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MysticMemories Form:

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:

Hair color:
Eye color:
Body type:
Distinguishing marks:


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bibliophile *~*General*~*
First Name:Logan
Middle Name:Valdez
Last Name:Smith
Date of birth:29th September
Place of birth:Boca Raton,Florida

Hair color:dark brown,near black,flicked to the side hair
Eye color:striking blue
Body type:lean,Sort of muscular
Distinguishing marks:Has some tattoos

Personality:He is sarcastic and funny,he is hardly ever sad an never backs down from a fight,he is easy to anger but also easy to love,He is a daredevil and likes to do dangerous things
History:Logan lived in a very wealthy family with a perfect pair of parents and a adorable little sister,Logan was literally the mopst popular boy in this whole school,butsadly when he was 8 his mother died of cancer and his little sister went into depression and then she too died from a trace of cancer,His father became a drug addict and was caught when he tried to rob a house,Logan was sent into care but when he came of age he left the foster home and went to university and then got a job,he has always wanted to love someone and then he heard about this new discovered thing and decided to try it out
-Mechanics (will add on more)

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MysticMemories APPROVED

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✴ ✴ ✴

●◉○Name○◉● London Markus Till
◌◎Nickname◎◌ L
●◉○Age○◉● 17
◌◎Birthday◎◌ March, 28th
●◉○Gender○◉● ♂ || ♀ Male
◌◎Sexuality◎◌ Straight
◌◎Relationship Status◎◌ Single! Come on Ladies!!

✴ ✴ ✴


●◉○Height○◉● 6'
●◉○Weight○◉● 128
●◉○Hair Color○◉● Dark Brown
●◉○Eye Color○◉● Green

✴ ✴ ✴

London grew up in a small town. He was always nervous about turning sixteen and doing all the tests. He was always scared of there not being a match for him. He is still hoping for a match actually. London's mother and father seemed pretty happy the first couple years after having London. But after a while they drifted apart. That's when London slightly doubted the program. He did the tests a year ago and is still awaiting the results. But he has a feeling that this girl will Rivete him in. No Dubiousness at all! Or so he hopes.

{Mother} LuLu LeLe Till
{Father} Mart Lar Till

London is a kind guy. Always loving and caring. Sometimes he has his bad days of course but other then that he is a pretty decent guy. He wants someone to love and care for him. Not just because they have to but because they want to. He does believe in true love. But maybe how they are finding it is the wrong way. He has yet to figure that part out.

✴ ✴ ✴

♚ || ♛ Flirting
♚ || ♛ Talking
♚ || ♛ Protecting

♟ Beleiving in the System
♟ Listening to his parents

✴ ✴ ✴


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MysticMemories APPROVED
Please go to the Find a Mate thread :)

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MysticMemories APPROVED

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex *General*~*
First Name: Jared
Middle Name: Damien
Last Name: Johnson
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2
Weight: 122
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Muscular, but not overly
Distinguishing marks: One tattoo on his right shoulder

Personality: Jared sometimes gets into fights, but he is very protective of his mom and younger sister. He is also very athletic and strong.
History: Jared's dad left when he was nine and so he felt like it was his job to protect his mom and little sister. He usually got into fights when someone would pick on his younger sister who has dyslexia.
Likes/strengths: He is a good fighter and kind to the majority of people. He is easy to talk to but somewhat shy so a better listener than talker.
Dislikes/Weaknesses: He gets into a few fights and struggles with school work.
Other: Sister:

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Regan (regandahl) ~*General*~*
First Name: Eric
Middle Name: Tyler
Last Name: Summer
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 150
Hair color: brownish blonde
Eye color: blue-green
Body type: Fit
Distinguishing marks: None at the moment


Work in Progress!!

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Alex First Name: Garret
Middle Name: Jacob
Last Name: Sander
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 6'1
Weight: 132
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Body type: Muscular, tall, lean
Distinguishing marks:

Personality: outgoing, brave, athletic, tough
History: Both of Garret's parents were alcoholics and died when he was younger, he was raised by his aunt who was a drug addict and uncle, who both fought constantly. When he was sixteen he ran away and moved out to live on his own.
Likes/strengths: Fighting, bravery, good with knives, can serve drinks, he's a bit of an alcoholic himself.
Dislikes/Weaknesses: School, reading.

