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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 157 comments Template provided by Safia. Please note that you are not create a supernatural, mutant, or being other than a normal human being.





Clique:(popular, nerd, jock)



Appearance (you may use a picture, but have to describe)

Skin Tone:





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Morgan (Morg) Evan Trump redo:

Name: Evan Trump

Age: 15

Grade: 9

Gender: Male

Category: Jock


(looks like a young alex pettyfer)

Blonde hair worn in a faux hawk and soft brown eyes. He usually wears straight black jeans, a plain white shirt, and a black leather jacket with red converse shoes.

Personality: he's nice and caring and would do everything for anyone if he had to. Sure he is a jock, but he much rather hang out with the bookworms because they shre more interests. Plus, jock can be such jerks.

History: He's lived in this town all his life and has always attended this school. His father and mother are happily married and he has a little sister. He didn't like her at first but now they've grown up as best friends.

Family: Father- John Trump
Mother- Claire Trump
Sister: Marie Trump (3 yrs old)

Crush: Laya

Gf: none yet

Other: He plays guitar and sings. His family is pretty rich but he never shows it. His interests are music, singing, guitar, and of course.......Star Wars. He's somewhat of a nerd on the subject.

Pet: black Great Dane named Tak

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Crystal (wisegirlonfire) ♠TDude567♠ ☞ Anime Assassin ☜ wrote: "Add more to History and Personality..."

She made him once and it was approved. He doesn't need to be approved again

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Liliana | 7 comments Name: Thorne Michaels

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: Senior

Clique: Popular/Jock

Personality: Thorne is outgoing and funny, pretty much the cool kid on the block. He is a bit of an ass, but is kind once you get to know him better. He secretly is a nerd but would die if anyone at his school found out. Thorne is smart enough to be acing all his classes but doesn't try very hard. He is liked by everyone, especially girls.

History: You wouldn't know it from meeting him, but he has a pretty tragic history. His mom died from cancer when he was five and his father was always distant. He grew up taking care of his baby sister and being taken care of by a nanny. His dad has a young wife who really bothers him. His family is very wealthy.

Appearance (you may use a picture, but have to describe)
[image error]

Eyes: Light blue/gray
Hair: Dark brown almost black
Skin Tone: tan
Weight: 160, all muscle
Height: 5'10

Mother- Alice Michaels nee Nells, Deceased
Father- Jack Michaels, 45
Sister- Miranda Michaels, 13
Step mother- Reina Michaels nee Nightshade, 25

BF/GF: Bachelor

Crush: Thorne isn't a crushy kind of guy. The girls come to him.

Other: He has a tattoo of a phoenix on his lower back.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Name: Tyler Van Buren


Gender: Male

Grade: 11

Clique: Jock, Rich

Personality: He is racist, a hypocrite, an immoral cheater, a short-tempered brute and misogynistic. Tyler ideals are s apart of an old and out dated sort of world that is being swamped all-round the edges by a new and better society. That is the reason why he is acting so tough and also why he hates Justin Gase so much, it is because he is afraid, afraid that the world that he knows and all the old-fashioned values of love, wealth and masculinity will come crashing down on him.

History: He was born into one of Americas most wealthy families and was given an easy time through out his life. Coming to the high school he easily becoming one of the best sport stars of its history, especially in polo. Finally his father passed away and he inherited millions and soon started dating Lily who was truly the golden girl of his high school but in the end Van Burn just wants his life exactly the way he wishes to be.


Eyes: Steel Gray
Hair: Jet Black
Skin Tone: Average
Weight: 200

Height: 6'2

Family: His Father and his Mother

BF/GF: Lily Bauergurad

Crush: Mimi Adams

Other: Plays football, and polo, is cheating on Lily with Mimi

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Oh then never mind Approved

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) Name: Justin Gable

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: Sophomore

Category: Popular, Rich kid, Extermlly mysterious

Personality: Slick with everyone he comes across, very posh and excellent with his mannerisms, very mysterious and is often seen but never talks to many people, hopeful everything will work out for the best and latches on to the hope more then anything.

