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So do you wanna be the guy or the girl?

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Lol, I found another girl like me who loves playing guys.

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well, if you don't mind, I'd really like to play the guy because. we girls are just too complicated. I've been called complicated myself! :P
what was our story again? I completely forgot.

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kk cool! I've been doing so many rps, I'm getting them mixed up! ^.^

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yeah that's fine! I'll create my charries, just give me a minute.

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question: how old do you want the brothers to be?

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Name: Dimitri Mason Hale
Age: 20
Family: one brother, Jasper, one sister, Caroline, and parents.
Pet: a German Shepherd named Zack.

Name: Jasper Hale
Age: 18
Family: one brother, Dimitri, one sister,Caroline, and parents.

Let me know if I should add anything else! :)

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Cool! okay so what part do we start at?

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Jasper drove his 1966 Ford Mustang up the driveway of his house. There was another car parked near, a 1967 Chevrolet Impala, indicating his brother Dean was home early from work. He got out of his car, and so did his girlfriend, Alice. Together, they headed up the doorsteps to his house. Jasper unlocked the door and stepped back. "After you, gorgeous." He turned and smiled to Alice.

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Jasper's smiled widened at Alice's laughter. oh, how much he loved to make her laugh! They reached his room and Jasper closed the door behind him and pulled Alice in his arms. "Finally." he whispered, pulling her mouth close to his.

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Jasper held her close and tugged on her shirt. "I love you so much, you have no idea." he whispered between his kisses.

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Jasper moved his kisses down from her mouth to her neck. he placed small kisses in line.

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Jasper sat down on his bed, with Alice in his lap.

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He looked at her. "God, you look so damn hot right now, I'm having trouble keeping my hands off of you." he slipped a hand under her shirt.

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Jasper smiled and kissed her. he slid his hand up her back.

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he lay her down on the bed and lay close to her, his hand already to the edge of her bra.

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Jasper pulled her shirt up and off her head. "I love you more." he said as he began his kisses.

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He took off his own shirt and lay there with her. "Promise you'll be mine forever." he said.

((Lol, they look so sweet together it will be hard to break them apart!))

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"Promise." he said. he held her warm body close to him.

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He kissed her forehead in return of her kisses. and then shifted so they both lay close together.

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Jasper moaned. "Me neither." his hand moved down to the edge of her skirt and slowly worked on getting it off.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments ((Sorry to cut in, but Liv it's your go on ours))

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Jasper got her skirt off and soon also his pants. he kissed her hard, working on getting on top of her.

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((Yeah that'd be better. I'll message you.))

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