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Mya | 559 comments April pounded on Zeke's door. "Zeke, we need to talk, it's important! You won't believe what just happened happened to me! I got myself a date!"

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Ayaaa (ayaaah1899) | 1147 comments Mod
((Hahaha ,, zeke's creeping me out .. ))

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Mya | 559 comments She was beaming, then she hunched over, "I got a date with a cool sweet guy, Matthew's roommate. He is so sweet," she said as she walked inside, and plopped down on Zeke's bed. "I'm so excited, but now I heard Matthew has crush on me, and wants to ask me out." April started to cry, "I have the most horrible life ever!"

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Mya | 559 comments "How would that fix anything," April said wiping away tears. Then she looked up at Zeke she realized he was asking her out. "Your a-asking me out! What? Why?" April asked as she stood up, she thought Zeke would help, but it just brought more baggage.

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Mya | 559 comments "Oh, good, then I'll have to choose between you and Prince Charming, I just came up with that. But no, I like Prince Charming, so sweet, so cute. I want to date him, I'm going out with him tonight. Can't you date Matthew or something? No! That's it! We need find Matthew a girlfriend, I'll play it like that I never got that news, and were just trying to find him a date to the Valentines Ball! I'm a genius!" April announced.

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Mya | 559 comments "He has such a way with words, and he called me lovely, no one ever did that before." April said and stared off as she's reliving the moment once again. "Anyway, that's what we're going to do, talk to Matthew about it, I got to go to prepare for my date. Also we don't take no for an answer, bye! Oh, and thanks, also meet me, and bring Matthew to the mall tomorrow!" She said as she left the dorm room, she was skipping too.

((I got to go, bye, sorry!))

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Angel Delta (EiraJazelMaio) | 99 comments (( Is this what it's like to role play?? ))

message 8: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ((Yes, though this is a string of events happening to a character by other characters, like I didn't create up by myself the situation she is in. Ice's character helped the situation along with Astraeous, Ice is Matthew, and Astraeous is Prince Charming. Rhapsody's character told my character April that Matthew has a crush, and April told Zeke, Raychylle's character. Which will make Raychylle's Zeke want to kill somebody. Do you get how everybody's character helps make the story, and how another character helps make another person's story? Gosh, I'm teaching RP class V.V now. I hope you understand. But it's best to try it, just role with it, and see where it goes! Good luck! ))

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((All the while, April has three dates and neither of my characters even has one lol))

message 10: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ((Not true! Matthew would be going with you, probably, or it may be his not-so-secret admirer. ))

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

((lol Matthew asked Rhapsody to help him ask you out :P Remember?))

message 12: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ((But the plan was for April to refuse and he end up with you. That's why there is already a shipping name, Icesody! We had an whole English class about the shipping name, too, XD :P))

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((You dorm have the whole class doing it did you? Oh my gosh lol Well, now I just have to find Ariadne a date.))

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((Didn't not dorm lol touch typing sucks.))

message 15: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ((It seriously does! I totally understand, my tablet has stupid auto-correct so it makes the exact same mistakes V.V Anyway, yeah, who is he/she? So I can help you out with that, too. ))

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((Ariadne is an immortal girl with telekinetic abilities, can bend all natural elements and can cause a person extreme pain by looking at them. lol She is amazingly beautiful, but kind of detached emotionally from people))

message 17: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ((Awesome! That's seriously amazing! Ryuu? Or she should go with a group of friends, maybe. Is she a Servator? ))

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((Rhapsody is a Servitor, but Ariadne isn't.))

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Mya | 559 comments ((Yeah, om

message 20: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ))
((Sorry, pushed the wrong button. I gtg, I will try to help later, bye, bye.))

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((Laters :) lol))

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((Swift lol Now Ariadne will have no one :(. She could use a friend.))

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

((lol I was just kidding :) Ariadne doesn't really get to know people remember?))

