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message 1: by Randee (new)

Randee Baty | 61 comments I'm sure some of these have been added to Goodreads but I can't find them to see how we do it. I have several books from The Detective Book Club. Each has three books by different authors. They are too old for ISBNs and the volumes aren't numbered in any way that I can find. Have any of these been added before and if so, could someone direct me to them so I can add mine in the same way? I think they would be like an anthology but each one of the volumes is called The Detective Book Club so it could get very confusing very fast.

message 2: by Deon (new)

Deon (deonva) | 3389 comments is this one of them?

giving the authors names will help a bunch too

message 5: by Randee (new)

Randee Baty | 61 comments Thanks guys! This is exactly what I was looking for. I just couldn't figure out how to search for it because Detective Book Club didn't bring up anything. I'll proceed with mine just like these examples.

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