History: Was born dirt poor to two farmers in Oklahoma named Issac and Fran Gable. He hated his life an knew he was meant for so much more, so when he was 15 he ran away from home and managed to find a job as a shoe shine in New York City, during one night a rich man came stumbling out bar drunk as ever as and was assaulted and almost killed him until Justin fought the robber and scared him off. Grateful for him, Mr Baxter decided to adopt him, teaching him how to act rich and behave. Finally when Baxter passed away Justin inhearted everything and from there goes to Highschool.


Eyes:Light Blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skin Tone:Slightly Bronze
Weight: 150
Height: 6'0

Family:His Father- Issac Gable, His Mother- Fran Gable

BF/GF: None

Crush: Lily Beauregard

Other: Tons of rumors circulate about him daily

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Beastly | 299 comments Name: Darrion Hyde
Nickname: Darry

Age: 19

Gender: male

Grade: 12th

Clique:emos,Band geeks, Musicians, Players

Personality: Darry is emo(do not judge him). Darry is a nice friend if he thinks he can trust you. Darri is a big flirt and a player even though he is emo. Darry rarely Lets people see the real him Normally of his stone cold and kinda a jerk. But if you get past the walls his stone cold heart, Youll find a nice caring and very friendly guy. Do to the fact that darry was often bullied alot he is very hard on people and rarely trusts people. He only trusts one person named Freak so far. Darry is alot like the ultimate drum player, He is very connected with music

History: Darry lived with his parents like any teen. One day him and his parents got in a huge fight, And his parents kicked him out of the house for good. Darry had no-one so he found out were his cousin freak lived. He packed up his things and moved in with freak. Freak let darry live with him. Darry attends Freaks school and plays in Freaks band.


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Skin Tone: Normal human skin tone known as white
Weight: 122 pounds
Height: 6'9

Family: dragonlilly hyde(mother). Jackson hyde(father). James hyde(6 month old brother)

BF/GF: none yet

Crush: none yet

Other: Owns a professional drum kit
Also owns a a dirt bike

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Dudewheresthepie (supernaturalboitch) | 3 comments

Name: Ashton"Ash" Komo
Age: 18
Grade: 12
Clique: Jock

Is the nicest, and sweetest guy you will ever met. He strongly enjoys the company of other people. He is a huge flirt, and can’t even tell he is doing it. He is kind, respectful and a true gentlemen. He is down right charming. Though, you wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. He has a very short temper. He tries his hardest to kept that side hidden from people.Unless you get on is bad side. He has a very short temper, and will almost pick a fight about anything.

(view spoiler)


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Skin Tone:Olive
Weight:140 pounds
(view spoiler)

He's known Reese ever since they were born. His mother pasted away ever since when he was younger. Now his father gets a bunch of younger women who just want him for his money. They think they can just treat him like crap. Once his mother died, his father started drinking more, and more often. His father started to become very abusive towards Ashton. He spends most nights that Reese’s because he can’t stand to be home.

(view spoiler)

Frank Komo - Father
Ashley Komo - Mother
Weakness: Anger Issues

Face Claim: Diego Barrueco
((Post Reese Once Female Topic is reopened till then... Kinda lazy might add more detail later))

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Ken (kensamcampo)

Name: Steven Tyrannus Baldonado

Nickname: Steven

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade: Junior/11

Clique: Jock/Artist

Personality: Steven is sweet kind sometime has a bad temper, He loves art and photography and motorcycles which Him and his dad both build together.

History: Steven was born to Elizabeth and Carl Baldonado, who are both deaf. He inherited their disabilities, and grew up mostly with deaf people. He spent his time with fellow deaf person, Yuri Vasquez, whom he developed a crush on at an early age, but once he started dating Lana, Steven knew Yuri had bad timing and they could never be together. Out of frustration at Lana for getting involved in his custody affair, Steven made a mistake. He slept with Tony's girlfriend and Lana's childhood enemy, Crystal Belladonna. Last month, Lana tried to run away to Mexico with one of her street artist friends, Zarah, but Lana's legal father, Henry, tracked his legal daughter and Steven was the one who figured out that Lana had been planning to leave. He told Lana's legal parents and that was when Henry went to follow Lana. Steven came with to go find Lana. When he found Lana, Steven told her in sign language, I will always come find you. Steven has been trying now for the past few weeks to get Lana back, to see if she will completely forgive him.


