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message 1: by Racheal (new)

Racheal Sunshine  (lilrayofsunshine) | 107 comments Mod
This folder is for topics dealing with discussions on Member Participation.

message 2: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) Hi! My group only has five members, so I'm really sad. I've tried to make the group as fun as possible but nobody is active!!! I've sent countless messages begging them to be active! My fellow mod isn't very helpful either. She just says,"Oh well. This sucks." ALL.THE.TIME. I really want people to be more active, and I love being a mod, it's just that it's hard to do with so many people so little motivation, you know?

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel  (APCB Reviews) (gr8rach) | 33 comments Mod
I get what you're saying. I mod a group of 950+ members and I am constantly trying to find ways to entice participation. First I think you need to invite more members to join. Second I think you should look at other sucessful groups and see how they get people to participate. And then make similar threads (that's where I find most of my games). Then add more threads. AND after more people to start participating, I'd look for a new mod. I'd look for someone who wants to see this group suceed just as much as you do. Look for someone who constantly participates, is friendly, and knows how to mod.

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) Ok, coolsies! I have invited all my friends though, so that's a no-go. From looking at other groups I figured i could make a contest- like whoever gets the most people to join and be active becomes a mod?Thanks for all the advice!

message 5: by Cheyenne (new)

Cheyenne | 7 comments So I have this major problem in my group and that is particpation. I have 960 people at the moment and I only have like 10-15 people who commented but stopped. Right now the only thing keeping the group going is me and my co-mod. Right now were having a mod hunger games because it turned out really well last time we got over 500 new members and we needed a new mod. So besides that I need help getting all the memebers to particpate.

message 6: by ♕ ❤ ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (last edited Oct 28, 2014 02:12PM) (new)

 ♕ ❤  ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (marilyngoodreadscom) | 3 comments It's quiet all over Goodreads at the moment. Unfortunately we can't force people to post. I have regular members who post and I'm thankful for that. I'd rather have fewer members who at least say hi occasionally than hundreds who don't bother. Can't understand why they bother joining and I sent out a group message, particularly directed at authors who use the group to promote their books but don't post. I've told them that while I'm happy to promote their book it would be nice if they came and chatted once in a while.
Has anyone actually had over 500 members who've ever posted?

message 7: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) Nope, never!

message 8: by ♕ ❤ ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (last edited Oct 28, 2014 02:31PM) (new)

 ♕ ❤  ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (marilyngoodreadscom) | 3 comments So if we get a few regular members posting and people who've never said a word since they joined, why do they join? Lol!
Hope your groups improved Angel. I see you posted in April. But it's still really quiet all over G.R right now.

message 9: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) Yeah...

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