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message 1: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
A lot of people will differ on their answer to this question...
Do you believe in ghosts?
If so, why do you think that they exist?
Which of the supposedly true ghost stories interest you the most, and why?
Do you like any of the shows that feature ghost hunters?

One of my best friends is a ghost fanatic. She is completely obsessed with their stories, and absolutely loves uncovering new books about them. Having listened to her rattle on about them for the past 10 years, I have to say that believe they exist. However, I think that a lot of the stories are fake...

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) Absolutely. Some Christians don't believe in ghosts, but I don't see why it's incompatible. I know there are some hoaxes and fake stories but there are definitely some true ones. I love to watch the paranormal ghost shows on tv. I'm disappointed when they don't find anything.

message 3: by BK (new)

BK Blue (paradoxically) Yes. I believe that sometimes energy gets left behind. That's where ghosts, evp, etc come from. Also I have had a few encounters myself so it would be hard for me to say that I'm not at least open to the possibility. lol I believe at least half of the ghost stories you hear are either fake or exaggerated. People want to believe, so they make it true.

I like to watch ghost hunters when I find it on. They are open minded but cynical enough to test something out before they assume anything.

Right now I am only interested in what I call the "basement ghost", because whenever I am alone in the house I always hear loud movements from below, but I have went and checked before and didn't see anything. And it's always when I am alone. It's a little too loud to be normal house noises.

message 4: by BK (new)

BK Blue (paradoxically) Or of course I am just crazy, lol. :D

message 5: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
BonFire wrote: "Or of course I am just crazy, lol. :D"

LOL I'm sure you aren't nuts. :) If you, are that means that a lot of people I know are... I've know a few people who had ghost encounters, and they were believable. One of my best friends is obsessed with ghosts and frequently tells me ghost stories that she reads in books, that she believes are true. It's hard not to believe that at least some of them are true.

message 6: by Lauren (last edited Jul 13, 2009 06:05AM) (new)

Lauren | 244 comments BonFire wrote: "Or of course I am just crazy, lol. :D"

No not crazy unless i am too. I have those ghosts too when I am alone. at night i usaually sleep with the tv on so i don't hear them

Michelle (In Libris Veritas) (shadowrose) Yes I do believe in the energies left behind by individuals.

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) It makes sense that energy would be left behind. It's a very basic law of science that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Outside of religious beliefs, it makes no sense that there is no spiritual plane based on the laws of energy.

message 9: by Tricia (new)

Tricia Schneider (triciaschneider) | 18 comments I've been believing in ghosts since I was 2 years old!! I lived in my grandmother's house for many years and sooo much happened there that has me convinced. Having my great-grandmother dying in the living room might have something to do with it, too. And seeing my grandfather on the stairs AFTER he died, might have convinced me!

Also, I lived with my husband at his parent's house for about six years. His father died in the house, too. Locked doors opened by themselves (and there was no wind), I saw shadows moving where none should be and he liked to play with my suncatcher ornaments, always turning them over where I had laid them straight and no one else admitted to doing it. Sometimes there were cold spots, but I told myself there must be a draft. Some things, like the TV turning on by itself, I could explain as maybe a power surge, but I could go on with the stuff I had no answers for.

As for TV shows, I absolutely LOVE SciFi's GHOST HUNTERS. Jason and Grant have explained so much for me so that I feel I am not crazy. The book they wrote is really good, too. I started watching GHOST ADVENTURES and I'm liking that one, too. MOST HAUNTED I watch mainly for the laughs. That show is too ridiculous to take seriously.

I read any books on ghosts and some of the stories I write are inspired by the ghost stories I've heard/read over the years. Some might say I am obsessed with the topic!

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) If you're obsessed with ghosts, you're not alone, Tricia.

message 11: by BK (new)

BK Blue (paradoxically) Gatadelafuente (Danielle) wrote: "It makes sense that energy would be left behind. It's a very basic law of science that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Outside of religious beliefs, it makes no sense that there is no spirit..."

I LOVE YOU! lol Sorry, but that's exactly the way I see it. We are all basically made of energy. And energy never disappears, it just changes form.

Also, it explains the invisible thing the cat likes to play with. lol

message 12: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
BonFire wrote: "Gatadelafuente (Danielle) wrote: "It makes sense that energy would be left behind. It's a very basic law of science that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Outside of religious beliefs, it make..."

When I used to live with my father, my cat used to chase her "invisible friend". Thats what me and my Dad used to call it...