Steven is hot. He has redish-blonde hair and blue eyes. He is 5 ft 11 inches in height and 156 lbs in weight. He has a white skin tone. He looks a lot like his father and mother, but more so like his dad.

(view spoiler)

Elizabeth Ariel Baldonado, 50 years old*heterosexual*[DIVORCED, open for creation. Job:Guidence Counselor at the school]

Carl Mason Baldonado, 50 years old*heterosexual*[DIVORCED,open for creation. Girlfriend:Alice Conway]

BF/GF: None at this time

Crush: Lana Bay Kennish (ex-girlfriend. not over her. hearing.)

Theme Song: Not Over You by Mike Posner ft Eric Holljes

Other: Plays football and skateboards. takes great photos. did a street art for Lana's birthday and a street art timeline of his relationship with Lana. has a motorcycle he named Xenomorph, after one of the character in the movie Alien, which he loves that movie and it is his favorite. Lives with his dad. deaf and cannot speak. uses sign language to talk. can sign and eat at the same time.

His Motorcycle, Xenomorph:

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name:Jared England




Clique: Jock

Personality:If anyone could describe this guy in one word, it would be Douchebag. Yep, that is what Jared is. His whole life he was smart, kind, caring, well in the beginning he was. Now all he is just a jerk. He is athletic and he loves messing with others' street art.

History:Jared was able to help his sister get both him and herself emancipated from their parents when Ruby was 15. Since then Jared has been living in a trailer and screwing with other people's street art. He has also been allowing his little sister to do drugs, sex, and a lot of other things too. Jared does a lot of drinking, not of water, of alcohol.

Face Claim- Joel Courtney

Jared looks like a guy who is muscular. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He looks like someone who drinks a lot. He looks like the type of guy who will just let his sister do what she wants. Jared looks tough and he always wears black.

(view spoiler)

~Ruby~Little Sister



Other:drinks alcohol a lot

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Anthony Max Kennish

nickname: Tony

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: 12

Clique: Musical Group

Tony is the type of guy who is muscially talented. He loves singing and he is great at playing guitar. He is outgoing and kind. He spends most of his time playing gigs with his band. He used to love making Lana bring him a lot of things, like chips and other types of food when he was younger. He quit baseball to start doing music.

History: Tony was not switched at birth. He is the eldest child of Katalina and Henry Kennish. Tony was a baseball player, until he quit. He quit to start playing music. He has always loved music. He even started his own band with a couple of his pals. As a child, he made Lana bring him and his pals bowls of cookies, chips, anything they needed.

Face Claim-Lucas Gabreel

Tony has bright blue eyes and dirty-blonde hair. He has a nice white skin tone. He is 6 ft tall and he weighs 196 lbs. He mainly wears blues, greens, browns. He also wears musically related shirts.

(view spoiler)

Kennish, Lana[legal sister]

Vasquez, Yuri[biological sister]

Tambylyn-Dixon, Caroline[maternal grandmother]

Vasquez, Adrianna [legal sister's biological grandmom]

Sorrento, Aaron [legal sister's biological dad]

Kennish, Katalina [mom]

Kennish, Henry [dad]

Vasquez, Regina [legal sister's biological mom]



Other:has a band that he is in with some of his high school pals.

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H :) | 421 comments Redo of Alex Hathaway

Name: Alex Hathaway

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade: 11

Category: Pretty popular

Personality: Alex is easygoing, funny and sarcastic. He gets along pretty well with most people, and is confident and outgoing. He is athletic and pretty smart, although he doesn't try all that hard in class, and kind of clueless when it comes to girls... He is madly loyal, though.

History: Alex lives with his mother, father and younger brother, and has done so since he was born. He also has an older sister, who is in her last year of college. His family is pretty average. He has also lived in the same place for most of his life, and has been on vacation abroad a couple times. He is a little bored stranded in the same place forever, though, and doesn't plan on staying when he graduates.

He is popular, but he isn't idiotic, unlike some of the other guys. He gets good grades, despite messing around in class and doesn't do rash or dangerous things.

