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Would you like to do the second idea?

A romance RP between a girl and the Devil, only this is more of a werewolf horror story. The Devil loves turning himself into a hideous werewolf at will, and turning back into his equally hideous, devilish self at will. The girl ends up running into him (whether he's in werewolf form or his devilish form), and she finds out that not only is he a werewolf, but also the Devil as well. Of course, they end up falling in love as time goes on.

I'd like to play the Devil.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Sure ^^. So character templates? How detailed would you like them to be?

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My charrie's already very detailed, but you can pick and choose whether you want your charrie to be detailed or more simple.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Alright. I'll work on her now- any certain specifics you want me to have- ex: age, appearance, etc.

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((It doesn't matter.))

Name: His name is Shetan, and he is known as Shetan, but his full name is Shetan Seth Callaway.
Nicknames: The Undertaker, Big Evil, Great One, The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, The Demon from Death Valley, The Dead One, The Beast, The Demonic Powerhouse, and possibly a few more. But his servants and followers call him "Your Majesty," "King," "My Lord," and "Master."

Age: His age is unknown. He has been around forever, so he would be immortal. But if you were to ask him exactly how old he was, he would tell you specifically.

Gender: Male.

Birthday: December 13.

Species: Shetan is a demon, the Devil himself.

History: His history would be a lot to go through, but it is also unknown, at least for now.

Homeland: The Underworld, also known as Death Valley.

Personality: There are many aspects of Shetan’s personality. He has two sides: his good side and his bad side.

His bad side

Shetan shows his bad side towards his enemies and anyone else he doesn’t like in particular.


"Come closer, and I’ll make you wish you didn’t. I dare you!"

The first thing you will be able to sense about Shetan is that he is the most evil creature you will ever imagine. He is not afraid to do the vilest thing he could ever do. Just by looking at his appearance, you will be able to see the evil. When his presence is near, you will sense it and feel it. Not to mention, he can go into a terrible, uncontrollable rage when angered. His rage is like the rage of Zeus and the rage of a twisted, rabid, wild beast combined together. Then you should never mess with him, if you can get away in time. Messing with him when he’s in a rage is an instant death sentence.


"I just love the wonderfully gloomy weather. When the rain, the tornados, the hurricanes, and the earthquakes come, I am at peace."

It’s quite simple. Shetan is simply eerie in the way he carries himself many times.


"I am a creature of the night, the thing that goes bump in the night, your worst nightmare. You have every right to be afraid of the darkness, not just the things that are in the darkness...What’s that?...Why? Because I am the darkness."

Being evil and eerie, it would be rather strange if Shetan wasn’t dark as well. His mind and heart are as black as his body.


"No! Get those scissors away from me! Don’t cut off my hair...please. My wonderful, thick, wavy, black hair...a monster’s mane. If you take my hair away from me, I will become ashamed, for my hair is my glory."

Shetan is naturally animalistic because of what he is, and he is quite uncivilized, usually going around with no shirt on.


"I delight in the screams of pain from my victims and prey. It is like music to my ears. I know, I am a psychotic, hideous, wicked monster…a beast with a twisted, disturbed, and demented mind. And I’m proud of it. Thank you for that wonderful compliment." *The deep, wicked, evil cackles start.*

Being the vile monster he is, Shetan is naturally twisted. He loves to torture his victims and prey at his leisure before killing them and/or eating them.


"You will see. Oh, yes, you will see."

Shetan is very mysterious. It is very difficult to tell what runs through his mind.


"Yes, I do like you...because you are going to taste good when I eat you."

You never know what side of Shetan you will see. He can be harmless one moment and then turn on you the next. This will never happen if you are his best friend, however. Because he is so mysterious, you can never know what he is going to do unless he tells you (such as if he was going to play a prank on someone, for example). He can also be quiet one minute and talkative the next.

His good side

Shetan will show his good side if you are a child (for he is fond of children), and if you are his friend or if he knows you will not be a threat.

Kindness, Gentleness, and Love

"Your love and affection to me touches me deeply. Thank you...I-I love you so much."

