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The Last Detective (Elvis Cole, #9)
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Kristin Tabaka | 15 comments OK, So I guess I'm going to start a discussion topic for this since I'm nearly halfway through the book already! there's 28 chapters so I figure 7 a week should be about right.

So here goes: The one thing that is bugging the hell out of me so far is what's up with that prequel bit about Pike in Alaska. So far we've barely met Pike and I want to know why the hell that is important and such. I feel like half the reason I keep reading is so I can figure that out. I'm also wondering if that short little two page dream thing before chapter one is either going to be foreshadowing about something with what is going to happen to Ben, or if the dream is connected back to whatever happened in Vietnam.

Otherwise I really like it so far. I like mystery novels and it's been a while since I've actually read one. I think the author is very good at being descriptive, and makes it easy to imagine the scene in my head. I also enjoy how with some of the characters he writes out their speech how it sounds, instead of how it's spelled. Not going to lie I keep picturing Mazi as the creepy voodoo witch doctor from the Princess and the Frog. And now I'm going to go back to reading because I need to know what happens.

Kerri (switch842) | 19 comments I'm so glad you're enjoying this! It's always nice when other people like a book you enjoy a great deal.

To answer a bit about the Alaska prologue without spoiling anything, there's sort of two things at play with that: 1) It's a continuation of the ending of the previous Elvis/Joe novel, LA Requiem. The injuries Pike is dealing with are what happened at the end of that book. 2) Crais has this story telling technique where he'll open with things like that where maybe the events themselves don't have much to do with what's going to come later in the book, but how those events impact the character and how the character responds will. So, it's not so much about Alaska, but more about Pike, which you will get to.

(If you like Pike and want to learn more about him, definitely pick up LA Requiem. Most of Crais' books are from the POV of Elvis with Pike as the sidekick. LA Requiem is Pike's story and it is super interesting.)

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