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Wishful Deviltry (Book 1)-Teen Paranormal Series

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message 1: by LeeAnn (new)

LeeAnn Kelly | 5 comments Hello, I am a new Arthur of a Teen Paranormal Fantasy Series. Wishful Deviltry is book 1 of The Wishful Series and is available on Amazon Kindle. A lot of my friends have read it and told me that it is really good, but I would love to hear other peoples opinion on my book.

Book Description:
Each person inherits an ancient genetic code from their biological parents. Unfortunately, not all humans are created equal. For some humans like Karis Kenzie the lottery of genes give some people exceptional powers. Karis and her best friend, Kaleb, can not wait until they turn sixteen to see what powers life gives them and transfer to a new school that will teach them how to control their powers. Unfortunately, mutated creatures attack them before they get their powers and separated them from both their families. Suddenly, Karis and Kaleb are force to join a small group of teenagers that have powers to hide out at a school full of supernatural teenagers. Now they all have to survive a life altering event which will take them on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, jealously, romance, weapons training, and a mind blowing battles in order to rescue their family.

This is definitely not SPAM..... Feel free to send me comments, opinions or even good advice. I need all the help I can get. My email address is leeannkelly2014@gmail.com

If you are interested in reading this book go to: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I2EVIL6/r...

Thank You

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 31 comments That sounds really interesting, I'll check it out. :)

message 3: by LeeAnn (new)

LeeAnn Kelly | 5 comments Thank you Sara

message 4: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Fleming | 34 comments Mod
me too!

message 5: by LeeAnn (new)

LeeAnn Kelly | 5 comments Awesome Kerry, let me know if I need to send you a PDF copy to your email;-)

message 6: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Fleming | 34 comments Mod
yeah, can you? my email is kerryellenfleming@btinternet.com

message 7: by LeeAnn (new)

LeeAnn Kelly | 5 comments Kerry, I emailed you a PDF copy, let me know if you have received it or not. Thanks!!

message 8: by Kerry (new)

Kerry Fleming | 34 comments Mod
I have and I am half way through it, its really good so far!

message 9: by LeeAnn (new)

LeeAnn Kelly | 5 comments Thank you Kerry!!!

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