Shetan will be kind and gentle and loving towards the ones he cares for. You would end up loving him to death once you discover his good side. He is also quite affectionate if you were to hug him or show him some sort of affection in any way. He responds very well to gentleness and care and is quick to return it. He is the type who would just take you into his arms and give you loving kisses and huge, affectionate hugs that are endless. He also has a rare, sensitive side to him where if you just love him up and shower him with affection, he will feel deeply touched by it. And if you actually succeed in loving him up to the point where he breaks down and cries, then you would deserve a million dollars, for seeing Shetan actually cry as a result of affection is even more rare.


"You poor thing, come to me. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere. It‘s all right. Just let it all out."

If you’re sad or hurt or frightened in any way, Shetan is there. He is quick to comfort and is willing to be the shoulder to cry on. He can change from being the nightmare to the one comforting you from a nightmare. He is a creature that will immediately take you into his arms the moment he hears a pitiful, heart-wrenching sob. He is one who can hold you and comfort you forever. He never tires of it.


"I don’t care. I’m a monster. Monsters are tough and brave. I’m not scared. Just stay close to me. The monster will protect you."

Shetan is extremely and fiercely protective. He is like a guard, watching over you and protecting you. There are moments when he can get a little too overprotective, but that is not often. Once Shetan cares for you, you could never be in safer hands. It is truly bliss and a huge relief when you have this frightening, strong, nightmarish monster on your side instead of as your enemy.


"I am honored to die for you. It’s better this way. It makes me happy. Things will be much better for you if I pass on. I love you. Don’t cry. Be comforted to know that I will return. After all, I can’t stay dead forever. You can’t kill what’s already dead."

Once Shetan cares for you, that is it. He is not one to betray his friends. He will be loyal to the very end, and he will not hesitate to die for you if you are in danger.


"I’m not trying to be funny. I’m dead serious about this!"

*Sighs* "Well, guys, guess what...I got lost in my own mansion again. Yeah, yeah, it’s embarrassing." *Sighs again* "Ugh! How embarrassing that is! Wait...what’s that? I got lost because I was half asleep! And it was all your fault! Oh, yes, it was! Yeah! There I am in my bed trying to rest in peace and enjoy a wonderful, deep sleep, and then you come along and nearly push me off the bed, hoping that’ll wake me up! No, no, I wasn’t snoring! If I was snoring, then the house would have collapsed. After all, YOU were the one who said that every time I snore, I cause an earthquake! Was that why you woke me up, you little brat? Because I was snoring? I’m gonna kill you. You’re supposed to be my good, little minion and serve me, not some obnoxious relative! Anyway...uh...where was I? Oh, yeah. It’s because of YOU and you alone that I keep getting lost in my own house like that! I know every part of this mansion I created with my own hands...the tunnels, the hallways, the rooms, the staircases, the torture chambers, the tower...I know it all like the back of my hand. And then I end up losing my mind all because I didn’t get any sleep! You know, you remind me of some neighbor I once had, that real stupid nut that would always wake me up in various ways. Yeah. That was Junior...

And then there was another one that always drove me nuts...named Hoagie..."

Once you get to know him well, Shetan becomes a total clown. He loves playing pranks on people, and he gets a charge out of their reactions. He has such a great sense of humor that many times he will say something hilarious, but he will be dead serious about it, and he won’t even know he’s being funny. But Shetan knows he’s a clown and sometimes ends up making himself laugh. Sometimes, he gets so silly that he ends up snickering and laughing for absolutely no reason at all. Not to mention, he has some clumsiness and can add some extra comic relief with that. He is one who absolutely loves it when people laugh at him and make fun of him. So Shetan has a fun side that will make a person want to be around him more, if they’re bold.

Appearance: Shetan is not made out of flesh and blood. He is made out of fire, black lava, to be precise. He has long, wavy, black hair, which drops down to his waist, and clawed hands, and all of his teeth are sharp and pointy. He has huge, black dragon wings and devilish, black horns that he can reveal or conceal at will. His eyes are fiery red, one of the most horribly frightening things about him. He has an incredibly huge body, a 600-pound mass of muscle and body fat. He is seven feet and four inches tall, a giant of a monster. His shoulders are broad, his arms huge and muscular, his chest wide and broad, and his stomach large and round, showing how incredibly strong he is. He is so strong that he can literally break metal. His appearance and strength is awesome and frightening. Coupled with his evil thoughts and actions, Shetan is truly your worst nightmare.