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) Cats can really freak you out sometimes, staring at nothing and getting excited at the phantom that they see that you can't. It's a little disarming at times.

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) BonFire wrote: "Gatadelafuente (Danielle) wrote: "It makes sense that energy would be left behind. It's a very basic law of science that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Outside of religious beliefs, it make..."

I guess I spend too much time thinking about stuff like this. Especially after my father died.

message 15: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
Gatadelafuente (Danielle) wrote: "BonFire wrote: "Gatadelafuente (Danielle) wrote: "It makes sense that energy would be left behind. It's a very basic law of science that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Outside of religious ..."

I think that its interesting. You don't spend too much time thinking about it! You can never spend TOO much time thinking, period! LOL

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) Well thinking is good, but I am way too much of a brooder, Joy. I am having a brooding week, in fact.

message 17: by BK (new)

BK Blue (paradoxically) I am sorry about your father. I understand the brooding thing, trust me. I am a classic over-thinker and analyzer.

Is that even a word? lol Well I just made it one!

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) It's a word now. Thanks, BonFire. It's been about six years, but it still hurts.

message 19: by BK (new)

BK Blue (paradoxically) No problem. I have lost loved ones close to me, so I know how it is. The saying "Time heals" is a lie. Time doesn't really heal anything, you just get used to the pain and move on because there isn't a choice.

Well that sounded more depressing than I intended, but I don't know any other way to say it. lol

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) I know what you mean. Time makes the pain less acute.

message 21: by Anne (new)

Anne When my mother died, a woman told me something that I've found to be true. She said that I would never really stop missing her, but that some day I would be able to remember her and smile. It was true. I remember her life now, and not just her death. It's also true that even though it's been 15 years, I still miss her.

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) That's really good advice, Anne. It's true, I think. I can tell stories about my father and laugh. He's always with me.

Jessica~CoinOperatedJoy | 82 comments I don't know if it's because I was raised in the south, GA, but everyone I grew up with believed in ghosts. My family, as most do, live on a piece of land that used to be part of a plantation that was burned down during the civil war. In Georgia the question wasn't, 'do you believe in ghosts' but rather, 'is the ghost in your house a peaceful spirit or an angry one?' Perhaps because I grew up believing ghosts are a natural part of life and death I'm not at all afraid of ghosts and I just think of them as a fact.

This may be laughable to many readers, but when I first moved to California and the subject came up at a party I was SHOCKED to hear that so many people don't believe in their existence. How small town was I?

message 24: by BK (new)

BK Blue (paradoxically) Lol I know what you mean. I used to live in Georgia up until a few months ago. Now that I think about it I don't really remember coming across anyone who didn't believe in them.

Jessica~CoinOperatedJoy | 82 comments BonFire wrote: "Lol I know what you mean. I used to live in Georgia up until a few months ago. Now that I think about it I don't really remember coming across anyone who didn't believe in them."

I don't doubt that for a second. I actually spoke to my mom about this last night and she laughed when I told her some people don't believe. Her exact words were, and I quote, "Yeah well, let's see those non-believers live in Savannah for a couple of months. They'll change their minds pretty quickly. They always do." Yeah, my mom can be very crytpic but then she's a southern lady and I find they're allll like that. Somehow, it didn't rub off on me which I am sad to admit. :(

"In 2002, the American Institute of Parapsychology named Savannah, “America’s Most Haunted City.”" Just sayin'...

message 26: by BK (new)

BK Blue (paradoxically) Lol. I believe it.

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) Jessica wrote: "I don't know if it's because I was raised in the south, GA, but everyone I grew up with believed in ghosts. My family, as most do, live on a piece of land that used to be part of a plantation that ..."

I think the places that are older and have a more dramatic history are likely to be haunted. Slavery was such a violent thing with a lot of suffering. I imagine most plantations are very haunted.

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) Wow, I didn't know Savannah was the most haunted city. I know there is a house in San Diego that is supposed to be the most haunted house in America. I never went in there. I'm more of an armchair parapsychologist. LOL.

message 29: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
I stayed at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, WI recently. It's supposed to be haunted, but nothing happened while I was there. :(

message 30: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Stroube | 2393 comments Mod
Has anyone heard that rumor about Michael Jacksons ghost?

I personally don't believe it, but I am curious to see what everyone else thinks. There is supposed to be a video that shows Jackson's ghost...?

