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Blood Beginnings (The Primigenio Tales, #2)
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Paranormal Romance Book Tour & Giveaway: Blood Beginnings by Alison Beightol Tour Dates: 2/11/14 – 3/11/14

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Fire and Ice Book Promos Blog (fireandicebooktours) | 147 comments The Blood Beginnings Book Tour starts on 2/11/14 at midnight, and the author has an awesome prize package! Make sure to enter at the link below for your chance to win.

Blurb: Only a day after Eamon Rutherford destroys a cadre of vampire hunters sent to kill him, he decides to take his human lover Amelie to London to turn her into a vampire and look for Bernard Townsend, the vampire who sent the hunters to kill Eamon and declared a blood war on him.

This war isn’t just to settle a rivalry. It’s a war for power.

Bernard wants control of the European Shadow Government, the vampire governing board, and bring his plan to fruition, a plan that begins with the revelation of vampires to humans and ends with the domination of the human race. He knows that this will never happen as long as Eamon is alive. Bernard also knows that to get to Eamon, he has to get what he cares about most. To ensure the success, Bernard brings forward his secret offspring Reinhard Heydrich, the Butcher of Prague, who will kidnap and kill Eamon’s beloved Amelie.

Eamon must find and save Amelie before Heydrich kills her and Townsend’s plan unfolds. If he doesn’t, there is no limit to what a vampire like Heydrich might be capable of. But saving Amelie won’t be easy. Everywhere he turns he finds intrigue and deception. Even from those he trusts the most.

The author is giving away a tote bag filled with swag and goodies… Valued at over $150! Includes a t-shirt, a copy of the book, an amazon gift card, an iTunes gift card, vampire themed pins and knick knacks.

Follow the tour and enter the giveaway at:

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