Shetan is the Devil on the far bottom left of the picture below.

Other: Shetan has no pulse, but very strangely, he has a heartbeat. He also lives in a haunted mansion, an eerie, misty graveyard surrounding it.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Name: Alexandra Udinov
Alias: Alex (no last name)

Nationality: Russian. She barely speaks English around others, but when she does, she shows no signs of being Russian.

Age: 21

Birthdate: December 31st

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Straight)

Relationship Status: Open


Height: 5'0
Weight: 103 lbs
Build: Skinny and Short, has some serious muscle though but it isn't all that noticeable
Complexion: Tan
Eye Color: Light blue with a darker blue outer rim. Gold flecks dotted in the blue area.



Flirty: Alex is insanely flirty. She usually flirts a lot, but when someone in the room likes someone more than her: she will rack up the sedecution until they're wrapped around her little finger.

Short Tempered: Alex has a rather short fuse. Never, ever, will she give people the time of day. If she doesn't get the answer she wants... you better pray to god she doesn't take her anger out on you.

Observative: Alex is an observer: taking up details and information others don't seem to be able to notice.

Dangerous: Alex is a weapon. You don't want to be on her bad side. It will turn out badly for you. She used to be known for her ruthelesness, so don't ever expect her to show mercy. She knows how to use a lot of weapons, and has perfected her usage of most of them. Another thing she is skilled at is knowing all types of hand fighting.

Sassy: Alex in her exact words- "I get it. I'm a b*tch. I'm also sexy as hell". She is in fact, the b*tchiest b*tch you'll ever meet. Possibly the most sassy and rude person on the face of this planet.

Too Trusting: Alex is way to eager to trust. She does have some very serious trust issues though when it comes to men, considering she had been used multiple times before.

Sensitive: Alex is exactly what she tries not to be: emotional. Although she rarely shows it, she is deeply broken on the inside from her past. Many times you will see her biting her lip: something that she does to keep herself from breaking down.

- Nikolai- Father - Deceased
- Katara- Mother - Deceased
- Desiree- Adopted Sister - Alive
- Jason- Adoptive Brother - Unknown
- Tony- Step Father/Adopted Father - Unknown
- Nikita- Adopted Mother - Alive

Alex is the daughter of the late Russian mob boss, Nikolai Udinov. He was the owner of a billion-dollar oil company, whom Alex was the only heir to. He was also a man of great power, considering he was the head of a gang of around 250 members.
At a young Age Alex's parents were murdered. They were shot down by government soldiers and as a result, she was sold into sex slavery at very young age by her father's former friend, since he was afraid of retribution for hiding her.

To keep her from fighting against them, the slavers kept Alex with them by keeping her high and eventually forcing her to become a drug addict. For a few years, she had no choice but to stay with them to get her next fix.
Nikita later found and rescued her, as she tried years before, and forces her to become clean, but much to Alex's irritation.
Alex brings this up once to Desiree, saying that the slavers "had the decency to keep her high" as they held her captive, comparing this to many other things she was put through.
After Nikita succeeds in helping Alex past the worst part of her addiction, she left her to fend for herself. She went from house to house, never having enough money for the next fix.
She was illegally smuggled into America on a shipping container with a load of other young females who were also 'working' for the sex slavers.

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Cool. Would you like to start?

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments You can do the first post if you want. I just need to let my dog out quickly.

