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message 1: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Roy (lucyroy) | 68 comments Hi, everyone! I've recently started a blog that focuses on book reviews (mainly YA but I stray from that sometimes), but I try to incorporate more than just reviews in each post. I was hoping to possibly get some feedback on it (it's only been up a few weeks now). Constructive criticism is more than welcome, seeing as I'm a first timer!


message 2: by Tris (new)

Tris | 16 comments Hey! Your blog is pretty good :) But I think you should add a little more color to your blog. As if now, your blog background is all white.
Nice job with your reviews! Your book reviews are very long, but they are very interesting.
You should write posts a little more often. 3-8 posts a month isn't that many. Many websites I have visited suggests that you write 1 post every day.
Overall, your blog is really nice! Following you via bloglovin ;)
Here is my blog:
Maybe you could also give me some feedback? :)

message 3: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Roy (lucyroy) | 68 comments Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! Part of writing the blog is to help strengthen my writing, and my long-windedness is definitely a weakness. I initially planned on doing 2 a week, but between work, school, and my daughter, I'm pretty short on time. I'm hoping I can increase my posting, and looking at your blog has actually given me some good ideas.

I really like yours. The layout is clean and I like the way you write. I especially like your review of Shatter Me and how you incorporate the author's writing style. The only thing I would change is in the top sections, where you list series, author, etc. I would bold the categories just to make them stand out a bit. Other than that, it's really good!

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