Appearance: Alex has brown hair and blue-green eyes. He is tall and athletically built, tanned and muscular. He has a sarcastic, troublemaker smile that makes teachers nervous.

Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Brown
Skin Tone: Tan
Weight: 132 pounds or 60kg (sorry, idk if this is realistic :P lol)
Height: 6 ft 2"


Simon Hathaway: Age 14 (brother)

Alissa Hathaway: Age 21 (sister)

Lilly Hathaway (mother)

Mark Hathaway (father)

BF/GF: Athena

Crush: Athena

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H :) | 421 comments Redo of Simon Hathaway

Name: Simon Hathaway

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Grade: 9th

Category: Kinda a popular... (His brother is a pretty popular 11th grader, so Simon is well respected)

Personality: Less confident than his older brother, but similarly sarcastic, funny and easygoing. Simon doesn't call unnecessary attention to himself, but he isn't what you'd call shy. He has a lot of friends, and makes friends easily. He's smart, but not a nerd, and generally doesn't stand out too much.

History: Simon grew up with his family in a pretty ordinary house, living a pretty ordinary life. Simon has many interests, largely involving sports, and is pretty competitive after growing up with an older brother who's better at everything than him.

Appearance: Simon is tall and athletically built, and looks like a younger version of his brother, Alex. Simon has the same brown hair and green eyes, but his hair is curlier and his eyes darker.

Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Skin Tone: Tanned
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 5 ft 10"


Alex Hathaway: Age 17 (brother)

Alissa Hathaway: Age 21 (sister)

Lilly Hathaway (mother)

Mark Hathaway (father)

BF/GF: None

Crush: None...yet...

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Day (yes2danny) | 138 comments Name:Danny Keller

Gender: Male

Grade: Senior

Age: 18

Clique:athletic guy that keeps to himself.

Appearance: ( http://www.gentlemansgazette.com/wp-c... )
Personality:Danny is witty, smart, and quick on his feet. He's almost overly intelligent, but he has a mild temper that can be crossed if you know the right buttons to push.
He's rather polite, and acts like a gentlemen around girls. He picks his friends with care, and can tell a loyal soul from a bad one.
Family::Danny was born in Wells,England but raised Traveling the Worlds with his Older Brother.His parents used to work as Operatives for the CIA and were killed in combat in a rescue mission. His brother Tyler raised him after that.Danny was 10 and Tyler was 19 At the time.Tyler justs took over when it happened and it was hard for Danny to amke friends after that.Tyler had worked for the CIA too but in a diffrent Department.He was a Deplomat That traveled and moved often,Because of that Danny was home schooled till his High School.Tyler tought Danny How to defend him self and how to react to terrist atttacks by teaching him how to use guns.Danny was never really that social he likes working out and adventering.
Skin Tone:Light but still brownish

BF/GF: None

Crush: None...yet...

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Ketisha | 107 comments Name: zack sheridon

Age: 16

Grade: senior (Been moved up a year, cause he's smart)

Clique: popular, athletic

Appearence: http://cuuteguuys.tumblr.com/page/2

History: mother was killed and buried in their own house, his younger brother was kidnapped the same day, he's sister has problem which he prefers to keep in to him self and he's got bad medical injures

Spencer-older brother
Kat-twin sister
Linda-dead mother
Tony-little kidnapped brother

Personality: flirty, out going, smart, loves being centre of attention, loves his iPhone and loves his sister more then ANYTHING else in the world, his quite, shy, party animal and his kinda quite around his sisters friends

Eyes: deep blue
Hair: natural blonde, dyed it black (wavy and long)
Deep sun tan
Weight: 170
Height: 6,5
Others: secretly loves poetry and reading

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Ketisha | 107 comments Crush: none
Gf: none

Relationship status : just got out of a bad relationship

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H :) | 421 comments Name: Jason Tyler

Nickname: Jayce

Grade: 11

Age: 17

Clique: Popular, Jock

Hair: Golden/brown, sort of very dark blonde
Eyes: Deep blue
Skin tone: Golden Tanned
Height: 6 ft 1"
Weight: 65 kg

Personality: Tough, rough and sarcastic. Jason is confident and popular, but no one seems to know very much about him or his past. He isn't exactly mean, but he is incredibly sarcastic, sharp-tongued and has a slightly cruel sense of humour. Jason can always lighten the tension...or darken it if he is in a bad mood. He doesn't take trash from anyone, and will get physical or violent if someone continues to insult him. Jayce is smart, but doesn't try, a talented violinist (to his vague embarrassment) but doesn't practice. His teachers and parents don't know what to do with him, so mostly leave him alone. It's for the best, they think. The kid has had a difficult life...