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Shetan was in a forest, a deep, green, and yet dark forest. The lush trees blocked out at least half of the sunlight, and only some sunlight appeared on the forest floor here and there. He was in his true form, being the Devil that he was. It was only a few hours ago that he had been a werewolf, one of those real hideous werewolves that stood on two legs and looked half human and half wolf. The breeze blew through his long, waist-length, thick, luxurious, shiny, wavy, black hair as he walked ominously, his red eyes looking around creepily. As the Devil, he never wore a shirt, due to his animalistic, uncivilized nature. He only wore pants and boots. As usual, his horns and large, gargoyle wings were out.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Alexandra's small house sat on the edge of the forest in a tiny neighborhood: all the houses were smaller than hers and the neighbors were just crazy. Alexandra shuddered slightly as she let her dog out. He was a small toy poodle named Prada, and she was convinced his bladder was the size of a peanut. Standing on the steps, she wrapped her skinny arms around her chest, the baggy sweater not doing much to help her from the cold. "Prada" she suddenly shouted as he took off, leaving Alex with a dillema: following him or just wait till he got home. She would have chosen the latter option but something just wasn't right tonight... she had had a horrible feeling since she woke up. Maybe it was because it was a full moon and she was a supernatural paranoid obsessive, or it could just be she was getting sick. Groaning in utter annoyance she ran off after the small dog, the short pajama shorts blowing against her thighs.

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The air grew colder as the wind started to pick up. And Shetan loved it. He growled in pleasure as he stopped and held his head up, letting the cold wind blow through his hair. He then looked around, his hair now in his face from the wind blowing it, growling low and deep and continuously in his throat. He sounded like a werewolf even in his true, devilish form.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments "Prada, god dammit. Where are you?" she was shivering and slowly walked into the forest, completely bare foot. This is a shitastic idea... yup, gonna freeze to death or get murdered by some creep she thought quietly rubbing her hands together in an an attempt to get warmer. It was times like these where she was somewhat glad she was from Russia: she was much more tolerant of cold weather. "Ты глупый пес! Почему ты не можешь просто остаться во дворе, а не попасть в беду?" she shouted in Russian.

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Shetan was about to move forward, but when he heard the faraway voice, he stopped dead in his tracks. His head whipped around to face the direction of where the voice came from, and his lips curled back to reveal his sharp teeth, snarling. It was a girl's voice, and interestingly, it was in Russian. Because Shetan knew any and all languages, he understood what this unknown girl was saying, and it appeared she was having a bad time with something.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments The small dog barked wildly, standing a few feet in front of Alexandra. "Shh... calm down boy" she whispered before lunging forward to grab him. The dog raced forward and Alex went tumbling into the ground with a scream. The once white sweater was now muddy and her legs were smudged with grass and dirt. Alex pushed herself up with a shudder and took off after Prada, annoyance filling her gaze.

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As Shetan kept growling and staring in the direction of where he heard the barking and shouting and screaming, he began to change into a werewolf again. Slowly his body of a demon changed into the body of a werewolf. His horns sunk into his head and disappeared, being replaced by wolf ears that rose up in their place. A wolf tail grew, and his wings disappeared into his back. Fur grew all over his body as his teeth and claws grew longer. His face became elongated and grew to a long snout, resulting in the head of a wolf. In werewolf form, he did not have pants and boots, but when he would change back to his true form, he would have his pants and boots again. Snarling, his head turned back over to where he heard the sounds that aroused him. He threw his head back and uttered a loud, long howl to the moon.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Alex shivered nervously hearing the howl but kept walking. Her eyes were glued shut, her being too nervous to open them. Her boot connected with a branch and she reached out to grab something, resulting in her grabbing onto something..... Hard. When she opened her eyes, she was leaning onto a small cliff face. "Prada" she breathed out in relief while running over to the small dog and scooping it up into her arms.

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As Shetan started walking through the forest, looking for this girl and her dog, he came upon the small cliff, standing on the top of it. And when he looked down, he saw the girl and her dog below him. He growled and snarled quietly. The dog would make a good meal, and especially, so would the girl.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Prada growled and barked before tearing himself from Alexandra's arms and ran off towards the house, tail between her legs. "Stupid dog" she hissed, suddenly hearing something. She really didn't want to look at where the noise came from... but she had to. Reluctantly she looked up to the direction of the noise and instantly, a scream tore itself from her plump lips. Alexandra scrambled backwards obviously terrified. Their was no way in hell this was a normal wolf: wolves weren't supposed to be huge and stand on two feet.

