby died at birth, but not Evelyn, and that exposed that she had an affair and then she left. Roth could possibly cover that up by having Tobias and Evelyn discuss it in the short stories she's releasing about him in the summer, but idk. That could make sense, because theoretically if she already told him the baby died or something when they were reunited, they wouldn't necessarily keep bringing it up, especially because both of them have a tendency to avoid talking about painful subjects. Then again, I think Tobias mentions that Evelyn didn't attend community events very often either, so I guess in theory it's possible that Marcus could have lied to everyone that she was pregnant and they wouldn't know better if they don't see her around often. He could have said she was on bed rest or something for a while. But I don't know, either way, it does seem pretty plot hole-y.

As for the Tobias thing, Tris didn't say she never saw Tobias at all, she just pointed out that he never attended community events, so she didn't know him well, and I guess it made him stand out as being sort of odd. I think it can be assumed that she saw him at school in passing the same way that he saw her, but she highlights the fact that she didn't see him around the Abnegation sector often. I don't find this inconsistent. Tris probably just thought it was strange that Tobias was Marcus' son and wasn't active in the community, so that's just what stood out in her memory about him when that article came out about Marcus and Tobias. Similarly, when Tobias takes her into his fear landscape, Tris was more likely to fixate on the fact that the rumors about Marcus were true, rather than think about that one time she saw him walking down the hall between classes two years ago. I think Tobias just thought about those memories because it was after she died and he was kind of taking an inventory of all the times he saw her. Normally, them passing each other in school two years ago wouldn't really be the first thing on either of their minds, because those encounters were pretty insignificant.

As for your last point, I don't really follow at all. Knowing genetic engineering won't lead you to the conclusion that you're part of an experiment...I mean, it's not like quarantining people off in a city and putting them through a big social experiment is a standard aspect of genetic engineering that anyone with any sort of background in genetic engineering would recognize as such, so there's no reason for the Erudite to have figured something out. Besides, thinking that your whole life is part of a big experiment is kind of crazy. I don't think many people would come to that conclusion, simply for the reason that it seems absurd.

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