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First Name: Devin
Middle Name: Glass
Last Name: Andrews
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 5 4
Weight: 133
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: brown
Body type: Athletic
Distinguishing marks: Tattoo of a snake curling around his arm

He is a jerk, but is a silly kind jerk. He hides his pain behind sarcasm and witty remarks, super flirty.
His brother and dad were killed in a car accident when he was 16 and he is still sad, his brother was his best friend. His dad hurt him, but he loved him anyway. And now his mom is getting married to his dad's best friend, he's pretty mad about that.
Being funny
His soon to be step-dad
dyed hair

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Matt Jones ~*General*~*
First Name: Matt
Middle Name: Mitchel
Last Name: Haterson
Age: 17
Gender: male

Height: 6'4
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair color: auburn
Eye color: blue
Body type: average
Distinguishing marks: none

Personality: funny, sweet, sometimes... rarely... never serious, and a class clown.
History: he is rich. He had everything. He still does. Except real friends. His friends like him only for his money. He gets bullied for being rich. He has been mugged and yeah. His life often sucks. He then got sent to boarding school. He escaped and ran away, luckily he has all his money.
Likes/strengths: cookies, talking, his soul mate, money, money, money, money, and $!
Dislikes/Weaknesses: veggies, jerks, and pink.
Other: he is not greedy. He loves money. As a matter of fact he gives more than he receives.

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MysticMemories Approved :)
Please go to the find a mate thread.

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Matt Jones Kk

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Nickole Rose (Emobarbie22) ~*General*~*
First Name: Damien
Middle Name: Oran
Last Name: Snow
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 210
Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: ice blue
Body type: athletic
Distinguishing marks: snake bites

Personality: smart, quite, and really fast.
History: he thought he had everything, an amazing sister a great best friend everything then his sister leaves and his best friend ditches him leaving him by himself
Likes/strengths: Music, people, and he loves his sister
Dislikes/Weaknesses: needles, being alone and the unwilling dark (just like his sister)

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Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 837 comments sounds Interesting.... Damion black would like him.

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Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 837 comments sounds Interesting.... Damion black would like him.

message 20: by Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades), Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop (new)

Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 837 comments sounds Interesting.... Damion black would like him.

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Chaney Name: Celeb Johnson
Gender: male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 188
Hair: short brown
Eye: Crystal blue
Body: celeb is very tall and muscular he has a broad chest.
Mark: he has a scar on his back from being pushed when he was young and fell on a rock.
Personality: Celeb is very nice and gentle. He is always smiling. Celeb is also very protective to who he cares about. He is very athletic and strong as well.
History: Celeb grew up in a nice family. He always had a loving family and food on the table. Then his sister was abused by her boyfriend am he became very protective I his family. He also helped her through her through her problem, he was always patience. Today Celeb is just around hanging out with his friends or with his sister. He never really thought about his blood mate.
Likes: Celeb likes to help people out. He also likes to hangout with his friends. Sometimes he reads but mostly is always outside doing sports.
Dislikes: Celeb doesn't like lazy people. He especially hates people who abuse or are disrespectful. Celeb usually stands them up if he has a problem.

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MysticMemories Approved :)
Please go to the find a mate thread.

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Nickole Rose (Emobarbie22) Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) wrote: "sounds Interesting.... Damion black would like him."

I finished him if you want to see the rest...

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First Name: Sam
Middle Name: James
Last Name: Martinez
Age: 17
Gender: Masculine

Height: 6 feet 2 inches.
Weight: 130 pounds.
Hair color: Brown.
Eye color: Piercing green.
Body type: Muscular.
Distinguishing marks: Scars on his back and a tattoo saying 'stay strong' in Swedish.

If Damien has an opinion on something important to him, He will not hesitate to share it. He has his own opinion on everything- From politics, to what colour socks people should wear. If he's determined about something, but someone tells him otherwise, he will act on what he believes in, whether he betrays that person or not. Damien always tries to see the good side of things. He tries to raise peoples moods and spirits with his good attitude towards most things. There's always a good side to everything. Right?
He is amazing at inducing a belief onto someone by appealing to reason or understanding. He is very convincing and urging someone into doing a certain thing. He attempts to influence a person's beliefs, attitudes, intentions, motivations, or behaviours. Sam is willing to forgive others for most things. He is generous in forgiving an insult or injury that someone may cause him. Damien is usually free from resentfulness or vindictiveness. Damien is very good at working with a team. He cooperates well with them most of the time and does what is told. Sometimes. With this trait, Damien puts himself and others in unnecessary trouble/danger. He likes to take risks and sometimes even put his life on the line. To most people, Damien is unpredictable. Even the most observant person wouldn't be able to tell what he was thinking or going to do next. Sometimes this trait was a good thing. But most of the time, seen as bad. Believe it or not, Damien is shy. It balances out his other traits that make him slightly unstable. He is sometimes scared to talk to other people and is afraid of rejection. He has trouble speaking in front of large crowds and even in front of just a few people. But sometimes his calming personality will be replaced by annoyance if someone ticks him off.