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Shetan's emotionless, cold, red eyes burned brightly with evil, never wavering or looking away from her as she screamed. He completely ignored the dog. He knew humans were a much more tasty treat. Shetan jumped off the cliff, landing down on all fours beside her, snarling. His fur bristled as he bared his teeth, before he slowly rose back to his feet and stared down at her in a more devilish way.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments "God" she muttered and took a step back, her hand flying to her hip, where she usually had a pocket knife. Except she was weaponless. The one time I choose to be a normal person she thought quietly glancing around for an escape route. "S-so what are you? Some deformed dog? Or is this just a prank?" she challenged. Alex couldn't figure out if she believed this or not.

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Shetan snarled animalistically in response and stepped closer until he was inches away and horribly and dangerously close. He deliberately chose not to talk, but rather came close to show her he was no joke.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Alex sent a punch flying towards the animals muzzle in a vain attempt to get it to back off. Her hands were shaking with fear but she managed to somehow keep her face impassive of any emotions: if only her eyes could be just as impassive. Instead, they were filled with dread, fear, and... interest. It was weird being in the presence of this beast, considering he looked like a werewolf. But werewolves weren't real.

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Now Shetan was enraged. He slapped his hand to her throat and started choking her. While he was choking her, he reached behind her with his other hand and scratched her back deeply with his claws.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Alex gasped and brought a knee up as a reaction to the pain. The knee connected with his jaw and she managed to escape his grip and fall to the ground. Holding onto the ground momentarily she then quickly pushed herself up, only to fall back down again.

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Shetan howled and then snarled from the pain. He walked towards her and started slashing at her body with his claws and snapping at her and biting her with his teeth.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments The world started spinning as she fell onto her side, her hand closing over a rock. She ignored the pain as best as she could as she slammed the rock into his head. Using the distraction she got to her feet and started staggering off towards her house. The pain was in bearable and blood was running from pretty much everywhere on her body. Grabbing onto trees and boulders was the only thing that kept her from falling down.

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Shetan let out a snarl, followed by a yelp, as he fell to the ground, unconscious. While he lay there, unconscious, he slowly changed back to himself again.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Alexandra didn't head anything so she turned to see what had happened. All she saw was the devil lying on the ground knocked out cold. "Oh my god. Did I kill.. It?" She whispered and bit her lip hard: debating whether or not to just leave him their. She was practically bleeding out and decided against dying so she quickly, or as quickly as a beat up women could go, made her way to her house and hobbled into her bedroom.

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Shetan was bleeding from a wound just above his forehead in the hair line. When he finally woke up, it was a few hours later. He opened his eyes and winced before slowly sitting up and groaning, holding his head. He reached up where it hurt the most, drawing his hand back to see black blood. He growled and stood up, despite the terrible pain, and walked back through the trees as though he wasn't hurt. He reached a small, old, abandoned cottage that he liked to visit in the middle of the woods. He entered in before finding the bed in a bedroom and collapsing onto his back on it. His eyes were full of pain as he winced and grimaced. He reached over, finding a little mirror on the dresser, and he looked at his wound in the mirror. It was bleeding a lot and dripping down his forehead. Shetan sighed and wiped off the blood.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Alexandra stripped the now bloody sweater and pajama shorts off, leaving her sticky, blood covered, skin completely exposed. Limping over to her full sized mirror, she assessed the wounds: many of them were minor, though their was one long on right under her chest that was rather deep. Too nervous to tell her parents or anyone else for that matter, she simply grabbed a hand towel and wet it down with warm water before cleaning up the cuts. The only one that gave her a problem was the deep one. Every time she tried to clean it, the pain would be too intense and after a few tries she gave up entirely.

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Shetan lay there in the bed for a while until he no longer felt dizzy. Then with a groan, he forced himself up, going into the bathroom to wipe off extra blood and stop the bleeding. When he was successful, he sighed and walked back into the bedroom before collapsing onto the bed again.

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Pulling a bandage over the large wound and smaller bandages over the still bad, but not super bad cut's. She winced and tapped the tattoo on her thigh as she walked over to her clothing drawers. Pulling on a white tank top and black leggings she then slowly settled under the blankets on her bed. Alexandra couldn't help but think about the earlier events: what had attacked her? Why had it attacked her? She had many more questions but wasn't sure she would ever get the chance- or want the chance - to ask them. Eventually she fell asleep only to have fitfull nightmares.