Mother: Jenna Taylor (Alive)

Father: Thomas Taylor (Alive)

Sister: Thalia Taylor (Alive, severe lung cancer) Age 13

History: Jayce moved here after Silaena was diagnosed with cancer. His parents wanted to move her from the busy city into a calmer, more breathable atmosphere. Jason has been slightly depressed ever since. Sure, he made new friends. The school is fine, his house is good, Silaena is doing well. But he is scared to care about her anymore, for fear that he'll lose her, and be torn apart. No one at school knows about his sister, and he wants to keep it that way. He fewer people who know, the fewer people who feel sorry for him. He doesn't want that. He doesn't want people to treat him--or Silaena--like they're different. He generally shuts himself out a little bit. He remains normal, funnel even. But he doesn't talk much about himself, about his past, about his family...

Crush: None

Relationship status: Single

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 157 comments Jayce | approved

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Nickole Rose (Emobarbie22) | 86 comments Name: Damien Oran Snow

Age: 18

Gender: male


Clique:(popular, nerd, jock) popular, jock

Personality: he is very himself. he doesn't fake or anything basically he's loud, daring, a flirt (unless taken then he's very committed)he is really smart but not to the point of a nerd he is very hyperactive and he is extremely passionate.

History: He comes from a pretty decent home, had basically anything a guy would want except for one thing... freedom. he wanted his freedom so bad he tried everything to get it the finally he enrolled here guaranteeing his freedom.

Appearance (you may use a picture, but have to describe)

Eyes: icy blue
Hair: snow white
Skin Tone: olive complexion
Weight: 210 (most muscle)

Family: one sister Raven

BF/GF: none


Other: he loves video games, and riding skateboards

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Matt Jones | 6 comments Name: Every girls dream... Or Matt Haterson Jr. (Call me junior. I dare you.
-pulls a gun out-)


Gender: male

Grade: 10

Clique:Popular, musician, and definitely a class clown.

Personality: funny, sweet, music lover, and I don't know what to say. (Derp)

History:Can I just improvise? I'm bad at writing the history.

Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Skin Tone: tan
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 6'3

Family: dad: Matthew Haterson
Mom: Marisa Haterson
Sister: Mary Haterson
(See our theme?)

BF/GF: single and ready to mingle!

Crush: none

Other: HOLAH!

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Crystal (wisegirlonfire) However, I feel as if his personality is a report for school. And what IS whatever you are describing. Keep that in mind for future reference

message 33: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) The ISFJ. What is that thing/person besides personality

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 157 comments No one would understand that if you just left it like that. Please outline those traits and replace the acronym with Sean's name.

message 35: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (wisegirlonfire) did you replace the acronym with his name?

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Ken (kensamcampo) Onlyyoumakemewhole wrote: "that is explaining his personality type? I thought yall liked realistic stuff? That's a genuine personality type , I took a real personality Quiz."
everything is accurate for the definition of the letters but I is not introversion it is introvert. you also misspelled guardian

message 37: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 157 comments Realistic is what we wanted, but it might be confusing if the acronym is there rather than his name. Just replace the acronym with his name, as I'd asked before.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 157 comments Then change it to make sense, please.

message 40: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 157 comments Please don't be disrespectful towards others. Most people type up their character personalities rather than copy and paste from the results of a quiz.

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Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Onlyyoumakemewhole wrote: ":( no thanks just delete it I forget most people on here have the understanding of a sixth grader."

We dont. You just need to explain and if willing except correction. And I agree with what Fiendish Delights said.

