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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 21 comments To keep yourself going on your middle grade project? Sometimes when I feel myself slowing down a little bit, I do the old fashioned method of doing a pen and pamphlet to finish up the chapter.

Peace out.

message 2: by S.W. (new)

S.W. (swlothian) | 843 comments Mod
I usually just change to writing a list of things I want to happen in the plot. Then I expand on them another day. I try not to get bogged down on one place or event. I always try to keep moving forward, even in point form. It's always easier to fill in the gaps later.

message 3: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne Goldsmith (suzannegoldsmith) | 35 comments Unfortunately, this happens to me all too often! And I am easily distracted by lots of things: facebook, goodreads(!), excessive research, housework, the fridge! Things I do to get back on track:
.Work on my outline
.Take a reading break
.Take a nap. I do this in a very specific way: I keep my head filled with the story while going to sleep. Then, when I wake up, I don't allow myself to GET up until I know what's the next sentence I'm going to write. Then I go write it.
.Write a blog post instead.

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Douglass (rdouglass) | 1662 comments Mod
I'm total ADHD :) I jump up and do some housework, make a latte, go weed the garden. . . but actually I don't have too much trouble in the bigger sense--I can usually see where the story is going and am happy to work on it. I am probably at my least fidgety when writing. It's the editing round that sees the shower getting scrubbed and the fridge cleaned.

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