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Ken (kensamcampo) ((The College that Sam and Mack attend. Rp here))

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam walked to his next class looking at his book as he ran a hand through his hair,

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Ken (kensamcampo) Mack walked to her next class. She wanted to have stayed home, but Sam had convinced Mack to come to standford.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam spotted Mack and smiled. "Hey Mack" He said to his sister.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Hey Sam. So, I heard you're with Jess now. How is that?" Mack replied

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "It's great, She's perfect" He said with a smile thinking about Jess, He'd been acing his classes so far.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "It feels like forever since Dad left. Like Dean hasn't had time to come see us, or Lilly come see us either, or even Annie." Mack replied

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "He's been busy with the family business, they both have, Even Faith has I guess." Sam said.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "I suppose. I wonder what Faith and Annie are like together, since it seemed they were growing apart last we saw them" Mack responded. Jess was walking to her next class.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "I don't want to be around when they start fighting again, Last time was really bad" Sam said and smiled when he saw Jess.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Hey Sam. Whose this?" Jess asked when she saw Mack.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Jess meet my sister Mack, Mack This is Jess" Sam said introducing them. Kissing Jess on the cheek.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Hello Mack." Jess smiled at Mack. Mack smiled at Jess. "So, what's the deal with these twins, Annie and Faith Lehane, are they like your adopted siblings or something?" Jess asked Mack. "Annie is, but her sister just lives with the family. I don't really want to go into more conversation about it Jess." Mack replied.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam looked back at his book staying out of it as best he could.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Mackenzie Winchester, what about this morning when you were writing in that diary you had with you in Lit Class?" Jess asked Mack. "How'd you know about my Diary Jessica?" Mack asked. Natalie walked to her next class. Steven was looking at a book while walking to his next class.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Jess please drop it, We don't like to talk about our Family to people." Sam said pulling on Jess's arm.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Fine." Jess replied and went to her next class. Mack hid her diary under her arm and went to her next class.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam sighed and walked to his next class, his books in his arms,

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Ken (kensamcampo) Jess listened to the professor in her current class. Mack listened to the professor in the class she was in. Steven and Natalie took notes in their current class.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam stood outside because it was his free Period since his grades were so high, He looked around before opening his book and started reading.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Mack took some notes.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam continued reading.

Faith smiled at Dean and snuck up to Sam.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Dean followed Faith. Lilly and Annie went to look for Mack.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam continued to Read when Faith got close enough he grabbed her arm and flipped her.

Faith landed on her feet and swept Sam's feet out from under him landing him on his back, She smiled down at him "Hey Sammy" She said.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Faith, Sam, stop it!" Dean said, pushing the two of them apart from each other. Lilly and Annie found Mack during her free period. "Mack!" Lilly and Annie said together. "Lil? Annie? What are you two doing here?" Mack asked. "Long story, Dean can fill you in." Lilly replied, "but we need you to come."

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Hey I was just playing, Not my fault Sammy took it to Far" Faith said smiling at Dean.

Sam chuckled a little bit, "What're you guys doing here?" He asked.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Sam, Dad's gone missing. I decided that you, me, Faith, Annie, Lilly, and Mack are going to search for Dad. The last time he and you were together there was a big fight, but I miss you Sam and I miss Mack. Lilly does too. It isn't the same without you and Mack" Dean replied

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "I have College Dean, And a girlfriend." Sam said.

Faith looked at Dean

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Sam, this is family we are talking about. Yes you have College, yes you have a girlfriend, but this is Dad we are talking about here. He doesn't just disappear without telling us anything about where he's gone." Dean responded

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "He does that Every week Dean" Sam said.

Faith looked around and noticed that people were starting to pay attention to the Conversation, she backed towards Dean. "Um, people are watching us" She whispered to him.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Ya, but not for Months at a time." Dean responded

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "What're we gonna do we both know he's not gonna be found if he doesn't want to be." He said and noticed a Change in the way Faith and Dean acted towards each other.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "We're going to chase him, until we do find him, and hunt things on the way if need be" Dean replied

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Fine, But I need to tell Jess that I'm leaving for a bit, I'm only going on one hunt with you" Sam said.

Faith gently touched Dean's arm.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "What is it Faith?" Dean asked Faith.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "People are watching us and coming closer" Faith said watching some of the male College students,

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Since when did we become interesting?" Dean replied

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Hey Hot stuff, Why don't you come over here?" One of the men said.

"As if" Faith said watching them.

"I think our Argument might've gotten their attention, As well as the fact that you brought Faith" Sam said.

"Come on, I'll show you what a Real Man's like" He said.

"I'm with a real man and your nothing of the sort" Faith said bruising the guy's ego.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "You'd do nothing of the sort" Annie said to the guy, "You want some girl, either come after me or just leave my sister alone"

"Stupid Move to have brought Faith, but she wanted to come" Dean replied

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Damn straight I wasn't gonna let you guys have all the fun" Faith said smiling up at Dean.

"Okay" The Guy said and smiled at Annie.

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Ken (kensamcampo) Annie looked at the guy, "What's your name anyways?" Annie asked, curious.

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Steve" He said with a smile.

"And Hey to the stupid move thing " Faith said stepping in front of Dean poking his chest gently with her finger

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Ken (kensamcampo) "Well, I didn't know some guys here would call you hot stuff" Dean replied to Faith.

"Annie, the name is Annie." Annie replied to Steve

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "This is College Most guys are trying to pick up girls, I'm not interested in them because I have someone else I'm interested in" She said to Dean.

Sam stood, "So Everyone's coming with us? There's not enough room in the Impala" Sam said.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "I'm staying here, I'll wait for your return" Annie replied to Sam

Jane Isles-Rizzoli "Only four people can fit in the Car, Sam Dean and I and that leaves one open spot" Faith said looking at Dean.

Sam looked at Annie, Lilly, and Mack.

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Ken (kensamcampo) "I'll go, Mack shouldn't have to do this" Lilly replied

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Sam nodded, He really didn't want any of his sisters to go but it was good to have backup.

Faith turned and walked towards the Impala. "Shotgun" Sam and Faith said at the same time

Jane Isles-Rizzoli Michelle Rodriguez Fan wrote: "Sam nodded, He really didn't want any of his sisters to go but it was good to have backup.

Faith turned and walked towards the Impala. "Shotgun" Sam and Faith said at the same time"

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Libby ((Hey I just joined does anyone wanna rp?))

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