Ever since Damien was a little kid, he was abused, mercilessly. He actually enjoyed school because he got bullied less, it's when the day finishes that he dreads coming home. He didn't know hos mother was mentally unstable, though he did have a hunch. When he would come home his mother would beat him as if he were nothing. And because of this it lowered not only Damien's trust in people, but also his self esteem.
Damien was treated like that until he was fourteen years old. He went to a hunting store and got a gun, he was going to kill himself because he couldn't take it any-more. He came home and went through the hell he always went through when he came home; his mother shouting at him for being worthless, hitting him repeatedly and all that. After that he ran upstairs and locked himself in the bathroom. He pulled out his gun and looked at it. Then he put it back in the bag, knowing his mother, she would want him to kill himself, and he wasn't going to give her what she wanted by a long shot! So, he put his gun in a box under his bed, just in case he would need it in the future. He walked down stairs and started to make dinner, then came a knock at the door, Damied was ordered to open it and when he did, he saw a Child Service Agent.
"I'm going to take you somewhere safe," The agent said. At first Damien's mother protested, but the agent forced her to let her son go. "Fine! You can have the useless piece of shit!" She barked and took another swig from her wine bottle. Damien winced and shut the door behind himself and the agent. The agent put Damien in an orphanage and he was adopted at once by an elderly couple.
Expressing himself.
Other: Nope.

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 1 comments ~*General*~*
First name: Alex
Middle name: Angel
Last name: Gonzales
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Height: 6'7
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair color: ink black
Eye color: violet red
Body type: muscular, strong, athletic and lean
Distinguished marks: has two snakebites piercings on his bottom lip that he can take off, three scars along his back and another scar along his chest to his abs
Image: (can't do an picture right now so I'll try to do an good description) Alex's height is 6'7 with him weighing 185 lbs. He has somewhat wavy ink black hair that is long in the front so it hides his eyes and gives him an sexy look with fair healthy tannish skin though his skin normally feels cool to the touch. He has an muscular, strong, athletic and lean build with violet red eyes. He has an 8 pack along with being extremely hot for an emo kid with dark good looks.

Personality: Alex is sullen and quiet preferring to be by himself. He is always mellow and rarely smiles along with being shy and distant but even though he is like this, he is also confident and is protective over his mate. He is an quick learner and is very smart along with being an quick learner. He is also sweet as an guy could be and is romantic. He is also very loving to his mate and will do anything for his mate.
History: Alex was born to an abusive family with his father being the abusive one while his mother was the loving and caring one. When he was 10 years old during one of his fathers drunk days, Alex was playing with his toys when his father came in drunk and beat him then gave him an scar from his chest to stomach and three scars along his back and he would have died if his mother hadn't rushed him to an hospital. As he grew up, his mother died of cancer leaving him with an father who became more abusive and started beating and abusing him a lot more until at age 15 his father was beating him when police came him and arrested his father for life while sending Alex to an orphanage until he got adopted at age 17 by an young couple who cared and loved for him and managed to get him in karate and boxing classes along with him able to persuading them to getting him snakebites though his attitude changed all his life when he heard about the program at age 19 though didn't think much of it
• his soulmate
• singing
• playing guitar
• anime
• movies
• music
• drawing
• expert combatant
• hot emo girls
• being emo
• claustrophobic
• afraid of needles which made it difficult for him to get his snakebites
• doesn't like clowns ever since he had an bad experience with one
- hopes his soulmate is emo like him or at least looks like it (don't judge me)

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 13 comments ~*General*~*
First Name: Nico
Middle Name: doesn't have one
Last Name: Di Angelo
Age: 17
Gender: male

Height: 5'3
Weight: 90
Hair color:pure black
Eye color: bright Blue
Body type: a
Distinguishing marks: nope

Personality: Nico is very, I dont know, emo kid. He likes to be by himself. He rarely eats and when he does, it's not much. he can be pretty cool once you get to know him.
History: Nico was very fun and energetic as a child. then his sister took the Crew test, and mysteriously disappeared. He blamed his older brother who was watching over the test. He left his family and went to an orphanage. He went from nice and energatic to emo.
~good with throwing knives, but he doesn't know it yet
~his sister (weakness)
~he trusts too easily
~his older brother
Other: none.

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Tristan, High mastro (Nine Blades) . (tristantristan054563) | 837 comments Awesomely awesome! Aprovved!!! sorry for delays..been traveling.

Captain Cheesecake (cheesecakeisawesome) | 13 comments It's okay. Hope you had fun!!!

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