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((Then Ariadne just won't go lol She'll probably just walk past the hall and sigh))

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((I still have Rhapsody lol Ariadne will go, she just won't dance if she isn't asked. It is because of when she was born, she still believes its rude for a girl to ask out a guy :). ))

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((Oh. Can we RP? My characters are at either the clock tower or the infirmary.))

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message 28: by Angel (new)

Angel Delta (EiraJazelMaio) | 99 comments (( My Tenshi still has no dance partner, since Ice's Matt already has Rhapsody and Astra has April. She'll go with Ariadne if you'd like.. They'll have a battle of whose the most emotionless person.. Hehe ))

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((Awesome lol :) Sounds great. ))

message 30: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ((I'm going to pop in now.))

Val stopped at the entrance of the doorway, the door was left open. She peered inside, and saw that he, Zeke, was still indeed an idiot. She moaned,"Ugh, get your butt out here, and let's go to the Valentine's Day Ball! I unfortunately must attend to supervise, so if I'm attending, you are too! No buts or Ra will what he has to do." Val said and then patted Ra the full grown, male tiger beside her. He were in the position of preparation to pounce on prey.

message 31: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments Val rolled her eyes. She reached down and picked Zeke up. She slung him over her shoulder. Started to leave the room, but paused in the doorway and asked, "Do you need to go to the bathroom before we leave or are you wearing your diaper?"

message 32: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments Val pinched him hard enough to make him scream as they walked through the hall and headed towards the Valentine's Day Ball.

((Valentine's Day Ball Thread?))

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Mya | 559 comments ((Okay, lol. I'll comment first. ))

message 34: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments There was a letter under Zeke's dorm door. He picked it up and began to read it.

Dear Zeke,

I have many important things to tell you of today, but I'm going to do by counts.

(1) I might actually die, looking for Saithilien and Lucinda, but they need to be found. I might be the wrong person to look for them. Because I am needed here, but if it not me, who? Any more Servators can't leave, and if a student gets hurt no people of Arden Vale would forgive theirselves. There is also a girl who has healing powers, so I can be replaced.

(2) Matthew and Rhapsody are together. Very odd, I think, them being together I would never imagine. I would've thought Rhapsody would date like Nico or something. Matthew would date more of a perky girl. But love is strange! I just hope Matthew's heart doesn't break, if it does break; punch Rhapsody in the face for me, please.

(3) I don't believe me and Prince Charming are going out anymore. Your sister, Val, kindly told me he flirted with other girls. So I did not go, instead I cried in the Infirmary. Tell your sister I say thank you, okay? Listen to her, okay, she has some stuff to say. Oh, but I figured out he was a vampire, tell him I have a recipe for fake blood that will kill his thirst for drinking humans.

(4) I have something to confess to you Zeke. I love you! I don't what kind, though, I'm pretty sure it's not boyfriend kind, because I don't want to kiss you every five minutes. I really do not know, but maybe that kind, I have not figured it out yet. But your not like a brother to me, Matthew filled that role long time ago. But your like all my family members that I loved, (I don't think I'm explaining this correctly) and somehow all of them combined would never be even close to how much I love and care about you. I loved you this much since first day we met and I'll probably love you this much until my last! Now if I come back alive, I better get a big hug out of this, understand?

By your friend,

P.S. Goodbye.

message 35: by Ayaaa (new)

Ayaaa (ayaaah1899) | 1147 comments Mod
((big hug ? lol ZEKE !! IT YOUR CHANCE ,, haha role of a brother ,,lol))

message 36: by Astraeous (new)

Astraeous Javier (Adelmar) | 213 comments (( .....Well, this is getting so sudden....Ha...Ha...Ha... ))

message 37: by Angel (new)

Angel Delta (EiraJazelMaio) | 99 comments (( By the charming boyfriend, does he means you? ))

message 38: by Mya (new)

Mya | 559 comments ((She and yeah.))

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

((Hey, she asked if you wanted to go for a swim :P))

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