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) No I hadn't heard that. How sad. I hope he would be at rest now.

message 32: by Yassemin (last edited Nov 21, 2009 02:06AM) (new)

Yassemin (yas666)
Thats the link. I watched the video when it came on my msn thing, its kinda freaky and it looks genuine but in this case Im not sure whether it is or not. You guys should check it out and give your opinion on it.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

I believe in the energy of ghosts too,tho I have never known anyone that has actually seen one,but yes
energy is left behind because it can never disappear-so where does it go-wish I knew.I do like Ghost Hunter shows and Ghost Whisperer and the others that are on Tv too.

message 34: by Arch (new)

Arch  | 867 comments I don't believe in ghosts.

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) The Ghost Lab show on Discovery Channel is very good. It comes on Tuesdays and Sunday nights. The guys are professional but they are believers. They were at a haunted building in San Antonio. It was very creepy. I changed the channel because it was bedtime and I can't watch that stuff at bedtime. :)

message 36: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 1184 comments I work in a building from the 1930's. It was originally constructed as the Women's Violent Ward of a State Hospital. There are staff who won't go to the medical records department at night because they've met one of our assortment of ghosts. What is now medical records used to be a patient care area. The Medical Records Ghost moves objects ... there used to be a binder that was kept on top of a filing cabinet that we would always find on the floor when we entered the records room. There are other ghosts in the building as well ... one in the ambulance crew quarters that you hear thrashing against what we believe was a "cold wrap." Before meds they used to wrap violent patients in cold sheets and wait for the patient to calm themselves. I've read descriptions of cold wraps and it's not as inhumane as it sounds. What's always interesting is that the ghosts only mess with staff, they don't bother the patients.

message 37: by Mawgojzeta (new)

Mawgojzeta My mother held seances in the house when I was a child with a group. I was allowed to participate.

Definitely believe.

message 38: by Dawn (new)

Dawn | 2 comments yes, I believe, the ghost shows on tv are pretty neat but you gotta wonder how much of that is real and how much is just tv

message 39: by Nichole (new)

Nichole (nichole_roberts) | 5 comments I believe in the paranormal, which I better being that I am a member of a paranormal group. So I have had personal experiences while on investigations. I think some of what you see on t.v. is real and some maybe a little exaggerated since they are selling a product so they have to keep bringing back people for ratings.

I believe spirts/ghosts are those who perhaps have unfinished business and not ready to move on or those who died suddenly, tragically or even violently who might not even realize they are not dead. Lots of different views and ideas. I love the stories of those out West, which I am having the opportunity to visit Tombstone this July. I live in a town where there is a lot of activity because of the history here and have had the chance to investigate many of the areas. Many are still here who have yet to move on.

message 40: by Kathy Anne (new)

Kathy Anne (kathyanne) Nicole,
I love ghost stories-the good ghosts.I even like the mean ones if I can`t get any other kind.They tell us that energy can`t leave the universe so I think anyones guess is as valid as anyone elses.
I guess its childish but I prefer to believe that someone that loved me a lot,especially as a child would still try to come around if they could.

message 41: by Nichole (new)

Nichole (nichole_roberts) | 5 comments Kathy Anne- thankfully I have heard more of the stories of anything bad so to say. I've experienced those in which there were those who just were not ready to leave the places which they were happiest during the life. Some maybe just don't know they can leave, I don't know as there have been some interesting places we have been that really don't make sense why they would still be around.

Being from Memphis, its agreed that Elvis is not here. Memphis is where he turned to drugs, alcohol and died miserable. So if he were still here, he'd be in his home in Tupelo.

message 42: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (star0107) | 188 comments well my grandmother and i have seen some weird stuff, some people in my family, like my mom are scared so when i see some weird stuff i usually tell my grandmother, i don't know if maybe im nuts but i beleive in it 'cause some stuff has happened to me. There was this time when i was sitting on my bed reading book and i heard footsteps so i got out of bed and it was like the room was cold there was nobody home but me so i freaked a little. I have had a door slam for no reason, saw some shadows, couldn't pay atention to what i was doing 'cause i alway saw something from the corner of my eye but when i turned to look it wasn't there, this kind of stuff freaks me out and im a little afraid of it.

message 43: by Nichole (new)

Nichole (nichole_roberts) | 5 comments Barbara - from what it sounds like you have experienced is just someone wanting you to take notice they are there. Doesn't really sound like something harmful or to be scared of. The unknown and those which you cannot see is scary but if it was something bad, it would have done something more physical. When you sense there is something there or its suddenly cold, try talking to it. Sounds strange I know - I had a hard time the first few times I tried talking to something that I could not see but you could sense they were there. Its amazing some of the results you can get by saying hello or letting them know you are not wild about a few things they do, like walking around while you are trying to read a book. Sounds really kooky I know but give it a try -you shouldn't be afraid.

message 44: by Steven (new)

Steven Belanger | 43 comments I believe in either the psychological ghosts (like something from Henry James) or the stuck-in-transition ghost, like Poltergeist or The Others. But I've never had any experiences with any kind. I don't know why.