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Crystal (wisegirlonfire) plus, you never fixed the guardian so please stop saying you do stuff when you dont

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Granger Danger | 192 comments Name: Cody Heisting

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: Senior

Clique:(popular, nerd, jock): popular

Personality: Cody is a care free fun loving guy. He loves having a good time and having a laugh. He is calm and cool about things and doesn’t stress. He is a generous person and is up for anything. He is a nice guy but since he started to date Summer he had become more stressed over things. He had become snappy and moody.

History: Cody is the oldest child in his family. Which means he has responsibility. He has always been pressured to work, work work. He hates how he can’t have free time for himself. His first girlfriend was when he was in seventh grade and his second in tenth then in his senior year (which is Summer). Lately his family have gotten really loud and there are always fighting and they expect him to do everything. On top of that, Summer gets really jealous and competitive with everyone it irritates him. He breaks up with her but when she comes back he feels bad and takes her back. He feels stressful and unable to give himself spare time. Cody was a relaxed person but Summer just brings him more stress. He wants to break up with her but she would keep coming back saying she can’t do it. He has done everything but it won’t work.


Eyes: brown
Hair: brown
Skin Tone: light olive skin
Weight: 67 kg
Height: 5’10

Family: mother, father, younger sister (12) and younger brother (14)

BF/GF: Summer Parkinson

Crush: none yet ...

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Ken (kensamcampo) Name: Carlos Daniel Sanchez Tapia

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Grade: Freshman

Clique: jock

Personality: Carlos is kind and caring, while he is also protective and outgoing. He loves taking pictures and playing football.

History: Carlos was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He moved to the United States of America when he was 3. He has no older siblings so there is nobody he can really talk to, except for a few older people that he actually thinks of as "siblings" at school. Carlos spends most of his time around the seniors, including his closest friends that are seniors and his friends who are the same grade as him. He spends most of his time playing football. He spends a lot of time around the Turkovic sisters though. He began dating Lenina in 6th grade and ever since then they've been together, but Lenina has been getting bored of the relationship lately and she doesn't know if it will work out for much longer.


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin Tone: White
Weight: 100 lbs
Height: 5'1

Claudia Tapia (Mother, 50); Spanish Teacher and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Enrique Sanchez (Father, 50); Lit/Writing Teacher. Fluent in Spanish and English.

BF/GF: Lenina Turkovic (girlfriend, 14. cheerleader. twin sister of Merima. younger sister of Estra.)

Crush: Lenina

Other: Fluent in Spanish, but speaks English as well. Mexican.

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Name: Max Weather

Age: 16



Clique:(popular, nerd, jock) popular, emo,musicians, stoner boys

Personality: max is loving and caring, and will fight for those he loves, but is kind of silent

History: Max was born in a small town in Britain and moved to united states when he was 13. He has no siblings and lives with foster parents because his parents died when he was 3. his foster parents abuse him, and that's why he started smoking

Appearance (you may use a picture, but have to describe)
Eyes: blue
Hair: black
Skin Tone: white

Family: Foster parents: Mia North(foster mom) -

mike north((foster dad))-

BF/GF: single

Crush: none yet

Other: has a British accent and has a tattoo, also smokes

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message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Quinn Cushing

Age: 17

Gender: male

Grade: 12

Clique: Nerd Jock ( Weird right )

Will is a fun guy! He jokes around a lot, and is a bit of a rebel. He will do literally anything, as long as he is with people he likes. He is super smart, and hardly ever fails tests. He is dramatic, only when he wants to be, and is kind of shy around someone he like likes. He is protective over his family and friends, and will do anything and everything he is asked to do....if he likes what he is asked. He pulls pranks regularly on his friends, and they all have a good laugh about it.

Quinn had a bad background, his Dad going to jail frequently for drugs, stealing and drunk driving. he would come home late with many other women. He and his mother soon couldn't bear this and ran away with Quinn. They moved to Gaven, where his mother forced him to play football to get away from the bad kids. He became better and better. One dream is to play with the Oregon Ducks one day.


Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Curly
Skin Tone: Tan
Weight: 176 lbs
Height: 6 ft

Mom: Alive 39

BF/GF: None

Crush: None


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