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Shetan eventually fell asleep, to his great relief, with the thoughts of that girl still lingering in his mind to the point where he dreamed of attacking her again and doing horrible things to her. He smiled cruelly in his sleep.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments ((time lapse to morning?))

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments In the morning, Alexandra awoke with an ear splitting scream of pain. Gripping onto the sheets she pushed herself to her feet and rolled her top up to check out the wound. Alex reluctantly peeked behind the bandage and immediately turned pale: the cut had gotten worse, blood and dirt covered the wound and she quickly covered it back up with the bandage before pulling her uggs on and walking outside. Prada was fast asleep by the front door, lying on her back with her paws scratching at the sky.

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Shetan ended up sleeping through most of the morning, waking up around eleven. He wasn't much of a morning creature, purely because of the fact that he liked to sleep in and be lazy until he no longer felt drowsy and sleepy. Whenever there were times he woke up in the morning, it would be because he felt good and awake enough. He groaned and stretched as his eyes opened, and he just lay there for a while, watching the sun stream in through the trees beautifully outside.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments After a few moments of standing around silently in pain, she walked outside, making sure to pull her sweatshirt on before leaving. "Be back Prada" she blew a kiss to the dog before shutting the door and slowly walking towards the forest. She didn't know why she was going back their. All Alexandra knew was that she needed to know if everything had really happened. Maybe she had just fallen?

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Soon Shetan got up and walked over to the window. As he stared out the window at the beautiful forest scenery, he slowly turned back into the werewolf again. Whenever he turned into the werewolf, it was a horribly scary sight. It was also an equally scary sight whenever he turned back into himself.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Climbing over twigs and rocks she winced with each movement. Alexandra wasn't used to this level of discomfort so it was hard not to show her pain. Frowning she reached the spot where she had been last night. Blood was splattered on the ground and a bloody rock was on the edge of a patch of sunlight. "So it really happened" she said quietly.

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Shetan did not go outside just yet. He stayed in the house, creeping around and snarling for no reason like any wolf or werewolf would. He ate some food he had smuggled into the house.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments "Hello?" she shouted lightly, her head ringing. The cut under her chest was just starting to hurt more and she was starting to feel sick. "Is anyone out here?" she called gently, coughing into her arm.

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Because Shetan and the house were a little bit far in the distance, Shetan couldn't hear her. The house had thick walls anyway. When he walked outside, he lay down on his side by the side of the house, a few feet away from it, his head resting on his hands. He liked relaxing in the forest. The cut on his head was still visible, but was starting to slowly heal.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Shrugging she kept on walking, un knowingly walking closer towards him. She lifted her shirt up and frowned at the bandage: blood stained the bandage and was starting to leak through it.The scratches had closed up and many of them had turned into bruises.

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Shetan had his eyes closed as he rested, little patches of sunlight shining down upon his black fur. He was pleasantly drowsy, but yet very much awake. He was unaware of her getting closer and closer.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Shaking her head she let her tank top fall back into place right as she ran into the house. She stopped in complete shock, going dead silent. Seeing the animal stretched out in the front her hands fluttered over her mouth as she kept herself from making any noise.

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Her scent came to his nostrils, and Shetan knew at once she was there. But he made no movement and only opened his red eyes just a sliver to see her before him, secretly watching her.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments Her hand shot out as she fell into the side of the house, the world spinning. Sweat covered her forehead and she was as pale as a sheet. "Aw great. So now i'm apparently dying" she whispered sarcastically. The blood had soaked through the bandage and to her tank top, blossoming into a large splotch of blood. She slid down the side of the house un able to keep herself up any longer.

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Shetan's head jerked up, his ears pricking up and simply watching her like a tame dog as she fell against the house near him. He got up, walking over to her, and picked her up, taking her into the house and setting her on the bed.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) | 1179 comments "Wh-what are you doing?" she slurred out and curled onto his side in pain. "What'd you even do to me?" she managed out.

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