Steven Belanger

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

OMg! Yes! Why wouldn't I? I have even had some encounters, but hear more than experience! There is this girl that I know who's mom totally believed in ghosts and she told her daughter that when she passed, she would always turn the light off in the living room to show Her that she was still there. It happens every night...!

message 46: by Mariam (new)

Mariam Benomar | 1 comments I think deep down everyone believes in the ghost or presence of some kind , as do I , I dont know why they exist, and I dont go looking for them, and I hope they dont come looking for me!!

message 47: by Linda (new)

Linda Boulanger (linda_boulanger) | 3 comments I'm thankful that I've never had any of them come looking for me either, but I have recently read a couple of really good books with Ghost/paranormal in them. One is Janet Evanovich's Full Bloom. As you would expect, it was humorous sprinkled with romance. Another was Andrew E. Kaufman's While The Savage Sleeps that combined paranormal with forensic and crime and was REALLY GOOD but definitely scary.

message 48: by John (new)

John Allen (johnpaulallen) | 33 comments I do.

message 49: by A. (new)

A. Rosaria | 28 comments I do believe there are Ghost, I'm not sure exactly what they are. I got my theories about them. I'm sure paranormal stuff are real and not fake, though doubt most things we see in the media are real.

How do I know it's real? Because I've experienced it and at times I'm still experiencing it, sometimes it freaks me out. That what is paranormal makes me more tense than dead itself. I'm a man that fears nothing, okay I fear heights but I'll still climb a steep hill/stairs despite my fear, but the paranormal gets to me. Ghost are the only thing that makes me move away from a certain area and actively thinking about them makes me more sensitive to that kind of thing. I've goosebumps right now and feel a pressure building on my shoulders.

From an early age I experienced and saw/heard things that defies what is normal. I didn't think much about it at that time, I felt much less unease then than now.

Some experiences I've had are the usual ones. Feeling your being watched, suddenly having it cold, feeling someone is near you while you are alone.

Other experiences are less common. I've once been pushed in my back, and when I turned around I saw no one, I didn't even hear anything. On more than one occasion I heard my name being called, a mere whisper to my ears, turning around I saw no one. The times I wasn't alone, on questioning if I was called I gotten a negative.

I've seen apparitions. Once waking up I saw a silhouette of a unknown man standing near my doorpost looking at me. Covering my eyes and looking back, he disappeared. Once waking up in a guestroom of my grandfathers house. One of the pictures(a long dead great aunt) lips were moving like talking to me.

There are more things I've seen and experienced, most were at the house I grew up in. Where I live now, I do sense things but I try not to think about them. Thinking about it makes me prone, available and more sensitive to that what is not natural. Like right now, or when I'm writing or watching a horror movie or playing a horror game.

It's not that everywhere I do feel things. At my home I do, I live in an area people have lived for about thousands of years even before Christ. Romans used to have settlements hear and before them people lived here already. It's old land where much must have happened and not all good.

Now I've said I have my theories about Ghosts. I thought about it a long time, and I think Einstein came with this theory first, that time is something we experience but that everything that happened, happens or ever will happen, occur on the same moment, and that there are more versions of what happened, is happening or will happen. It all occur on the same moment and we as entities of energy experience it in sequence. Everything is inter lapping and when we shift in our reality we can experience that what did not yet happen, or already happened or is happening and sometimes in another reality. So Ghost could be fragments of the past, present or future and not necessarily in our dimension. I'm not sure about it, but it does make sense to me.

Maybe one day I'll write a ghost story, I'm not sure I'll be up to it, I still have to finish a game that creeps me out so much I can't seem to get to play it. The PC game is called Amnesia: The Dark Descent. A real creepy game.

I also want to invite any that want to, to add my as a friend. we can never have enough. ;)

message 50: by Veronica (new)

Veronica (veraj121) I've never had a ghost experience, but I believe there are spirits around us. I have friends and family members that has had encounters, nothing major. But I definitely believe there are ghosts

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